Smm group 22 (2013)


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Prepared by students of Social Media Marketing course, PGPM 2013 batch of Great Lakes Institute of Management.

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Smm group 22 (2013)

  1. 1. Group 22 Mayuri Gupta – Sibi Ravichandran – FT13171Himanshu Saini – Reetika Sen – Anisha Jhawar –
  2. 2. Drivers & Dynamics behindLBS People naturally go after a recommended brand. The rising need to save time and energy. The need to be in news and be visible. Progression Dynamic – Need to fill the gap. Community Discovery Dynamic – E.g. Groupon
  3. 3. Examples Foursquare Facebook Shopkick Loopt Yelp
  4. 4. The Facebook Mechanism  Check-In to a Place Page  Tag friends  Discover others  Possibility of place based advertising for multi- location businesses. The Foursquare Mechanism  Check-In  Earn badges, recognition and rewards  Locations get repeat visitors  Possibility of having branded microsites and custom badges
  5. 5. Location-Based SocialNetworks (LBSN) A LBSN does not only mean adding a location to an existing social network - Not just sharing of location The physical location consists of the instant location of an individual at a given timestamp and the location history that an individual has accumulated in a certain period The interdependency includes not only that two persons co-occur in the same physical location or share similar location histories but also the knowledge, e.g., common interests, behavior, and activities, inferred from an individual’s location (history) and location-tagged data
  6. 6. Two Major Tasks and Objects inLBSN Location and Social networks  Location is not only a dimension but also an important object in LBSN  Location and social networks (users) have a mutual reinforcement relationship Sharing and Understanding  A good sharing experience attracting more user-generated data for understanding.  A deep understanding of LBSNs provide a better sharing experience in turn.
  7. 7. What’s in for brands? Acquire customers through local retailers via friends Can build their LBS. E.g. EpicMix ski app allows you to track your vertical feet, connect with friends, and share photos from your ski vacation! Drive Brand Awareness Reach customer near the point of sale. Radio for this reason can be a great channel Get Valuable data for targeted advertising and context-aware advertising.
  8. 8. 5 Ways to Market Brand WithLBSN  Push Notification Integration With alteration reduces burden.  Loyalty Programs special reserved and discounts on purchases. Ideas like these drive competition and increase use of marketing on these networks.  Geo fencing Expanding to more location-based networks. Includes sending messages to users who’ve opted in to a particular service. Starbucks is an example. If a person crosses a Starbucks geo-fence, they will receive a message from their location- based app highlighting an offer, coupon, or just a reminder to stop by
  9. 9. 5 Ways to Market Brand WithLBSN Mixed Media Apps like GetGlue and Foursquare both give the ability to check in and incorporate other media. For instance, GetGlue allows a user to check in and share a favorite book, song or TV show. It helps to Optimize the content and forge partnerships with companies like GetGlue as a way to extend the reach among users that are more likely to view the content if recommended by friends. Better Content allows a user to discover food, nightlife, shops, and more based on broad categories. It aggregates suggestions based on our checking history as well as information available on the network about a location. It is increasingly reducing the use of recommendation websites like
  10. 10. Recommendations Alignment with your brand’s strategies and goals. Find a targeted network or best available location based network as per your social marketing monitoring tools. Owned Media: Maintain consistency of brand voice and offers as available at other places like your official and partnered websites.
  11. 11. Recommendations Paid Media: Partner with places for push notifications. E.g. a city, store etc. Continuously measure, analyse and improve your geo-targeted ads and LBS offerings.
  12. 12. Thank you guys!
  13. 13. Sources your-brand-with-location-based-networks.html us/projects/lbsn/default.aspx