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  1. 1. Chocolate by: maylinda Click here to begin
  2. 2. Main Menu History of Chocolate Growing and Processing Cooking with Chocolate Chocolate as Medicine Click on any icon to begin your adventure
  3. 3. The History of Chocolate Introduction Mesoamerican European Main Menu Chocolate Challenge Additional Resources
  4. 4. Belgium Renowned for their rich chocolate traditions, Belgium commands the market in high quality chocolates. Godiva Nirvana Charlemagne Kim’s Chocolates LTD Back Main Menu
  5. 5. The Netherlands The Netherlands hold such traditions in chocolate manufacturing that currently, all cocoa and chocolate products are processed in the Netherlands and exported to all other countries. This is largely due to the cocoa press invented by Coenraad Van Houten Van Houten Droste Bensdorp Back Main Menu
  6. 6. Germany Germany ranks as one of the largest consumers of chocolate in Europe. Leysieffer StollwerckHachez Feodora Back Main Menu
  7. 7. Austria Austria is more renowned for their patisserie than their chocolates. The Vienna torte is just one example of the expertise. Mirabell Back Main Menu This link has not been working properly … the website may no longer exist. Heindl
  8. 8. Italy Italians prefer chocolates that are sweet or nutty in flavor. Italian chocolatiers are masters in packaging and presentation. Caffarel La Provenzale Back Main Menu
  9. 9. Switzerland The Swiss are responsible for three of the greatest impacts on modern chocolate processing. The invention of conching, by Rodolphe Lindt, combined with creamy fondant produces the smooth silky texture we enjoy today. We can also thank the Swiss for the creation of milk chocolate. Lindt/Sprungli Suchard Toblerone Back Main Menu
  10. 10. France France is unique from other European countries in that fact that they boast smaller, more independent chocolate manufacturers, each with their own specialties. Bonnat Valrhona Back Main Menu
  11. 11. Great Britain Great Britain has undergone a transformation since the creation of the Chocolate Society in 1990. A resurgence in the consumption of premium chocolates has replaced the traditional old-style sweet milk chocolate. Bendick’s Cadbury Green & Black’s Back Main Menu
  12. 12. America Like the British, American prefer sweet milk chocolates. The industry is dominated by a few companies, but like England, the American pallets are changing to premium, hand-made chocolates. Dilettante Fran’s Chocolates Hershey GuittardGhirardelli Back Main Menu
  13. 13. Growing and Processing Chocolate Main Menu Introduction Cacao Tree Biology Explore a Cacao Farm Cacao Farming Making a Candy Bar
  14. 14. Cooking With Chocolate Main Menu Introduction Tools of the Trade Types of Chocolate Melting & Tempering Enrobing Dipping & Molding Ganache & Truffles
  15. 15. Chocolate as Medicine Main Menu Tropical Plant Database Chocolate & Pets Medical Journal Article Chocolate’s Effect on the body