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How we can recycle


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My favourite Art Project

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How we can recycle

  1. 1. HOW WE CAN RECYCLE?(This is an artistic project that I used to work an entire summer)Art has always in close relationship with technology, both have evolved around the sametime, so that once with the industrial revolution appeared new materials such as plastics.By converting waste into usable resources, we can help clean environment from thevisual point of view and in terms of pollution; garbage is containing recoverable materialin 70% and if you add biodegradable material, even 90%. We can help to conservenatural resources, conserving energy. Much less energy is needed to transform recycledmaterials into new materials, compared with the start of production of raw materials. the uppuer one was not finished
  2. 2. „my workplace”The theme of this project started from the desire to show that art can be made fromanything. I used PET caps instead of frame, using different colors without put the in acertain order. I placed so in order to look like a colored frame or to become similar with atoy.
  3. 3. In fact art is, from my point of view, like a game wich you have to play with enjoyment. Itake this game seriously, as children are taken it too, putting it the specific game beforeother things.Some people wich have reached maturity forget to play, means that they orget todisconnect from lifes problems.These "mature people" actually forgets their origins and became in some cases morevulnerable than children;Through this playing on the base of a serious subject, I’m not purpose to make fun on thatsubject, on the opposite; I suggest a solution in the ART benefit of something thatrequires an immediate issue solving from us (this problem, appointed in a too seriousway, may seem to ridiculous).,, A recycle is to reuse the material to manufacture new products. If for metal (steel,aluminum) are almost 20 companies recycler and the paper is molten again, in 11installations, the latest recycling fashion is plastic.If other waste types (cardboard, paper, wood, foil) are more easier to buy wholesale fromfactory or supermarket courts, plastic containers from wich we drink water and juicesdaily are the only residue that is obtained exclusively for consumer .(National Geographic, October 2007).To procure these caps I’ve been in bars, clubs (where I talkes with people from there todonate their caps in the benefit art). It was an act of socializing for a good cause, to whichmost responded positively. So, putting shoulder to shoulder, each of them have attendedon this project.In the moment when somebody can help you with something and this doesn’t involve togive up something he needs, most likely he will help you with the greatest pleasure. Thatis what I could see everywhere.Also, I collected caps from the woods, Lord, my dog (which, unfortunately, is no longer)wich brought me the bottles complete with caps and made a huge plenty of bottles (so Icalled the dog environmentalist).