Basic Concepts of Mobile App Development


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Mobile Application development is a growing sector and every business is now taking interest on it.Business Apps for companies are now very common and that is why this is a golden era of mobile app development. Mobilepundits is leading outsource mobile application development company helps a lot in producing user friendly Apps.

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Basic Concepts of Mobile App Development

  1. 1. Connected and collaborative mobile application development Submitted by Mayuri Mehta
  2. 2. Introduction In this technological environment, mobile Application development is increased and has a rapid growth in mobile market. Almost all companies are involved in mobile App development in different platform. So competition is very tough between all software companies’ .Their developer give full enthusiasm to create commendable apps.
  3. 3. Functionality  Through Apps we can aware about weather forecast, financial status, news.  Apps helps a lot in managing daily activity like appointments, timetable.  Mobile Apps helps you in communication business for example video conferencing.  It helps in financial transaction.  Apps give entertainment to user any time.
  4. 4. Growth in Download  Due to demand of mobile Apps, day by day working level is high and developing wonderful apps. A report show that matures market and usage of apps per person has a great level and downloaded app by per person is reaching at stable level. For downloading, many big companies have their own app store through which people can easily download it
  5. 5. Major many App store are shown below  Apple App Store  Google Play  Blackberry World  Window Phone Store  Nokia Store
  6. 6. Report of mobile market India is one of the fastest growing countries in mobile phone market. Over 200 million mobile Apps and handsets were sold in 2012. You can see, Indian mobile app market is recently 1,800 crore and US based firm will target 1.5 lakh crore rupees by 1015.
  7. 7. Simply increase your business with MEAP Mobile Enterprise Application platform (MEAP) simply great way to develop, deploy and manage mobile Application. It gives set of tools that helps a lot in producing innovative Apps. In any framework developer no longer work for specific platform. They want to work according to user’s demand through this they can update their skills too.
  8. 8. Complete enterprise mobile platform MEAP, have a mobile application development tool that provide end to end solution which include middleware application, hosting, management and professional services. Thus there is variety of platform such as
  9. 9. •BlackBerry •iPhone •ipad •Android •Windows When you choose Mobile-pundits to develop or design app and its services, you can take more advantage with their technical expert and take a help in wide range of mobility services.
  10. 10. Conclusion At present time, mobile Application development is experiencing a real boom. With all latest apps, it make your life more happy and easily. Modern mobile device have great variety of features and functionalities for business , net surfing, e-mailing, and for fun listen to music, watching videos .
  11. 11. Leading mobile app development company