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Taking the Proactive Roles Through Smart Technologies



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Taking the Proactive Roles Through Smart Technologies

  1. 1. favoriot Taking the Proactive Role Through Smart Technologies Dr. Mazlan Abbas - FAVORIOT Cyberview Talk Series
  2. 2. favoriot
  3. 3. favoriot
  4. 4. favoriot The COVID-19 Wake-Up Call
  5. 5. favoriot There Are Still Gaps! • Internet Penetration • Limited Broadband Speeds - Wireless and Fixed • Low PC Penetration • Dependency on Brick and Mortar Type of Companies – Lack of Online Presence • Contents are not Digital • Digital Literacy Gap • Telecommunications is very IMPORTANT! • Need to speed up the adoption of IR 4.0 Technologies
  6. 6. favoriot Era of Industrial “Revolution”
  7. 7. favoriot Mechanization, steam power, weaving loom INDUSTRY 1.0 1784 1870 1969 TODAY Mass production, assembly line, electrical energy INDUSTRY 2.0 Automation, computers and electronics INDUSTRY 3.0 Cyber Physical Systems, internet of things, networks INDUSTRY 4.0 ERP
  8. 8. favoriot Where Are We In The Industrial Revolution IR 1.0 (Manual With Physical Tools) IR 2.0 (Electrical) IR 3.0 (Automation/ Internet) IR 4.0 (Intelligence) 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0
  9. 9. favoriot Enabling Technologies of Industry 4WRD
  10. 10. favoriot Enabling Technologies of Construction 4.0?
  11. 11. favoriot The Survival Test Which Industrial Revolution Are We in Now?
  14. 14. favoriot Education 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0
  15. 15. favoriot Shopping 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0
  16. 16. favoriot 2.7 Where are we now?
  17. 17. favoriot Barriers of IR 4.0
  18. 18. favoriot Key to Digital Transformation Door to Success 01 02 03 04 Clear Vision and Mission Good multi-talent Champion that breaks down all barriers Mindset Transformation
  19. 19. favoriot Comfortable And Scared Need a little Push
  20. 20. favoriot We Can’t Sleep Too Long We Need a Wake Up Call
  21. 21. favoriot Pros of Online Education • Learn when you want • More free time • Mature students thrive – married/family • Develop accountability – discipline • Affordable – cheaper • Comfortable
  22. 22. favoriot Cons of Online Education • Easy to fall-behind – sidetracked • Loss of face-to-face – too much on-screen • Not for all learners – visual style • More work • Lack of hands-on (Labs) • More PCs at home
  23. 23. favoriot Digital Storytelling Tools Reading Tools Classroom Management & Organization Tools Parent – Teacher Communication Tools Assessment & Quizzes Tools Teaching Props & Worksheets Learning Through Music Tools Online Learning Games Mindfulness in the Classroom Tools [Source: ] Online Teaching Tools To Make Your Life Easier
  24. 24. favoriot Transform Your Products Optimize Your Operations Empower Your Employees Engage Your Customers Vision for Digital Transformation Deliver personalized, rich, connected experiences in journeys your customers choose. Keep up with your fastmoving customers, efficiently collaborating to anticipate and meet customer demands. Increase the flow of information across your entire business operations, better manage your resources, and keep your business processes synchronized across all boundaries. Expand the reach of your business using digital channels, anticipate customer needs, understand how your products are used, and quickly develop and improve products and services. Imagine if you could…
  25. 25. favoriot Business Drivers for Digital Transformation Increasing customer demand for personalized experiences Increased disruption from use of new business models Faster pace of customer and market change Increasing pressure to deliver more value at a lower cost Increasing pressure to manage complex supply chain Increase sales, customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction Better predict potential buyer and new product outcomes Increase design and engineering productivity Identify and implement manufacturing efficiencies Improve production output and quality Improved marketing and sales effectiveness Increased market share Improved perceived services Improved speed to market Reduction in operating costs Business Drivers Focus Areas for Key Executives Business Benefits
  26. 26. favoriot Engage Your Customers Empower Your Employees Optimize Your Operations Transform Your Products Digital Transformation Capability Model Digital advertising and CLM Customer data manage- ment and analytics Online and mobile commerce Tech-enabled stores Omni-channel experience delivery Customer service automation Digital talent manage- ment and development Employee mobility Productivity and collaboration Tech-enabled employee engagement Data-driven supply chain and logistics Digital equipment management Intelligent process and quality control Digitized front line and back office operations Research and ideation Product development Product Launch
  27. 27. favoriot Kevin Ashton First Coined The Term IoT in 1999
  28. 28. favoriot IoT and IR 4.0 Trends in Malaysia 2014 2018 IOT IR 4.0
  29. 29. favoriot BUSINESS SURVIVAL IN 21stCENTURY • Every 3 to 7 years, organizations need to reinvent themselves • According to The Boston Consulting Group - S&P 500 Companies from 50 years ago –only 19% are still in existence
  30. 30. favoriot Ripples of Technologies
  31. 31. favoriot The 3 Tsunamis of Internet Fixed Internet Mobile Internet Internet of Things (IOT)
  32. 32. favoriot 4 Main Components of IoT 01 02 03 04 Digital Sensors – Temp, humidity, pressure, gas, etc Fixed or wireless Platform that aggregate heterogeneous devices with different protocols Workflow, analytics and insights Sensors & Actuators Connectivity IoT Middleware Applications & Analytics
  33. 33. favoriot Will Robots Replace Our Jobs
  34. 34. favoriot Engineer
  35. 35. favoriot Medical Practitioners
  36. 36. favoriot Construction Worker
  37. 37. favoriot /news/technology- 34066941
  38. 38. favoriot IoT – From Ripple to Tsunami Internet of Things
  39. 39. favoriot Why IoT is Now at an Inflection Point? Cheaper and smaller. Hardware Key Growth Factors Ripples of technologies. Simple and faster. Software Development Becoming pervasive. Connectivity “Network Effects” Metcalfe’s Law Number of transistors double every 2 years. Moore’s Law
  40. 40. favoriot I need to maintain the quality of my goods. Who is the intruder? Can I reduce my electricity bill? Am I healthy? When is my next bus? Where can I park? Monitoring of Assets – Typical Everyday Questions What IF we can connect ALL these assets and get the answers to ALL these questions? The Need To Connect Assets
  41. 41. favoriot Phases of IoT Maturity
  42. 42. favoriot 4 Phases of IoT Maturity 01 03 02 04 4 Phases of IoT Maturity
  43. 43. favoriot MONITORING Vehicle Tracking
  44. 44. favoriot CONTROL Security Lock Immobilizer
  45. 45. favoriot OPTIMISE Best Route Safe Fuel Optimize Engine
  46. 46. favoriot AUTONOMOUS Self-Cruising Safe-Sailing
  47. 47. favoriot UBER is Disruptive
  48. 48. favoriot DRIVERLESS TAXI
  49. 49. favoriot FLYING TAXI AAV – Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
  50. 50. favoriot Reasons We Need a Pilot Trial
  51. 51. favoriot 4 Reasons We Need a National Trial 01 03 02 04 4 Reasons We Need a Trial
  52. 52. favoriot National Technology and Innovation Sandbox RM100mil to explore new technologies and innovations National Technology and Innovation Sandbox “Futurise Centre will be the test bed and living lab for the development of national regulatory sandbox. This will allow for policy experimentation, the testing of innovative ideas and new business models”. Former Prime Minister, Announcement of NRS, GEC Summit 2017
  53. 53. favoriot Levels of Value Pyramid
  54. 54. favoriot Who Generate the Data?
  55. 55. favoriot
  56. 56. favoriot Data Ownerships 01 Personal 03 Public 04 Commercial 02 Private
  57. 57. favoriot Home Health Transport Office Waste IOT Platform – Blending IoT Data Blending Data - Creating New Compound Applications IoT Platform
  59. 59. favoriot Key Features of FAVORIOT IoT Platform • Rapid Development • User-friendly APIs • Ease of onboarding IoT Devices • Scalable platform • Notification Engine – Email and SMS • IoT Support Forum Discussion Board – Building Community • Examples – Videos and Sample Source Codes • Many new and enhanced features in Version 2.0 including ability to make Dashboard Public
  60. 60. favoriot Crossing the CHASM Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards THE CHASM Early Market Late Market
  61. 61. favoriot Thank You! Join the FAVORIOT IoT Community
  62. 62. favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot