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Digital Concierge

The constant hum of Twitter updates, the fast flow of conversations, presentations and incidental meetings mean that always we are connected. Always we are in dialogue. This means that we Google, we tweet and read RSS feeds whilst we wait for our lunch - or read this presentation.

This presentation is, in some ways, to state the obvious: To reveal how things are. But also with the audience in mind, to capture our general observations as we watch and encounter one another 'here' and 'out there' and, in doing so, to suggest what’s in for the next season of social technology...

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Digital Concierge

  1. The digital conciergechallenges forsocial technology – telecommunications, SNSs, RSS, blogs…<br />Because you become what you click…<br />With Dr Mariann Hardey Ph.D.<br />Social Media Analyst<br />
  2. Our homes are GoogledMapped<br />
  3. Our Knowledge is Wikipedic<br />
  4. Our friends are socially tagged & under observation<br />
  5. Our efficient ways <br />A bleak future?<br />Because, Technology favours horrible people <br />Coupland, D. 2009<br />
  6. We anticipate: Arrival of information<br />I often wonder, how much faster we can all go? <br />Acceleration: Created nostalgia for previous unhurried culturalism<br />
  7. Belonging to the present<br />eComm offers a futuristic touch<br />Are we in danger of taking for granted such dramatic shifts?<br />*SHRUG* that’s just the way life is these days<br />
  8. A continued code of ethics<br />Based on self-reflection<br />How we illuminate ourselves<br />Constantly seeking alignment with others<br />
  9. Challenges for social technologies<br />Abuse of private information<br />Industry response to a seemingly (intentional) ill-informed public<br />Is it desirable for universal rules? <br />Will we lose cultural nuances?<br />
  10. The digital concierge<br />Information comes easy<br />Design to represent Us as genuine with real expression<br />Social and professional life/style is to keep in touch<br />Our lives will continue connected…<br />
  11. Thank you & Questions…<br />e:<br />twitter: mazphd<br />