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Business Disruptions in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution


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RAMA University as Keynote Speaker, Nov. 30, 2018

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Business Disruptions in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution

  1. 1. Business Disruptions in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution Dr. Mazlan Abbas CEO – FAVORIOT Email:
  2. 2. I’ve Lived in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution 50 Years Ago!
  3. 3. The Jetsons (1962) Flying Vehicles Video-conference Smartwatch Robotics Telehealth 3D Printed Food
  4. 4. Inspired Getting
  5. 5. Ripples of Technologies
  6. 6. Trends in Malaysia IoT Trends IR 4.0 Trends 2014 q 2017
  7. 7. Where Are We In The Industrial Revolution IR 1.0 (Manual) IR 2.0 (Electrical) IR 3.0 (Automation/ Internet) IR 4.0 (Intelligence)
  8. 8. The Survival Test Which Industrial Revolution Are We in Now?
  9. 9. Which Industrial Revolution Is This?
  10. 10. Which Industrial Revolution Is This?
  11. 11. 2.7 Where are we now?
  12. 12. Why the IR4.0 Journey is so Difficult?
  13. 13. Comfortable Need a little Push
  14. 14. Education 4.0
  15. 15. Conference 4.0
  16. 16. Healthcare 4.0
  17. 17. Will Robots Replace Our Jobs
  18. 18. Understanding IOT IoT Maturity Phases
  19. 19. IOT Maturity Autonomous OptimizationControl Monitoring
  20. 20. Phases of IoT Maturity (Example - Automobile Industry) MONITORING Vehicle Monitoring CONTROL Car Security OPTIMISE Preventive Maintenance AUTONOMOUS Self-Driving car
  21. 21. What’s after Autonomous Taxi? How Disruptive is IoT in Automobile Industry?
  22. 22. FLYING TAXI AAV – Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
  23. 23. Technology-Based Product-Based Service-Based Outcome-Based Transformation Journey
  24. 24. Example - Is It Worth to Track a Person? USD 20 Per Month Payfor Fun? PaytoSaveUSD 30permonth PaytogetnewRevenue USD25permonth PayforLoyalty Program
  25. 25. Combined Industries Transportation Connected cars are a top IoT device. We estimate there will be over 220M connected cars on the road by 2020. [Source:] Insurance A survey has found that 74% of insurance executives believe the IoT will disrupt insurance within the next five years. 74% also plan to invest in developing and implementing IoT strategies by 2016, according to an SMA Research survey.
  26. 26. Are You A Safe Driver?
  27. 27. IMAGINETHIS…
  28. 28. [Source: ] The Future of Farms
  29. 29. Farm-to-Fork
  30. 30. Build My Dream “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
  31. 31. Choosing Your IoT Journey TimeMoney Health Young Adults Working Adults Seniors
  32. 32. The Mission My IoT Journey
  33. 33. Building IR 4.0 Applications Leveraging the IOT Ecosystem
  34. 34. Data Ownerships Personal/Household Private Public CommercialSensorDataProvider
  35. 35. Wisdom Knowledge Information Data More Important Less Important Benefitto Hum anity Evaluated understanding Appreciation of Answers to questions. Symbols Understanding Answers to questions WHO WHY HOW WHAT WHERE WHEN Value is Created by Making Sense of Data
  36. 36. “Live Alone But Not Left Alone” Raqib For Elderly Care
  37. 37. Issues of Aging Population Aging in Place Living Longer Loneliness Emergency Busy Family
  38. 38. Aging Population Issues E.g. China - 64 elderly for every 100 workers by 2025 4 : 2 : 1 Problem 4 grandparents and two parents cared by a single person
  39. 39. China Aging Population [Source:]
  40. 40. Malaysia Aging Population [Source:]
  41. 41. India Aging Population [Source:]
  42. 42. WHAT-IF we have a SERVICE that monitors the MOST important ASSETS of a person HealthSafety Peace of Mind
  43. 43. Value Pyramid VALUE MAKING SENSE OF DATA Understanding Why is he sick or in the emergency? Knowledge How is the health and safety condition of the wearer/patient? Information Who is the wearer? What are the health parameters? Where is the wearer now? When is the problem occurs? Data Location Coordinate, BP value, ECG Value, Steps, Heartrate Sensors Pedometer, Infrared, GPS, Electrodes
  44. 44. Send SOS during emergency cases Monitor their vital signs Notify their whereabouts Connect with their loved ones
  45. 45. Safety Health Peace of Mind Blood Pressure ECG Cellular Coverage Emergency SOS Fitness
  46. 46. Name of RAQIB wearer Latest Location Wearer’s Health Wearer’s Steps
  47. 47. Blood Pressure ECG Blood Pressure Trends
  48. 48. Peace of Mind During Hajj/Umrah Raqib For Pilgrims (Hajj/Umrah)
  49. 49. Complexity of Managing Pilgrims 100 Ambulances 16,280 Officers 45,000 Tents 6,000 Security Cameras Dozens of Countries
  50. 50. The Dream 89%