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The Potential of IoT in Agriculture


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Presentation to Agrobank, Oct. 26, 2018

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The Potential of IoT in Agriculture

  1. 1. favoriot The Potential of IoT in Agriculture Dr. Mazlan Abbas CEO, FAVORIOT Email: AGROBANK KNOWLEDGE SHARING SERIES PROGRAM, OCT 26, 2018
  2. 2. favoriot Trends in Malaysia IoT Trends IR 4.0 Trends 2014 2017
  3. 3. favoriot Why IoT Is At An Inflection Point? Hardware is cheap Connectivity is pervasive Moore’s Law continues Metcalfe’s Law ”Network Effects” Development is easy
  4. 4. favoriot Why the IR4.0 Journey is so Difficult?
  5. 5. favoriot COMFORT NeedalittlePush
  6. 6. favoriot IR 4.0, 4IR and I4.0 What’s the Difference?
  7. 7. favoriot Ripples of Technologies
  8. 8. favoriot Where Are We in the Industrial Revolution? Manual Electrical Automation Intelligence
  9. 9. favoriot 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies
  10. 10. favoriot The 4th Industrial Revolution vs Industry 4.0
  11. 11. favoriot Fourth Industrial Revolution The Test
  12. 12. favoriot Which Industrial Revolution Is This?
  13. 13. favoriot Which Industrial Revolution Is This?
  14. 14. favoriot Healthcare 4.0
  15. 15. favoriot Education 4.0
  16. 16. favoriot Business Survival in 21st Century • Every 3 to 7 years, organizations need to reinvent themselves • According to The Boston Consulting Group - S&P 500 Companies from 50 years ago – only 19% are still in existence
  17. 17. favoriot Who Will Replace Your Jobs? [Source: ]
  18. 18. favoriot
  19. 19. favoriot
  20. 20. favoriot
  21. 21. favoriot Understanding IOT IoT Maturity Phases
  22. 22. favoriot IOT Maturity Autonomous OptimizationControl Monitoring
  23. 23. favoriot MONITORINGVehicle Tracking
  24. 24. favoriot CONTROL Security Lock Immobilizer
  25. 25. favoriot OPTIMISEBest Route Safe Fuel Optimize Engine
  26. 26. favoriot AUTONOMOUSSelf-Cruising Safe-Driving
  27. 27. favoriot UBER is Disruptive
  28. 28. favoriot
  29. 29. favoriot Motorcycle Ride-Sharing Versus Indonesia Malaysia
  30. 30. favoriot In US, as many as 4 Million truck, bus, delivery and taxi driving jobs could be lost if fully autonomous vehicle technology is adopted
  31. 31. favoriot FLYINGTAXIAAV – Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
  32. 32. favoriot Technology-Based Product-Based Service-Based Outcome-Based Transformation Journey
  33. 33. favoriot Example - Is It Worth to Track a Person? USD 20 Per Month Payfor Fun? PaytoSaveUSD 30permonth PaytogetnewRevenue USD25permonth PayforLoyalty Program
  34. 34. favoriot Market Potential Examples
  35. 35. favoriot Market Potential Transportation Connected cars are a top IoT device. We estimate there will be over 220M connected cars on the road by 2020. [Source:] Insurance A survey has found that 74% of insurance executives believe the IoT will disrupt insurance within the next five years. 74% also plan to invest in developing and implementing IoT strategies by 2016, according to an SMA Research survey.
  36. 36. favoriot Are You A Safe Driver?
  37. 37. favoriot Bus Accidents in Malaysia
  38. 38. favoriot IMAGINETHIS…
  39. 39. favoriot Market Potential Connected Home Smart meters are already a reality, and from the 313 million installed in homes worldwide in 2013, Navigate Research predicts that number to jump to 1.1 billion by 2022 [Source:] Agriculture We estimate 75M IoT devices will be shipped for agricultural uses in 2020, at a 20% CAGR. These devices are primary sensors placed in soil to track acidity levels, temperature, and variables that help farmers increase crop yields.
  40. 40. favoriot
  41. 41. favoriot Market Potential Healthcare We estimate 646M IoT devices will be used for healthcare by 2020. Connected healthcare devices can collect data, automate processes, and more. [Source:]
  42. 42. favoriot RAQIB is a SERVICE that monitors the MOST important ASSETS of a person HealthSafety Peace of Mind
  43. 43. favoriot “Live Alone But Not Left Alone” Raqib For Elderly Care
  44. 44. favoriot As population around the world continue to grow and health care becomes more widely available, people are living longer than before. The percentage of the global population that is 65 or older will double from 10% to 20% by 2050 However, living longer doesn’t mean they will continuously live healthier. Many will suffer chronic diseases and memory loss issues.
  45. 45. favoriot Healthcare costs keep on increasing. Costly time and money due to frequent visitations. Hospitals and elderly care centers unable to cope with the number of elderly people. Thus, the trend is now about “Aging in Place” where elderly will live at home either with family members or alone. How do we ensure the elderly people live alone with a healthy life, safe and secure but with constant supervision? How do we let them “Live Alone But Not Left Alone”?
  46. 46. favoriot Send SOS during emergency cases Monitor their vital signs Notify their whereabouts Connect with their loved ones
  47. 47. favoriot Safety Health Peace of Mind Blood Pressure ECG Cellular Coverage Emergency SOS Fitness
  48. 48. favoriot Name of RAQIB wearer Latest Location Time in Saudi Wearer’s Health Wearer’s Steps
  49. 49. favoriot Blood Pressure ECG Blood Pressure Trends
  50. 50. favoriot
  51. 51. favoriot Market Potential Manufacturing 35% of manufacturers already use smart sensors. 10% plan to implement them within a year, and 8% plan to implement them within 3 years, according to PwC [Source:]
  52. 52. favoriot Building Agriculture 4.0 Applications Leveraging the IOT Ecosystem
  53. 53. favoriot Understand Your Customer’s Business How the customer uses your product? Which features the customer uses your product for? How frequently your customer used the product? Where and for how long your customer used your product? Why your customer uses your product?
  54. 54. favoriot [Source: ]
  55. 55. favoriot Farm-to- Fork
  56. 56. favoriot Data Ownerships Personal/Household Private Public CommercialSensorDataProvider “Data asset must be well planned, constructed, governed, monitored, maintained and used in ways that seek to derive maximum ROI.”
  57. 57. favoriot
  58. 58. favoriot
  59. 59. favoriot Why Apply IoT in Agriculture? • Saving fertilizers and chemical crop protection agents • Boosting soil fertility due to “smart” correction • Controlling crop state and preventing its loss when stored • Increasing machinery efficiency • Monitoring state and location of farm animals • Tracking processing line equipment condition
  60. 60. favoriot Wisdom Knowledge Information Data More Important Less Important Benefitto Hum anity Evaluated understanding Appreciation of Answers to questions. Symbols Understanding Answers to questions WHO WHY HOW WHAT WHERE WHEN Value is Created by Making Sense of Data
  61. 61. favoriot Home Health Transport OfficeWaste IOT Platforms - From Vertical To Horizontal Blending Data - Creating New Compound Applications
  62. 62. favoriot Gateway 3G/Ethernet/Wi-Fi IOT Devices IOT Devices 3G/Ethernet/Wi-Fi HTTPS Push/Pull Service Social Media Integration DEVICE CONNECTIVITY (REST, MQTT, CoAP) APPLICATION INTEGRATION DATA MANAGEMENT DATA STORE BUSINESS LOGIC NOTIFICATION ENGINE REST API Custom Reporting SECURITY BIG DATA TOOLS Application Development AUTHENTICATIO N Data Analytics
  63. 63. favoriot
  64. 64. favoriot Diffusion of Innovation Where Are We Now?
  65. 65. favoriot
  66. 66. favoriot favoriot favoriotfavoriot favoriot favoriot