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Deep Dive - Windows Azure Mobile Services


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In this session, attendees will get to introduce to about Windows Azure Mobile Services. Attendees will get to know feature provided by Azure Mobile Service like Data, Push Notifications, Email Service, etc.. Using these services, we’ll build a Windows Phone application and leverage these platforms to create nice mobile applications.

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Deep Dive - Windows Azure Mobile Services

  1. 1. Deep Dive:Windows Azure Mobile ServicesMayur Tendulkar & Sarang KulkarniZevenseasPuneUserGroup
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services• Creating & Configuring Mobile Service• Mobile Service: Data• Mobile Service: Notifications• Mobile Service: Authentication
  3. 3. Introduction• Services to provide “functionality” to mobileapps• Perfect backend scenario:• Data• Authentication• Notification• Monitoring and Logging for services• Clients SDKs for: Windows, iOS, Android
  4. 4. Create & Configure Mobile Service• Familiarize with Mobile Service Portal• Create & configure Mobile Service• Download and install SDKs• Creating first Mobile Service Application
  5. 5. Mobile Service: Data• Stored in Windows Azure SQL Database asTables• Associated with Mobile Service• Dynamic Schema
  6. 6. Mobile Service: Authentication• Allows 3rd party identity providers• Microsoft Account• Facebook Login• Tweeter Login• Google Login• First register client-apps with respectiveproviders
  7. 7. Mobile Service: Notifications• Allows Push notification to devices• Register for notifications on store• For Microsoft: Client secret+ Package SID required• For Apple: Certificate required• For Google: API Key required• For Windows Phone:• 500 notifications/user/day – certificate not required
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. More services• SendGrid Mail Integration• Server Script• Scheduler
  10. 10. ThanksPuneUserGroup