Internet marketing terms


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Internet marketing terms

  1. 1. MaynardHow am I inf luenced?
  2. 2.  PPC – pay per click PPL – pay per lead(only paid if a sale is generated)
  3. 3.  ROS – run of siteHit every page Run your advertising campaign throughout the site, reaching a diverse audience, getting varied hits and covering all your bases.Maximum reach Your advertising campaign will reach far and wide, appearing on different sections at different times, expanding your customer base.
  4. 4.  ROI – return on investmentcompanies compare the ROI of different projects to select which projects to pursue
  5. 5.  Opt-in – permission email
  6. 6. Stickiness – the ability to hold the attention of site visitor & keep them returning to the site Social Media connection points Surveys and Polls Maps/Images/Videos Free offers Whats New content Discount and coupon offers Specials and promotions Chat rooms and Bulletin Boards Jokes, Cartoons and Trivia Site of the Day, Tip of the Day, etc. Event Calendars
  7. 7.  Unique visitors – a single visitory to your site within 24 hours Impression – 1 display of an ad Session – each visit to each site by 1 person End Session – close all pages from that site Hit – visit site or request info/picture/item once Frequency cap - # of times 1 visitor sees a certain ad Cookie – small files stored on computer about preferences & site usage, ex. Name, address Session cookie – temporary. Deleted when you leave the site
  8. 8.  1. keyword loaded URL 2. free and valuable resources on site 3. user friendly site 4. contest/coupons 5. banner ads 6. pop up ads 7. affiliate marketing 8. search engine optimization
  9. 9.  1. URL on everything– ex. Bags, uniforms 2. opt in email – send out sales, new stuff 3. press releases – send the media info about new products, new resources, updated site 4. awards – nominate y0ur company for awards, like the Webby 5. survey – have a pop-up survey when entering or leaving the site 6. pod casting – send videos, sales, news, coupons
  10. 10.  Promotional mix – advertising, publicity, personal selling, sales promotion Promotional Promotional Ex. Objectives Goals inform increase customer new Ipad awareness persuade Increase sales 3 day sale remind Increase market happy GAP ad share
  11. 11.  Credibility - Perception of media by market Cost– Unit cost –per one message, absolute cost –for entire project Lead Time - Amt of time to notify media prior to posting message Lifetime - Amt of time message lasts Attention grabbing/appeals to senses - With in first 3 secs – or else change channel, flip page Environmental issues - Recyclable, reusable Flexibility - Use for many types of products Frequency - # of times 1 person in target market gets the message Reach - # of people who get the message at least 1 time Reproducibility - Ability to use the same message again Selectivity - Ability to choose a distinct target market to hear message
  12. 12.  Print:  Internet  Newspaper  Banner  Magazine  Keyword  Yellow Pages  Interstitial  Webcasting/email Broadcast  Radio  Other  Television  Direct mail  Gifts  Outdoor signs  Corporate sponsorships