Mh october november


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Mh october november

  1. 1. An occasional report on what’s growing at Maypop Hill Nursery and the Miley homestead in Norwood, LouisianaTo subscribe to the free e-newsletter, contact us email: web: Attention! How do we amateurs learn about plants? Treehuggers, Googling is OK, wildflowerpickers, but mostly we look trailhikers, in books, such as beelovers, this new one by Gaiagardeners, Charles Allen, and anyone else Ken Wilson, and who wants to join a Harry Winters. group of people Louisiana Wildflowers who admire nature! is available at NativeVenturesBooks A Preliminary Meeting will be held to form a Baton Rouge Native Plant Society or similar organization So once we figure on out what that Saturday, Nov. 10 beautiful plant is, 2 pm how do we go Main Library about reproducing 7711 Goodwood Blvd. it on our own property? Email If it’s legal harmless to the plant’s population If you have seeds of in the wild, we can neat natives grow from seeds. to exchange or give away, bring ‘em : Back to the books we go!Red Buckeye, Orange Osage, William Cullina’s book is the bestYellow Poplar, Green Dragon, reference we’ve found for learning Blue Mistflower, how to propagate wild plants by Purple Coneflower, planting seeds or taking cuttings. Black Cherry, etc. 1
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  4. 4. Maypop Hill Nursery & PublicationsBetty and LJ Miley, specializing in native plants & sustainable land use web: email: 4