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FAVORSENSE - Building Smart Cities Through The Eyes of the Citizens


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Panel Session on Smart City Solutions by Malaysia Smart Cities Alliance Members

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FAVORSENSE - Building Smart Cities Through The Eyes of the Citizens

  1. 1. favoriot Favorsense - Building Smart Cities Through The Eyes of the Citizen Dr. Mazlan Abbas Panel Session on Smart City Solutions by Malaysia Smart Cities Alliance Members 19 August, 2019 @ MIGHT
  2. 2. favoriot favorsense “Building Better Cities and Communities”
  3. 3. favoriot Build Smart Cities through the eyes of the CITIZENS and have better Citizen Engagement
  4. 4. favoriot Pipe leaking! There are fallen trees! Water is polluted! No lights in dorm! No projector! Someone is throwing rubbish! Vandalism! Campuses
  5. 5. favoriot Ad Hoc , Chaotic, VIRAL SMS Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Radio TV Capacity To Hear And Respond Traditional channels (web portals, emails, phone calls etc) and methods unable to handle effectively PEOPLE AUTHORITIES “Black hole” issue Mobile App
  6. 6. favoriot User-Centric • Building Trust User-Centric Data-Driven Decision Smart Tools Responsive Cost Effective Accountable Transparent Collaborative Benefits to Users Benefits to Authorities Official Channel
  7. 7. favoriot We Build Cities Based on People-Centric Approach (Citizen Engagement Approach) CROWDSENSING Get public and private parties to send reports via their smartphones. RANK&DECIDE Authorities decide and justify their next plan of action BUILDNEXT SMART APPLICATIONS LeverageinnovativeIOT solutionstosolvethe painpointsofpublicor privateorganizations. INSIGHTS Big Data Analytics are performed to get more useful insights. Authorities and Key Management can view KPIs and SLAs instantly ESCALATE&SOLVE Issues are assigned to proper field force, measure their effectiveness and notify the “reporters” regarding the status of report. favoriot APPROACH BUILDING THE NEXT SMART CITY APPLICATIONS IDENTIIFY Collect incident reporting, identify locations of issues and assign accordingly favorsensefavorsense favorsense favorsense
  8. 8. favoriot Summary - favorsense favorsense - is a CrowdSensing platform that allows public and private parties to build better Communities and Cities Crowdsensing Management Platform (CMP) - Problem resolution backend system that eases the workflow in handling issues Field Force - The public, private or communities can join hands in resolving any problems. Insights - Crowdsensing data are aggregated and decision making can be made based on the insights.
  9. 9. favoriot
  10. 10. favoriot Who benefits from favorsense? 1. Local Councils / City Managers 2. Universities / Campuses 3. Townships / Housing Development 4. Buildings / Apartments 5. Facilities Management 6. Enforcement Agencies 7. Consumer Associations 8. Public Services 9. Community / Resident Associations
  11. 11. favoriot favoriot favoriotfavoriot favoriot favoriot