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General demo


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General demo

  1. 1. Your 1st Ten Steps as an ePortfolio Expert
  2. 2. What is ePortfolio?• ePortfolio is a tool to document and reflect on learning• Students can share their work with professors, potential employers, peers, and friends• An ePortfolio is a work in progress that will extend throughout your college career and beyond
  3. 3. Why Build an ePortfolio?• Showcase your accomplishments• Build a web-presence• Track academic progress• Receive feedback on work from others• Create and store files• Present yourself in a professional way on a social networking site
  4. 4. Step 1: Sign in to ePortfolio•• If you forget this site, you can find it using the A-Z index on the Pace website, & there is also a tab in Blackboard• Sign in with Pace Portal username and password
  5. 5. Step 2: Add Contact Information• “Profile” tab• “Edit Profile”• Fill out information such as About Me, Contact Information, Messaging & General
  6. 6. Step 3: Set Permissions• “My Portfolio” tab• Set Page Permissions for all pages you want to be seen• Public: All internet users. The URL for a public page is: RNAME• Logged in Users: users inside the Pace ePortfolio network only• Friends: users within the Pace ePortfolio network who you add or approve as a friend• Secret URL: If sent to viewers either in or outside of the Pace ePortfolio network, they will be able to view the page associated with this URL
  7. 7. Delete Posts• Any post can be removed from your page by clicking the red box at the upper right hand side of the post• We do not suggest removing the “Course Listing” box, or the “My Pages” box. “My Pages” is an easy way to navigate through your site. “Course Listing” is automatically on your page, & it shows every class you’ve ever taken at Pace University. If you accidentally delete this, just create a new text box & title it “Course Listing.”
  8. 8. Upload Files from Computer• “My Portfolio” tab• “My Files” tab• Only you can see your file section. After reading and agreeing to the copyright notice, check the box next to “Upload File”.• “Browse”• Select the file to be uploaded• You can create a folder to organize your files by clicking “Create Folder”
  9. 9. Create a Blog Post• “My Portfolio” tab• “My Blogs” tab• “Create new Blog”• Add title/description• “Create Blog”• “Add post to this blog”• Add title/body• “Save Post”
  10. 10. Display your Blog• “My Portfolio” tab• “Edit this Page”• Drag the blog icon anywhere under the gray bar• Title your blog by typing in the Block Title box• Select the Blog title that you created earlier• “Save”
  11. 11. Create Group Join Group• “Groups” tab • “Groups” tab• “Create Group” • “Find Groups”• Name your group • Make sure drop and select the down menu says privacy settings. Click “Groups I’m not in” the blue question • Search by title of mark to read about group each option. Click • “Request to join “Save Group.” this group”
  12. 12. Tutorials•• Click on the tutorials tab to find step by step instructions on what we went over today and more!