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  1. 1. Part III: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Lecture 7 Principles of Performance Management
  2. 2. Lecture 7: Objectives  Understanding the concept of Performance Management  Linking goal-setting, performance monitoring and review so as to ensure maintaining quality standards
  3. 3. Developing Staff is … o Getting the best out of staff o Staff should be responsible for their own personal development. o Link with Performance Management The Importance of Staff performance Development
  4. 4. Concept of Performance Management  An ongoing process where supervisors and employees work together  Aims at planning, monitoring, and reviewing an employee’s work objectives, and professional development.  Is comprised of frequent informal conversations about employees’ work, needs and accomplishments
  5. 5. Session 2 Performance Management Cycle Lecture 7 – Session 2
  6. 6. Performance Management Cycle CommunicateCommunicate ObserveObserveEvaluateEvaluate Set GoalsSet Goals
  7. 7. Goal Setting Converting thinking and planning about where the department or organization is going into what individuals must do to help it get there!
  8. 8. What are Goals ?  key responsibilities broken down into tasks  Key activities or projects the individual needs to achieve over a period of time  They focus on performance and development.  An employee would typically have 3-4 focused on performance and one on something developmental
  9. 9. When setting Goals consider  Outputs  Who is involved  The individual’s unique contribution  Timescales  Constraints  Factors outside the individuals control  Standards to be achieved  How to measure success / gather feedback
  10. 10. Planning for Performance Management  Review employee’s job description and expected outcomes  Understand the performance measurement system  Review information related collected all over the year  Understand employee expectations to make sure they are fairly treated.