Assisted Living for the Elderly: Reviewing Your Options


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Before moving someone into an assisted living community, be certain that you have considered all of the available options. The guide below will help you make sure that you have reviewed all reasonable alternatives and determine the best solution for your elderly loved ones.

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Assisted Living for the Elderly: Reviewing Your Options

  1. 1. Assisted Living for the Elderly Reviewing Your Options
  2. 2. Summary Before moving someone into an assisted living community, be certain that you have considered all of the available options. The guide below will help you make sure that you have reviewed all reasonable alternatives and determine the best solution for your elderly loved ones.
  3. 3. Senior Care Services Moving a loved one into an assisted living home is a very difficult decision to make. It is very common for older family members to strongly resist these efforts without knowing about all of the opportunities that are available to them through assisted living. Appropriately researching these options to determine all of the potential benefits your family member(s) can receive from this type of care will make the process of transitioning into assisted living much easier. The following options should all be considered before solidifying your decision.
  4. 4. Research all of theoptions available so you can figure out which community offers thebest housing amenities and services for your loved ones.
  5. 5. Things to Consider There is a long list of things to take into consideration when moving a loved one to an assisted living community. As all of the available options can be classified somewhere in the continuum of care, it is important to determine the level of hands-on help your loved ones need. Different options exist for those that can still perform their daily routines independently versus those that need constant attention to live comfortably. This spectrum starts with home care services, moves towards independent living options, and spans all the way to communities offering assisted living for the elderly.
  6. 6. Three Main Options Each of these types of communities offers a certain subset of services that are geared to satisfy the population that they attract. Whereas each self- standing institute may present these amenities in different ways, the first step is to determine the general set of offerings your loved ones need so you can determine what types of facilities are worth further research. If one of your loved ones is pursuing assisted living for the elderly, there are three housing situations across the continuum of care that ought to be compared: home care services, independent living, and assisted living.
  7. 7. Home Health Care Services Many people of the older generation are completely capable of living on their own. Oftentimes, these are the ones that are most resistant to considering assisted living options. However, they also do not realize that they can receive some of the associated amenities while remaining in their own home. This is a viable option for the elderly that have strong local networks, are not shy in pursuing help, and can move around without aid. Given the limited aid in these situations, they are often considered to be the most affordable options available.
  8. 8. Home Health Care Services Depending on the situation, aides can live in with your loved one or be hired on a daily basis to make sure they are taken care of. However, when they are not around, remaining at home can become more risky as the elderly remain responsible for themselves. To combat this downfall, two concepts have arisen to keep the older generation in a more tight-knit community that is based around their needs: the “village” concept and Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC). Villages and NORCs allow older people to remain in their own homes and still access many of the communal amenities that are offered by retirement
  9. 9. Independent Living If home healthcare, villages, and NORCs are not providing a comfortable enough level of support for your loved ones, consider one of the many types of independent living communities. These arrangements are designed to offer a necessary helping hand to the seniors, which they house exclusively. Thus, these are good opportunities for elderly folk that need minor aid in performing daily activities as they foster the consolidation of accessible services, transportation, and socialization.
  10. 10. Independent Living These facilities—e.g. retirement communities, senior apartments, etc.—are often designed specifically to be easy for seniors to navigate around and access everything they need. Yet, they are also geared towards independence. Therefore, if your loved one consistently needs more strict attention physically, mentally, and/or medically, independent living communities may not offer them the level of care that is necessary to preserve their lifestyle.
  11. 11. Assisted Living Hence, assisted living opportunities exist for seniors that need more attention on a daily basis. Spanning from continuing-care retirement facilities to nursing homes, these housing options offer aid in daily living activities and elder healthcare. If your loved one is less capable of living independently and is in need of personal care services, these housing opportunities will make sure they are as healthy as possible on both a daily and a long-term basis.
  12. 12. Assisted Living Consequently, there is a price that must be paid for these services, as these more hands-on facilities are the most expensive of the assisted living opportunities. Alongside the associated cost, these options also take the elderly farther away from the lives they are used to living when compared to the less hands-on alternatives. Ultimately, seniors find themselves in these types of situations when they suffer from conditions that require them to have continuous care.
  13. 13. About Mazur Care Services Mazur Care Services owns and operates assisted living facilities and homes throughout Southeastern Michigan. In addition to owning our own homes, we also work directly with hundreds of other homes in this area and in almost every situation we can help you find the perfect fit for your loved ones Assisted Living needs. Our approach is unique in that we will show you options that we own, and options that we don’t. In the end, the final decision is yours which home is the best fit for you and your loved one, give us a call. We’re here to help!