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Digital Way Ventures Whitepaper v2.0

  2. 2. 02 Is this…. Tinder for 4.0 ? 4th Generation Crowdsourcing ? “Twitter” of “Project Management System” ? Welcome to WENABLE. “All brand names used here are proprietary of different organisations and have been here for illustration purposes only. Their inclusion does not necessarily imply any association between them and the company.”
  3. 3. 03 “ Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. ” - Victor Hugo - Imagine 100 million people coming together to solve 1 million needs, world’s greatest problems Welcome to Digital Way Ventures.
  4. 4. 04 05 Introduction 06 Problem Statement 07 Democratizing and Commoditizing 4.0 Technology 09 The Wei Enablement Platform (Wenable) 11 Wenable System Architecture 13 Infrastructure And Security 15 Marketing Engine To Drive Wenable 17 Wei Tokenomics 18 How Digital Way Ventures Adds Value To Wenable 23 Trustees & Founding Team 27 Corporate Information Foundation Trustees Digital Way Ventures Key Team Founding Team Advisory Team How Wenable Works Method Engagement TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT
  5. 5. 05 THE GREATEST DISRUPTION OF ALL TIME: 4.0 TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION! (1) 4.0 technology# includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), high speed mobile, and the Internet etc. (2) According to industry estimates*, it is worth USD 214 billion by 2023 and is growing exponentially. (3) Millions of companies and estimated 400 million workers risk being displaced by 2023**. * ** 20the%20future%20of%20work%20will%20mean%20for%20jobs%20skills%20and%20wages/MGI-Jobs-Lost- Jobs-Gained-Report-December-6-2017.ashx # revolution/&sa=D&ust=1519807477794000&usg=AFQjCNGRC6gWlGIlTECVqHIUp-uyIIGvTg INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION
  6. 6. 06 (1) 4.0 Ecosystem Fragmented Development, expansion, proliferation and commoditization of 4.0 technology is subject to numerous challenges ranging from people, technology development, market adoption etc. (2) Scaling-Up Obstructed Inability to leverage global and diverse resources due to limited reach, lack of trust and transparent reward mechanism. (3) Mismatch of Opportunities and Resources ASEAN and Asia, the fastest growth potential in the world faces poor access to specialist resources that are typically available only in the West. (4) 400 million Jobs Displaced by 2023 How to re-engage them? Can there be a purposeful community enabled by a blockchain based platform to grow, proliferate and commoditize 4.0 technology for benefit of industry and society ? PROBLEM STATEMENT PROBLEM STATEMENT
  7. 7. 07 Introducing Digital Way Ventures Ltd: We are venture builders with experienced entrepreneurs who develop companies focusing on 4.0 technology. Our Motto: WEI – We Empower Innovators. Our Purpose: To engage distributed communities to uplift industry and society using 4.0 technology via our enablement platform. Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): To solve 1 million 4.0 “Needs”, engaging a community of 100 million in 10 years. What are “Needs”? “Needs” are a very well defined set of objectives, specific deliverables, verifiable outcome, timeline that requires a viable solution. It is “bite-size” in terms of time, resources and deliverables and maybe part of a larger project or on a standalone basis. For example, to launch Favorwatch for senior care in Europe, “Need 1” will be to identify top 3 pharmaceutical distributors with name, contact and customer base size. Then, “Need 2” could be to get compliance approval for mass data collection from local regulatory experts. In another instance, for example, to successfully build a crypto-robo trader, “Need 1” will be to identify successful high frequency equity trading algorithms globally. Then, “Need 2” could be to ask for adaptation of these successful algorithms for crypto-trading. In short, “Needs” are like “Tweets” for project management. A well defined “Need” will ensure QUICK WIN and FAST RESULT. DEMOCRATIZING AND COMMODITIZING 4.0 TECHNOLOGY DEMOCRATIZING AND COMMODITIZING 4.0 TECHNOLOGY
  8. 8. 08 Who are the 4.0 Communities? Entrepreneurs, technologists professionals, retirees, displaced and underprivileged communities, research institutes, universities, commercial enterprises, NGOs, government, media, accelerators, VCs etc. are relevant stakeholders forming the 4.0 community. How to incentivize 4.0 Communities? Bounty is used to reward and incentivize the community for solutions to solve specific “Needs”. The Solution To develop an enablement platform to harness the power of decentralized community to solve the “Needs” while ensuring trust using smart contracts. We call this the WEI Enablement Platform (Wenable). Our ICO We shall issue WEI token to raise ETH to develop Wenable. The inspiration came from multitude of challenges that Digital Way Ventures experienced in its journey to proliferate 4.0 technologies. DEMOCRATIZING AND COMMODITIZING 4.0 TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. 09 THE WEI ENABLEMENT PLATFORM (WENABLE) Wenable is an Enablement Platform where “Needs” are published, relevant stakeholders identified for most viable solutions and smart-contracts are deployed to manage stakeholders, outcomes and bounty. Wenable Platform Core Features • Needs-Based • Outcome Driven • Time Specific • Community Sourced • Bounty Linked How Wenable Works This section describes the process of how Wenable work. For a technical description, refer to “Wenable System Architecture”. Needs Creation, Assessment & Publishing An Entity/Stakeholder can be a Creator and create a “Need” by defining: - Need name - Bounty in the form of WEI Tokens - Objective & Description - Specific Deliverables - Duration and Timeline - Associated Tags and Domain Once a “Need” has been created, it will be assessed for Clarity & Viability. Need Assessment will initially be done by Wenable/DigitalWay foundation and as the 4.0 Community grows, Community self-policing will be put in place to ensure the quality of “Needs”. Upon successful assessment of the Need, it will be Published onto Wenable and be publicly viewable by the Wenable Stakeholder community. Community self-policing has been proven to work in other online communities of subject-matter experts such as Wikipedia and Stackoverflow. Needs Pick-up, Negotiation & Awarding A Stakeholder with the relevant skills can be a Fulfiller and Pick-up a “Need” they want to fulfil. Once a “Need” has been Published and Picked-up, the Creator and Fulfiller(s) may go through a process of Negotiation. Once an Agreement has been met, the “Need” is said to be Awarded by the Creator to a Fulfiller. THE WEI ENABLEMENT PLATFORM (WENABLE)
  10. 10. 10 THE WEI ENABLEMENT PLATFORM (WENABLE) The process of Need Awarding records the Need onto the Need Contract (a Smart Contract on the Blockchain). Needs Progress Tracking, Management & Completion During the Need Fulfilment duration, both the Creator and Fulfiller can open a Re-Negotiation , Termination or Dispute Request . The Agreed changes will be updated on the Need Contract. This however will incur a cost to the party that opened the request. Upon the completion of a Need by a Fulfiller, the Creator will accept the Need Completion and the Bounty will be paid out to the Fulfiller. The WEI Token WEI Tokens will serve as the exchange of value on Wenable in the form of Bounty. As Wenable will be built upon the Ethereum Blockchain , WEI Tokens are ERC20 Tokens. Therefore, Stakeholders are required to have an Ethereum Wallet. During the Need Awarding process, the agreed WEI Token Bounty will be deducted from the Creator’s wallet and locked-up in an Escrow System. The Bounty will be credited into the Fulfiller’s wallet upon Need Completion. This process is managed by the Need Contract and Escrow System on the Blockchain. Rating & Stakeholder Management To maintain a high quality of data in the system, a Rating System will be in place. Upon a Need Completion, a Creator can Rate the Fulfiller while the Fulfiller can Rate the “Need”. A Rating System would also enable us to gamify the Wenable platform. Gamification has been proven to increase user engagement with the system. Ratings provide feedback on Need Completion and promotes good behaviour. This allows the Wenable Community and Token economy to be self-regulating and self-sustaining. To ensure the quality of Stakeholders in the Wenable Community, Stakeholder Vetting will be in place, especially for Fulfillers. This process will be handled by a mixture of an Oversight System, an eKYC process and a Stakeholder Endorsement system. This Vetting process may be implemented on the Blockchain as a Stakeholder Certificate . Needs Explorer, Promotion & Matching To efficiently connect Creators and Fulfillers, the Wenable Platform will have a Needs Explorer powered by a Marketing Engine . All the data collected on “Needs” and Stakeholders will be used by the Marketing Engine to 1. Promoterelevant “Needs” toF ulfillers 2. Suggest relevant Fulfillers to Creators 3. Promote Wenable to find new Stakeholders to join the Community.
  11. 11. 11 Need Definition and Placement One of the defining features of the Wenable platform is allowing stakeholders to define and fulfill “Needs”. A “Need” is a small, self-contained task that should be completable in a relatively short time period. Defining and fulfilling “Needs” will be implemented as a smart contract on the blockchain. Having “Needs” recorded in the blockchain makes the agreement between requester and fulfiller tamper proof. The “Needs” contract will interface with the WEI token contract via an escrow system. The escrow system itself may also be implemented as a smart contract. Stakeholder Management Stakeholders using the system will interact with the blockchain via their Ethereum wallet address. Since all stakeholders are potential WEI token holders, all stakeholders are required to have a wallet address. As such, wallet management will also be part of the system as part of the stakeholder database. Stakeholders with skills, knowledge or products to contribute to fulfill ”Needs” can be added to the system. This process requires vetting of the stakeholder. The vetting process will be handled by an oversight system. Recording the approval may be implemented on the blockchain or directly in the database. The final implementation will depend on how stakeholder management is implemented. “Needs” Management As part of “Needs” management, a project management system will be implemented off-chain in a traditional database. Large datasets such as list of tasks and task requirements are not suitable to be stored on the blockchain, as this will increase running costs. As such the “Needs” contract on the blockchain will only store a link to the project database. To enable this the project database will need to expose an API that allows fetching project data via URLs. WENABLE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE WENABLE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE
  12. 12. 12 Project Management The project management database will also be used to initially store proposed “Needs”. To ensure that a “Need” meets the requirements of being small self-contained tasks a vetting process is required. A “Need” is added to the “Need” contract only after approval. The vetting process may initially be a manual process but eventually the Wenable stakeholder community may be used to scale up the process. Community self-policing have been proven to work in other online communities of subject-matter experts such as Wikipedia and Stackoverflow. Rating System In order to maintain a high quality of data in the system, a rating system will be needed. The rating system will track ratings and comments of “Needs” and stakeholders. Aside from aiding stakeholders to assess the track record of “Needs” and fulfillers, a rating system would also enable us to gamify the entire Wenable platform. When implemented properly, gamification has been proven to increase user engagement with the system. All the data we collect on needs, stakeholders and project requirements will be fed into a marketing engine. The marketing engine will be used to promote needs in the system in order to efficiently find people or companies able to fulfill the “Need”. It can also be used in reverse to promote stakeholders to people who have “Needs”. In addition the marketing engine will be used to promote the Wenable platform itself to find new stakeholders to join the system. Self-Regulating Architecture The architecture is designed in such a way as to provide constant feedback to itself. A stakeholder who have skills to fulfill needs will also end up having needs that requires fulfillment. Ratings provide feedback on Need completion and promotes good behavior. This allows the Wenable community and token economy to be self-regulating and self-sustaining. WENABLE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE
  13. 13. Wenable infrastructure is designed to support key services provided by Wenable plat- form, such as community engagement, project proposal, contract negotiation, con- tract creation, marketing activities etc. The infrastructure requires sufficient capacity to enable a smooth user experience while engaging with Wenable platform. Wenable infrastructure architecture constituted by 5 key layers: 1) Network Address Translation (NAT) Layer 2) Web Serving Layer 3) Application Layer 4) Ethereum Node and 5) Database Layer. To address security concerns, Wenable infrastructure is designed in a method that only places NAT layer in public subnet, whereas other layers will be installed in a private subnet to reduce possible threat. 1) Network Address Translation This layer is the first-tier external facing layer that exposes to internet. Setup of NAT layer strengthens the security of Wenable platform. The main function that is carried out by NAT layer is to enabled IP remapping, this allows stakeholder request to be sent over to instances that been placed in a private subnet. This approach reduces vulnera- bility cause by exposing server instances to the internet ensuring Wenable services deliver to its stakeholders. INFRASTRUCTURE AND SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE AND SECURITY 13
  14. 14. 14 2) Web Serving layer This processes all stakeholder request send via HTTPS, and responds by serving appropriate web pages that will be eventually presented to stakeholder and form Wenable User Interface. 3) Application layer This serves business logic processing purposes. As Wenable applications are designed in the form of Microservices Architecture, the communication between Web Layer and Application Layer will be done via Enterprise Servicing Bus (EBS), this enables data/ request transfer in various protocols such as REST, SOAP, RCP etc. 4) Ethereum Node The blockchain node that serves Wenable blockchain transaction., it tracks WEI token circulation, service provider rating and contract creation. The communication between Application layer and Ethereum node will be done via RPC. P2P communication, to be launched from then Ethereum Node to interact with Ethereum network. 5) Database layer This is where Wenable database is installed. Wenable platform proposes a read replication approach, which by design is a master database. It will in charge of write processing and a read replica database will serve read operation. Additional Security Features To secure off-chain processes, Wenable platform will implement features such as firewalls, DDOS protection, load balancing. The smart contracts are inherently secure as they benefit from having the immutability and trustability of a public blockchain. The Wenable smart contract will employ methods such as checksum security . Wenable platform will provide its users options for multiple factors of authentication to maximize protection on the platform. The platform will also be secured behind a private cloud hosting to prevent security breaches by malicious actors. INFRASTRUCTURE AND SECURITY
  15. 15. 15 Wenable will be integrated into multiple communities via its marketing engine. Marketing engine module will be connected to the following segments : (a) Tech communities - for identifying stakeholders to take up “Needs” (b) VC and accelerators – for publishing “Needs” (c) NGOs and Industry associations - Publishing “Needs” including those under Social Engagement Platform also source for niche talents (d) Government and corporates - Publishing “Needs” (e) Co-working spaces - Publishing “Needs”, identifying stakeholders The marketing engine module automates matching of relevant skill sets and to “Needs”. MARKETING ENGINE TO DRIVE WENABLE MARKETING ENGINE TO DRIVE WENABLE
  16. 16. 16 The module allows for dynamic scaling up specific community segments using big data analysis and Artificial Intelligence based on the actual scope of the “Need”. Digital Way Ventures’ experienced team of business and technology professionals are deeply integrated into many of the above communities are able to scale the relationships very quickly. For illustration : A) The Internet of Things platform of Favoriot within Digital Way Ventures has partnerships with 40+ universities, thus allowing access to large base of technically skilled individuals. B) Medical Opinion Asia is already connected to medical specialists across wide range of fields with remote access. MARKETING ENGINE TO DRIVE WENABLE
  17. 17. 17 Value Transfer via WEI Tokens (1) Entities with specific Needs shall procure WEI tokens for bounty to reward the stakeholders in the community.. Since there is growing demand for 4.0 technology in ASEAN/Asia region, Wenable foresees continuous flow of “Needs” and thus generating huge demand for WEI tokens. (2) Widespread holding of WEI tokens amongst recipient of bounty, the communities, provides strong liquidity in the market. These token holders are also potential users for different products and service promoted on the Wenable platform, thus creating an in-house market. WEI TOKENOMICS WEI TOKENOMICS
  18. 18. 18 WEI TOKENOMICS (3) Entities and prospective customers may accumulate WEI token in anticipation of “Needs” to be fulfilled via Wenable. It is a hedge against liquidity crunch or potential rise in token value. (4) Wenable will charge a reasonable fixed amount of WEI token for providing access to services on the platform, this will be returned to Digital Way Foundation. (5) Social Enablement Program (SEP) will be initiated by Digital Way Foundation to fund 4.0 projects that have impact on societal development, especially for underprivileged and displaced communities, using Value-Add reserve tokens. Any entity may also procure the WEI tokens to support the Social Enablement Program. (6) In order to jumpstart the Wenable platform the companies within Digital Way Ventures would publish initial set of “Needs” that impact 4.0 innovation and provide bounty for viable solutions.
  19. 19. 19 (1) Digital Way Ventures has launched several ventures in the 4.0 technology space : Wooppy – Artificial Intelligence for customer engagement; Favoriot – IoT Platform for senior citizen care; Rezekee – Digitalising automotive sales and Medical Opinion Asia – Uberisation of specialist medical opinion. It also has a stake in redONE – largest postpaid MVNO in Malaysia and expanding to ASEAN. (2) Digital Way Ventures is founded by digital entrepreneur, Wei Chuan Beng, who has had a proven track record over 29 years. (3) Digital Way Venture is helmed by an experienced team of technologists and business professionals with deep industry knowledge and extensive network. The founders have a cumulative industry experience of more than 100 years. Management team of the organisation has 40% PhD and MBAs. (4) Digital Way Ventures will provide the initial set of needs and resources for the Wenable platform thus ensuring that the utilisation of the platform has a jumpstart. (5) Digital Way Ventures portfolio of companies are on a growth momentum with existing revenue generating businesses and growth prospects across multiple markets. Wenable could immediately benefit from this momentum. HOW DIGITAL WAY VENTURES ADDS VALUE TO WENABLE HOW DIGITAL WAY VENTURES ADDS VALUE TO WENABLE
  21. 21. 21 Power of Crowdsourcing has been expanding based on the power of capabilities: • 1st Generation - Social network such as Linkedin, Facebook etc. • 2nd Generation - Knowledge Sharing such as Wikipedia, Github, Quora • 3rd Generation - Network of Talents and Tools such as Freelancer, Blocklancer, Atlassian, Trello, Slack, Kiva, Kickstarter, Accelerators 4th Generation - Purposeful Community Network, Smart Contracting, Real Outcome and Bounty. This is Wenable. CHAMPION OF 4TH GENERATION CROWDSOURCING CHAMPION OF 4TH GENERATION CROWDSOURCING
  22. 22. 22 (1) Enterprise collaboration market is expected to grow to become USD 49 billion by 2021* growing at Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 13.2% (2) 4.0 technology businesses are expected to grow to USD 214 billion by 2023, generating extensive demand for “Needs”. (3) Wenable is the 4th generation offering for enterprise collaboration services and is focussed on 4.0 technology, giving it an unique position to benefit from the above market growth. WENABLE TAPS INTO MACRO BUSINESS TRENDS WENABLE TAPS INTO MACRO BUSINESS TRENDS * Market-Component-Solution
  23. 23. WEI CHUAN BENG FOUNDATION TRUSTEES TRUSTEES & FOUNDING TEAM WEI CHUAN BENG Digital Entrepreneur, Visionary CEO & Founder of Digital Way Ventures • 29 years experience in the ICT and telecommunications space • Founder of REDtone in 1996 and listed the group in 2004 • Strong international network particularly in ASEAN & China • Past Chapter Chair of Young President’s Organisation • Malaysia Book of Records Most Influential Entrepreneur Award of 2017 • Former Chairman & Advisor of the ICT Association of Malaysia, PIKOM • Former Advisor for the National IT Council of Malaysia • Adjunct Professor at University Tun Hussein Onn & University Teknologi Malaysia • Former Board Member of the Royal Kuala Lumpur Rotary Club • Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Electrical Engineering, UTM • Diploma in Management (Gold Medalist) from Bank Negara / Central Bank (MIM) • Entrepreneur Development Program, MIT Sloan School of Management NAVONIL ROY Industry Experience – Marketing, Media & Digital Services Group CMO for Digital Way Ventures • 20+ years experience in media and digital services • Former General Manager at Maxis Communications • Former General Manager of Marketing & Strategy at Media Prima • Former Director of Brand Planning at Leo Burnett Malaysia • Scaled multiple business including e-commerce enablers, online video services, mobile service providers, food and cosmetic brands. • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies STUART J VENNER PACK Industry Experience – Healthcare CEO & Co-Founder of Medical Opinion Asia • Lifetime career in healthcare delivery, built on experience around Asia • C Level positions across multiple hospitals for 30 years • MBA, Henley Business School RODNEY KOH Legal Advisor Chief Legal Officer of Digital Way Ventures • Partner at Messrs. Azri, Lee Swee Seng & Co. • Extensive capital markets experience, including IPOs, RTOs, bond issues etc. • Former Head of Corporate Finance, Southern Bank • Former Manager, Arab-Malaysian Corporation • Advocate & Solicitor, High Court of Malaya • LLB (Hons) Australian National University • International MBA, University of Sydney DIGITAL WAY VENTURES KEY TEAM NIELS STROHKIRCH Industry Experience – Automotive, Luxury Retail & Digital Sales Group CFO & CRO for Digital Way Ventures • CEO and Co-Founder of Kinslager • Former CFO of the Valiram Group & DaimlerChrysler Malaysia (today Mercedez-Benz Malaysia) • Experienced in strategy development, mergers & acquisitions. • Master's Degree eqv. in Business Admin from University of Cologne, Germany • Entrepreneurship Development Program from Sloan School of Management (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA • Advanced Executive Program at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne, Switzerland DR ARIFFIN YAHAYA Technology Advisor for Digital Way Ventures • Former Group Architect at Yahoo Inc, Sunnyvale CA • Led technical direction for mail serviceof over 200 billion accounts • Experienced in global scale systems deployment and big data pipelines, technical systems architecture analysis and strategic planning • PhD in Computer Science, University of California 23
  24. 24. 24 FOUNDING TEAM TRUSTEES & FOUNDING TEAM DR MAZLAN ABBAS Industry Experience – IoT, Telco & R&D CEO & Co-Founder of Favoriot • 30 years in senior management in large telecoms, technology and research organisations • Top 10 IoT Influencers by Postscapes 2017 • Top 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by World CSR Congress 2017 • PhD in Telcommunications, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia DR POH CHZE YUB Industry Experience – Large System SI & AI Co-Founder of Wooppy • 10+ years IT leadership positions in Malaysia • Former General Manager for SapuraKencana Petroleum • Former Vice President for Sime Darby HR & China HR Services • BA, MA and MEng from the University of Cambridge, UK • PhD in Engineering, University of Manchester SAMSUL K ARRIFIN Industry Experience – Automotive & Direct Marketing CEO & Co-Founder of Rezekee • 20+ years of Network Marketing experience • Trained distributors across Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand • Degree in Law & Diploma in Economics DR GOPINATH RAO Industry Experience – R&D Co-Founder of Favoriot • 15 years in various IT industries focusing on R&D • Leader in National & Regional standardization IoT forums • Experiences working with large corporates, research institutes and universities • PhD in Wireless Sensor Network and IPv6 • Master’s Degree in IPv6 LENG KAH HUI Business Advisor Development Executive Director of Rezekee • 15+years in ICT and presales network development with REDtone and other companies • Domain expert in sales force development • Successfully developed International Airtime (IAT) and MVNO • Diploma in Materials Engineering CHONG SZE SIANG Medical Technologist CTO, Medical Opinion Asia • Experienced in research and software programming in medical imaging • Years of experience in data networking and IT • BEng(Hons) in electronics majoring in telecommunications
  25. 25. 25 FOUNDING TEAM TRUSTEES & FOUNDING TEAM AARON HONG System Design & Crypto Investor COO of Rezekee • 7+ years experience in automotive retail and franchise dealerships • Domain expert in business architecture and back-end management systems • Resident crypto-currency expert with investments since 2012 • Bachelor of Science (Bsc), Economics & Finance, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne CHEN SEONG FOO AI Technologist Infrastructure Chief in Digital Way Ventures • Co-Head Business Development of Wooppy • 11 years of combined experience in IT industry • Former functional lead with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning • Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering LEE YAN GEN Creative Lead Creative Specialist at Digital Way Ventures • Experienced in copywriting, engineering design, clinical translation, cell therapy, tissue engineering, bioprocess validation, biofuels, thermochemical processing and bio-entrepreneurship • MEng Biochemical Engineering University College London PARIS LEE Digital Finance Finance Manager at Digital Way Ventures • 14 years of experience in finance and accounting • 4 years of managing RedOne accounts & finances • Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) LEE JIA SHENG Artificial Intelligence Expert AI Technology Strategist of Digital Way Ventures • Co-Head AI Technology of Wooppy • Experienced in AI Design, Machine Learning, Biomedical Electronics, Wearable Sensors, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition. • 1st class(Hons) MEng EEE Imperial College London
  26. 26. 26 ADVISORY TEAM TRUSTEES & FOUNDING TEAM MARK PUI Strategic Advisor • 20 years corporate finance experience with Big 5 advisory firms. • Early investor in the Ethereum project and other large ICOs • Deeply networked with the crypto investor community globally EDDY TRAVIA Advisor CEO of Coinsilium • Leads a listed company focused on investments in blockchain technology • Co-founder of Block Chain Space, an accelerator focused on blockchain startups LEON YEOH Advisor • Founding member of • Technical advocate of blockchain technology • Experienced in cryptocurrency community building on a global scale • Vast knowledge in systems security with certifications such as MCSA and MCSE from Microsoft TAY KIAN HAR Corporate Lawyer Corporate Commercial Partner at Messrs. Azri, Lee Swee Seng & Co. • Experienced in the area of practices in the area of mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and technology agreements. • Advocate & Solicitor, High Court of Malaya (2007) • Bachelor of Law (Hons) University of Malaya