Quantified-Self and Lifelogging Meets Internet of Things (IOT)


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It will be interesting to see how IOT enables both Quantified-Self and Lifelogging to the next level.

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Quantified-Self and Lifelogging Meets Internet of Things (IOT)

  1. 1. Quantified Self & Lifelogging Meets Internet of Things (IOT) By: Dr. Mazlan Abbas, MIMOS Berhad
  2. 2. A little bit about the Speaker
  4. 4. Average 3,000 – 4000 NHS RECOMMENDS 10,000 YESTERDAY I MADE 5,559
  5. 5. +Classification of Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity n  < 5000 steps/day - "sedentary lifestyle index” n  5,000-7,499 steps/day - "low active" n  7,500-9,999 steps/day - "somewhat active” n  10,000 steps/day - "active” n  > 12,500 steps/day - "highly active"
  6. 6. Am I a “Couch Potato”? Umrah Trip: 26/2 – 7/3/2014
  7. 7. How Well Do I Sleep?
  8. 8. Am I Healthy?
  9. 9. How Effective Are Your Knowledge Sharing? Favorite topic and high downloads!
  10. 10. How do I spend my time in the last 150 Days?
  11. 11. January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 My Productivity Level….
  12. 12. How Much Time I Spent With My Smartphone?
  13. 13. How to automatically records your real life story, as told by the places you visited and the things you've done because some of us have a great story to tell.
  14. 14. Saga automatically records your real life story, as told by the places you visited and the things you've done. We all have a great story to tell. Let Saga tell yours.
  15. 15. Don’t You Love To Know … •  Where you’re going? •  Who you’ve interacted with? •  How long you’ve spoken to friends? •  The affinity of connections? •  How long it takes to get to work? •  The tone of your messages •  The amount you text, tweet or update? •  How much exercise you’re getting? •  How much you get distracted? Will Internet of Things (IOT) Help Us To Know More About Ourselves?
  16. 16. Progress of Techno-Human Evolution
  17. 17. More Connected Devices Than People
  18. 18. Growth of “Things” Connected to the Internet
  19. 19. Internet of Things (IOT) Wave © 2013 MIMOS Berhad. All Rights Reserved. MIMOS defined IoT as: “Technology that enables collaboration among people, things/objects, processes & data to improve lives” Expected growth in the number of connected devices rvice and Big Data erera#*2 , Dimitrios Georgakopoulos#3 anberra, ACT, 2601, Australia slavsky@csiro.au perera@csiro.au gakopoulos@csiro.au ence, The Australian National University, CT 0200, Australia of ly ge to es ale or in of es ch g, can be collected, analysed and interpreted. Further, European Commission [7] predicts that the present 'Internet of PCs' will move towards an 'Internet of Things' in which 50 to 100 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Figure 1: The total amount of data generated on earth exceeded one zettabyte
  20. 20. “We are at the tipping point for broader IoT adoption with 53 percent of organizations planning to implement an IoT solution in the next 24 months. Organizations in Asia Pacific and Latin America are more aggressive with 69 and 60 percent, respectively, planning to implement over the same time period” [Source: “Building Value from Visibility.” – A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership paper Commissioned by Zebra Technologies, October 2012]
  21. 21. We Evolve Because We Communicate •  It is also important to note there is a direct correlation between the input (data) and output (wisdom). •  The more data that is created, the more knowledge and wisdom people can obtain. •  IoT dramatically increases the amount of data available for us to process.
  22. 22. Harnessing the Data n  Every day, events occur in a business: Assets are used, transactions take place and employees move about. n  Events constantly happen and those events constantly create data. n  What if you could harness this information and form new insights to solve a business challenge or drive innovation? n  The Internet of Things technologies will make this possible
  23. 23. Three Trends Moving to Mainstream n  Life-streaming n  that you capture everything, but for the purpose of sharing the details of your life with other people. n  Life-streaming is sharing everything. n  Quantified-Self n  Monitors your biological status n  Lifelogging n  when you use technology to capture events, documents and experiences and keep them in a chronological timeline. n  Lifelogging is keeping everything;
  24. 24. The continuous tracking of various aspects of our physical bodies n  how many calories we burn; n  our body fat percentage; n  how many steps we take in a day; n  how long we sleep; n  how many hours a week we spend commuting or sitting at a n  ... What is Quantified Self (QS)?
  25. 25. Measure and Score We have the ability to measure and score our lives n  social reach and influence; n  tastes and preferences; n  achievements; n  credibility and reputation; n  habits; n  expertise; n  ...
  26. 26. + Quantified Self Measurements… n  Physical Activities n  Miles, steps, calories, repetitions, sets, METs1 n  Diet and Nutrition n  Calories consumed, carbs, fat, protein, specific ingredients, glycemic index, satiety, portions, supplement doses, tastiness, cost, location n  Psychological, Mental, and Cognitive States and Traits n  Mood, happiness, irritation, emotion, anxiety, esteem, depression, confidence n  IQ, alertness, focus, selective/sustained/divided attention,  reaction, memory, verbal fluency, patience, creativity, reasoning, psychomotor vigilance n  Environmental Variables n  Location, architecture, weather, noise, pollution, clutter, light, season n  Situational Variables n  Context, situation, gratification of situation, time of day, day of week n  Social Variables n  Influence, trust, charisma, karma, current role/status in the group or social network 1METs = Metabolic equivalents Source: http://measuredme.com/2012/10/building-that-perfect-quantified-self- app-notes-to-developers-and-qs-community-html/
  27. 27. Smartring (ElectricFoxy), Electronic tattoos (mc10), $1 blood API (Sano Intelligence), Continuous Monitors (Medtronic) QS Sensor Mania! Wearable Electronics 28 Smartphone, Fitbit, Smartwatch (Pebble), Electronic T-shirt (Carre), Scanaflo Urinalysis1 Source: Swan, M. Sensor Mania! J Sens Actuator Netw 2012. 1Glucose, protein, leukocytes, nitrates, blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, specific gravity, and pH urinalysis Increasingly continuous and automated data collection
  28. 28. Sensor Mania! QS Gadgetry Trend 29 Source: Swan, M. Sensor Mania! The Internet of Things, Objective Metrics, and the Quantified Self 2.0. J Sens Actuator Netw 2012.
  29. 29. Portable sensors can take readings of things that are not even perceived by humans, such as oxygen levels in the blood or the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.
  30. 30. Floor Tiles That Can Monitor the Health of the Elderly A strip of pressure-sensitive floor tiles made of plastic evaluates a walker’s health based on footstep patterns. The tile system’s cloud-based analytics can provide health updates via smartphone and assist caretakers for the elderly. Tactonic, which plans to start selling IntelliMat tiles on its website later this year, is refining them to track arthristis, joint weakness, and Parkinson’s disease. Beyond in-home care, the tiles are valuable to hospitals and physical therapists.
  31. 31. Sensors can also log the three billion or so heartbeats in a person's lifetime, along with other physiological indicators, and warn of a possible heart attack. This information would allow doctors to spot irregularities early, providing warnings before an illness becomes serious. Your physician would have access to a detailed, ongoing health record, and you would no longer have to rack your brain to answer questions such as "When did you first feel this way?"
  32. 32. + Star Trek’s Tricorder A tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis and recording data. First appeared in a Star Trek episode “The Enemy Within” on Oct. 6, 1966
  33. 33. Lifelogging Take a Stroll Down a Virtual Memory Lane “How much more IOT can do is only left to your imagination and to your budget. You can do as little or as much with IoT as you want.”
  34. 34. Life Data Acquire AnalyzeStore
  35. 35. Lifelogging - is moving beyond just counting how many steps you take Soon it will encompass almost everything we do, generating vast quantities of data in the process. But how can you organize and browse all the video, audio, image and text data you amass?
  36. 36. Logging Your Mind In the future, Gurrin (Dublin City University in Ireland) envisages that wearable headsets incorporating brainwave sensors will do memory ranking. "A spike due to excitement in a certain part of the brain could then be logged alongside the video to infer its importance level," he says How to automatically annotate files with descriptive, searchable tags and to easily browse them.
  37. 37. Life-Logging with Mood Tracker
  38. 38. Digital memories can do more than simply assist the recollection of past events, conversations and projects.
  39. 39. NarrativeClip
  40. 40. Auto Tagging •  Fast browsing through memories will be dependent on such annotation •  To do this efficiently, we'll need machine learning algorithms that can automatically recognize and tag all forms of lifelogged data. •  Only then will we get the killer applications,
  41. 41. Benefits of Lifelogging It will take quite some time for people to feel comfortable with ‘always connected’ devices that can discreetly take photos or videos. One question is if the benefits outweigh the negatives.
  42. 42. Benefits of Lifelogging - Security A huge amount of crimes are being filmed these days by passer’s by with cell phones. No need for security cameras when everyone in a building has a smart phone with a camera.
  43. 43. Benefits of Lifelogging – Precious Moments In ‘Total Recall’ (no relation to the movie) Gorden Bell (of Microsoft acclaim) found that by digitizing everything in his life he was able to reduce stress by a massive amount. Need a receipt of something you bought years ago? No problem, just do a quick search and it should pop right up. What he also found was that by taking photos of everything moment of his life he could go back to precious unexpected moments that you wouldn’t normally take photos of.
  44. 44. Benefits of Lifelogging – Memory Recall These moments could include a photo of your wife on the day you both met or a last photo of your beloved dog. It could also help with memory. Search for someone’s name and you’ll have all the information (including photos) of that person pop up when you are about to talk with them.
  45. 45. + Top 10 Places That Have Banned Google Glass Because of these concerns, Google Glass has already received a number of pre-bans at certain places. 1.  Banks/ATMs 2.  Sports Arenas/Concert Venues 3.  Locker Rooms/Dressing Rooms 4.  Movie Theaters 5.  Cars 6.  Hospitals 7.  Classrooms 8.  Strip Clubs 9.  Casinos 10.  Bars I think the really big issue here is that you might, individually, not worry about publishing details of your personal life. But you are publishing your friends, family and business contacts details at the same time. You are potentially compromising your family and friends! Lifelogging: Is It An Invasion Of Privacy?
  46. 46. Thought Controlled Computing
  47. 47. Neurowear Necomimi [Video] If you can capture emotions, you can tag it!
  48. 48. Neurowear “Neurocam” Concept [Video]
  49. 49. + Thought Controlled Computing [Source: http://venturebeat.com/2013/11/04/next-step-for-wearables-neurosky-brings-its-smart-sensors-to-health-fitness/ ] The flagship product, MindWave, is a headset that can log into your computer using just your thoughts. Researchers recently used the EEG headset to develop a toy car that can be driven forward with thought. NeuroSky’s smart sensors can also track your heart rate and other bodily metrics and can be embedded in the next generation of wearable devices. “We make it possible for millions of consumers to capture and quantify critical health and wellness data,” Yang (CEO of Softbank) said. Softbank is the funder.
  50. 50. NeuroSky – Thought Controlled Computing [Video]
  51. 51. SUMMARY
  52. 52. + Self-Digitization
  53. 53. Data Generating Machines Drive thru Automated TollPay with Credit Card Replying Email
  54. 54. Digital Exhaust Leaving Your Bits and Bytes Across the Internet
  55. 55. Data Shadows
  56. 56. + THANKYOU EMAIL: mazlan@gmail.com TWITTER: mazlan_abbas FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/drmazlanabbas LINKEDIN: my.linkedin.com/in/mazlan/ SLIDESHARE: www.slideshare.net/mazlan1