Future	  Networks	  Research	            Challenges	            Dr.	  Mazlan	  Abbas	  
Consulta7on	  on	  future	  Research	                 challenges	  •  Scope	     –  What	  are,	  from	  your	  perspec:ve...
 Consulta7on	  on	  future	  Research	                 challenges	  •  Trends	  and	  Context	     –  Growing	  importance...
Consulta7on	  on	  future	  Research	                 challenges	  •  Technical	  Evalua:ons	  •  Emergence	  of	  M2M	  c...
Consulta7on	  on	  future	  Research	                 challenges	  •  Barriers	  and	  Challenges	     –  Filling	  the	  ...
Research	  Topics	  (1/2)	  •  New	  wireless	  networks	  architectures	  allowing	  a	     be`er	  use	  of	  available	...
Research	  Topics	  (2/2)	  •  Smart	  and	  flexible	  communica:on	  systems	  •  Informa:on-­‐centric	  networking	  (IC...
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Future Network Research Challenges


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Call for Research Topics and Collaboration.

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Future Network Research Challenges

  1. 1. Future  Networks  Research   Challenges   Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  2. 2. Consulta7on  on  future  Research   challenges  •  Scope   –  What  are,  from  your  perspec:ve,  the  main  trends   affec:ng  research  and  innova:on  in  the   communica:on  networks  area?   –  What  are  the  main  scien7fic  and  technical   evolu7ons  you  envision  between  now  and  2020,   as  well  as  beyond?   –  What  specific  barriers  or  challenges  have  to  be   overcome  or  taken  up?   –  How  does  this  reflect  in  terms  of  research  topics   to  be  addressed  in  the  coming  years  (2013-­‐2020)?  
  3. 3.  Consulta7on  on  future  Research   challenges  •  Trends  and  Context   –  Growing  importance  of  ICT  and   telecommunica:ons   –  Informa:on  Revolu:on   –  Growth  of  ci:es  and  urban  popula:on   –  Unsustainable  gap  between  networks  capacity   supply  and  demand   –  Concerns  about  energy-­‐efficiency  
  4. 4. Consulta7on  on  future  Research   challenges  •  Technical  Evalua:ons  •  Emergence  of  M2M  communica:ons  •  Virtualiza:on  and  integra:on  of  communica:on  networks,   storage  and  compu:ng  resources  •  Prolifera:on  of  cloud  concepts  •  Convergence  of  ‘macro’  and  ‘micro’  networking  •  Emergence  of  content-­‐centric  networks  •  5G  wireless  systems  •  Emergence  of  cogni:ve  radio  and  dynamic  spectrum   alloca:on  (as  mature  technologies)  •  Development  of  Photonic  Integra:on  •  Evolu:on  of  terminals  and  tablets  
  5. 5. Consulta7on  on  future  Research   challenges  •  Barriers  and  Challenges   –  Filling  the  gap  between  demand  and  capacity   –  Spectrum  scarcity   –  Co-­‐existence  of  various  wireless  technologies  and   Connec:ons   –  Adop:on  of  cogni:ve  radio  systems   –  Increasing  complexity  of  network  management  and   opera:ons   –  Conciliate  security,  trust  and  privacy  constraints   –  End-­‐to-­‐end  QoS  /  QoE   –  Dependability,  robustness  and  resilience  of  Networks   –  Energy-­‐efficiency  in  networks    
  6. 6. Research  Topics  (1/2)  •  New  wireless  networks  architectures  allowing  a   be`er  use  of  available  resources  •  New  wireless  interfaces  enabling  very  high  data  rates  •  Technology  for  monitoring  and  lowering  EMF   exposure  of  users  •  New  communica:on  waveforms,  post  OFDM  •  More  dynamic,  more  transparent,  faster,  “greener”   op:cal  networks  •  New  infrastructure  in  intermi`ent  connec:vity  
  7. 7. Research  Topics  (2/2)  •  Smart  and  flexible  communica:on  systems  •  Informa:on-­‐centric  networking  (ICN)  •  Efficient  content  management  and   distribu:on  •  Fully  virtualized  networks  •  Sodware-­‐defined  networking  •  Internet  of  Everything  •  Cross-­‐domain  opera:on,  administra:on  and   maintenance  •  Security,  privacy  and  trust  in  networks  
  8. 8. New  Ideas  Are  Welcome!  Please  contact: