Confusing verbs


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Confusing verbs

  1. 1. WIN To achieve first position or get a prize in a compeition Win a match, a competition, a prize a medal…. EARN To receive money as paymentfor work that you do/ Earn money, a salary
  2. 2. HOPE To want something to happen Hope to win, to pass, WAIT To allow time to go by, until someone comes, something happens… Wait for the bus, for someone…
  3. 3. Look like (+ noun) To have similar appearance To look like your mother, an actor, a princess LOOK ( + adjective ) To appear or seem Look happy, sad, well
  4. 4. WEAR To have clothing, jewellery etc on your body To wear clothes, make up, a ring CARRY To transport or take something from one place to another Carry one bag, books…
  5. 5. WATCH To look at something for a period of time, especially something which is changing or moving To watch TV, a film, a match… LOOK AT To direct your eyes in order to see. Look at a photo, the board…
  6. 6. KNOW To be familiar with or to have experience or understanding of somehing or someone To know somebody, someone… MEET To see and speak to someone for the first time/To come together with someone intentionally To meet a friend….
  7. 7. MAKE To produce something, often using a particular substance or material Make a cake , a noise, a bed, a phone call, choice, coffee, comment, an exception, a guess, a joke, a trip, friends… DO To take action, deal with something Do a composition, a course, an exam, exercise, a service, sport