ESC Scholarship school year 2012 2013


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ESC Scholarship school year 2012 2013

  1. 1. The Enlisted Spouses’ Club of Fort Drum, NY Scholarship ApplicationThe Enlisted Spouses’ Club is pleased to announce that this year we will be awarding$4,500 in scholarships for full and part time students for the 2012-2013 academic yearwho are pursuing their first undergraduate degree.Scholarship Eligibility  Applicant must be a spouse, child or step child (unmarried) of an Active Duty, Retired, Reserve or National Guard, enlisted service member currently assigned to Fort Drum  Applicants for the full time award must be enrolled a minimum of 12 credit hours for the fall semester 2012.  Applicants for the part time award must be enrolled a minimum of 6 credit hours for the fall semester 2012.  Proof of college registration must be provided to the ESC no later than 1 AUG 2012 – failure to do so will forfeit the scholarship awarded.  Checks will be made payable to the college that you are attending- no checks will be made out to an individual.Please send any questions to APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 31 MARCH 2012. Applications post marked after 31 March 2012 will not be considered 1
  2. 2. Application Directions – Essay Portion  Complete an essay on the following topic: Occasionally in life we are lucky to encounter true heroes. We are fortunate here at Fort Drum to have had such a person live and serve among us, SFC Jared Monti. On September 17, 2009 President Obama spoke the following during a ceremony where he presented the Medal of Honor posthumously to the Family of SFC Jared Monti: “ Duty. Honor. Country. Service. Sacrifice. Heroism. These are words of weight. But as people -- as a people and as a culture, we often invoke them lightly. We toss them around freely. But do we really grasp the meaning of these values? Do we truly understand the nature of these virtues? To serve, and to sacrifice. Jared Monti knew. The Monti family knows. And they know that the actions we honor today were not a passing moment of courage. They were the culmination of a life of character and commitment.” As you continue your education looking back to your experiences being part of a military Family, what has contributed to YOUR character and commitment?  The essay must be typed, double-spaced, one inch margins, Times New Roman font style, 12 point font size on white paper in black ink  The essay must be a minimum of 500 words in length  DO NOT include any personal identification in your essay to include your name. We wish to ensure complete anonymity in judging.Additional Application Directions  High school applicants must submit official school transcripts of the last three years  College students must submit a transcript from last year. If you are a returning student and do not have recent transcripts please provide transcripts of the last year of attendance  Transcripts must be sent by the schools in a sealed envelope and postmarked by 31 MARCH 2012  Complete and sign the Student Data Sheet  Enclose five copies of your essay, proof of eligibility (copy of Military ID and Sponsor’s orders) signed student data sheet and self addressed stamped postcard (for receipt of application confirmation) and mail to: Enlisted Spouses’ Club ATTN: Scholarship Committee PO Box 445 Fort Drum, NY 13602  Please retain a copy of all documents for your own records 2
  3. 3. Student Data SheetLast Name: _____________________________ First Name: _____________________ MI: ___Home Address: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________Home Telephone: (_____) ______ - __________E-Mail: _____________________________________________________Sponsor’s Name: __________________________________________________________________Sponsor’s Rank/Grade: ___________ Sponsor’s Assigned Unit: __________________________Name of High School (if applicable): _________________________________________________List name, address and telephone number of the University or College you plan on attending inthe fall of 2012 or are currently applying to:1. ________________________________________________________________________________2. ________________________________________________________________________________3. ________________________________________________________________________________Which type of scholarship are you applying for: Full Time___________ Part Time____________Job experience and/or Volunteer work:Place of employment / Volunteer Organization Duties Monthly hours1. _________________________________________________________________________________2. _________________________________________________________________________________3. _________________________________________________________________________________ 3
  4. 4. ENLISTED SPOUSES’ CLUB SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILTY AGREEMENTStudent certification:I ____________________________________, certify that all information I have provided in this application istrue and factual, to the best of my knowledge. I qualify under the eligibility rules to apply. The essay is my ownwork. I understand this application may be rejected if it is not complete or does not meet the specified guidelines.I agree to notify the Enlisted Spouses’ Club if I become ineligible at any time. It is my responsibility to providethe ESC with proof of school registration prior to the established deadline.Release/Agreement:I ____________________________________, agree that if I am selected as a recipient of the Enlisted Spouses’Club Scholarship, my name, essay, photograph, and any other information provided in this application forpurposes of news and publicity, publications, and all promotions of this program, including current and futurepromotions may be utilized by the ESC, and becomes the property of the ESC.Applicant signature and date: ___________________________________________________Parent / Sponsor / Guardian signature: ___________________________________________ Privacy Act StatementUnder authority of U.S. Title 10, Section 3012, the enclosed personal information will be maintained bythe Ft Drum ESC and ESC Scholarship Committee for administrative use and released only toindividuals needed to evaluate the application. Disclosure of the information is voluntary; however,failure to disclose all or part of the requested information may hinder evaluation of the application. Theapplication will remain in the possession of the Scholarship Committee Chairperson for the period ofone year will then be destroyed. 4