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ACS October Newsletter "Green Press"


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ACS October Newsletter "Green Press"

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, New York September 2012 ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletter Direct questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 Fall - the Season of Change As the temperature begins to the group during their time to- fered free computer for the drop, the days begin to shorten gether. Spouses possess unique workforce training as well as Inside this issue: and the tree line changes from gifts and talents that when shared home career fairs and classes lush green to orange, red and with others, may be just the cata- for people who want to buildRegarding Resilience 2 yellow one, cannot help but lyst needed to achieve a goal set their own business?Is There a Right Wayto Provide Praise? contemplate the idea of change. by another. Maybe you have something aCareer Fair Prep 3 Surely Soldiers and Families, While New You Now is just one little more personal in mind.Clothing Drive- know that change is inevitable. group that reaches a few spouses Maybe you want to changeHelping the Commu- In fact the only constant we cannity and the Earth on post, Army Community Ser- the way you think or feel. If be sure of is that everything that is the case, why not con- vice as a whole, is a resource avail-Make a Difference 4 changes in the Army. able to all Soldiers, Families, Re-sider taking the Master Resil-Day at ACS Change can be viewed quite dif- tirees and DOD civilians. ience Training. ResilienceSpouse Groups- 5 ferently depending on your training is a positive psychol- So, this fall, when you are ponder-Offering Friend- viewpoint. Some people are ogy model that allows us toships, Support and ing the changes all around you, resistant to change while others ACS would like to challenge you understand what drives ourFun Activities long for change to occur in their to look within yourself. Do you thoughts and behaviors.Community-In the 6 every day lives. have any changes you would like ACS has something for every-Spotlight– JustinPowers Recently, Army Community to make? Are there any new year’s one. We offer a wide array of Service started New You Now, a resolutions still unmet? If so, we classes ranging from canningSamaritan Medical 7 spouse group that’s main pur- offer many programs and classes to infant massage.Center-Serving theFort Drum Commu- pose is to empower participants to help you along the way! Ask yourself if it is time for anity who have goals and aspirations For instance, if your goal is to change. Why not come by to make the changes in their start saving more and spending ACS and see if we have some-Getting the Credit 8 lives that are needed to achieveYou Deserve less, Financial Readiness has fi- thing that interests you? the goals they have set. The nancial counselors, classes and group concept is unique as it is seminars to help you do just that. self directed. The group mem- “Think ACS First” bers determine what they want Maybe you would like to enter theACS Calendar of 9Events to do as a group. Their interests work force or make a career and goals shape the direction change. The Employment Readi- If you have an hour, will the group will take and set the ness Program offers one on one counseling, classes and workshops you not improve that hour,ACS Contacts 10 tone for the meetings. Each participant is encouraged to to increase your employability and instead of idling it away? share the talents, knowledge and sharpen your skills. In fact, did you know that this year ERP of- Lord Chesterfield experiences they possess with
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press October 2012 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848Is There a Right Way to Provide Praise?How are you at giving Praise? I think or admiration for someone or something, three things:many readers will say that they do it especially in public. The key word in the  It demonstrates that you werewell. And this is an important task as definition is strong. How do we ensure we are providing strong praise? The an- really watching and took a vestedconnection with others is a key com- interest in what the person wasponent to resilience. Providing peo- swer is fairly simple; give your praise sub- stance and depth. doingple with positive and encouragingfeedback is a great way to build, main-  It demonstrates authenticity whentain and enhance relationships. But, When you recognize someone and offer you can pinpoint praiseis there a right way and a wrong way praise, name the specific strategy, effort, orto praise? skill that led to the good outcome. In many  It enables winning streaks by let-I would simply suggest that there is a situations it just takes adding another sen- ting people know what exactly tobetter way. tence to our “basic praise” efforts: do again or improve upon to merit  Good job, I really liked the way you more praiseToo often our attempts to praise oth- …….ers do not go deep enough into the  Atta boy, I was so pleased to see youreason for that praise. Some of our Give strong praise a try this month. do…….most common attempts sound like You will find that it not only makes thethis:  I am proud of you for the way giver and receivers of the praise feel Good job you……. good, it will also strengthen your con- Pat on the back - with an “atta nection with each other. Positive,  Thank you. Because of what you did boy” strong connections typically lead to one for me………. I am proud of you thing – Good Stuff!! Thank you Take your praise attempts a step further in order to ensure that your praise builds upWhile these are very positive phrases, your connection with someone by reassur- Have a great month – good luck anddo they really fulfill the meaning of ing them that you saw more than what can good thoughts!giving praise? As defined, praise is be covered with a blanket phrase. Makingthe act of expressing strong approval your praise specific and personal does 9 November Module 1 9:30am-2:30pm 3 December Module 2 9:30am-2:30pm 11 February Module 3 9:30am-2:30pm 4 March Module 4 9:30am-2:30pm All classes held at ACS Building call 772-0470/2848/0509 to make a reservation
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press October 2012 Career Fair Preparation-Putting Your Best Foot Forward Going to a haps with a decorative accent such as a you need to get comfortable talk- career fair? scarf or a tie. Don’t overdo the jewelry, ing about yourself so you will be With a little cover up tattoos, and temporarily remove able to highlight your accomplish- preparation piercings. ments and strengths quickly and you’ll be able easily. Here at Employment to put your Next, prepare a portfolio to bring to the Readiness we call this the “30 sec- best foot forward. Making a good im- career fair. This consists of a simple ond commercial.” Essentially, pression in person can definitely help binder with protective sleeves in which you want to sum yourself up in you get a job. you can put copies of cover letters, your one or two positive sentences. resume, your reference list, your diploma, Practice saying those in front of a First, you need to find out what em- and any awards or certificates you may mirror- and don’t forget to smile! ployers will be at the career fair. Then have earned. If you are a photographer, decide which ones you are interested in. graphic designer, or in a similar profession, The Army Career Alumni Pro- You can usually obtain a list of these include copies of some of your work- just gram (ACAP) Career Fair will be companies from the organization host- to display and talk about, not to give out. held at the Commons on Novem- ing the career fair. If you are a writer, include copies of any ber 1, from 10:00am to 2:00pm, articles or poems that have been pub- giving you an excellent opportu- Once you have chosen which employ- lished, even if you didn’t get paid for nity to practice your job fair skills. ers to target, it’s time to think about them. Tuck a pen and a notepad into your To learn more about portfolio and your outfit. The majority of us do judge portfolio as well so you’ll be able to take resume preparation, job searching, a book by its cover, so you should some notes if necessary. and interviewing, contact Employ- choose clothes that are appropriate and ment Readiness at 772-9611/ conservative. Avoid loud prints, but Now that you have your list of targeted 1090/ 2737. don’t be afraid to be a memorable- per- employers, your outfit and your portfolio, ACS Winter Clothing and Business Attire Clothing Drive -Helping the Community and the Earth ACS Out- This year Outreach has partnered with our fellow community members but reach the Employment Readiness Program to recycling clothing is a green initia- holds a bi- put a new twist on the clothing drive. tive. Your donations will help annual Mandy Thompson, ERP program man- Families and Soldiers in need but clothing ager, explained that this year they will be also reduce landfills. Did you know drive each year in an effort to collect driving for donated business attire be- that the typical American discards gently used seasonable clothing items cause they hope to establish a lending about 68 pounds of used clothing a for Families in need. Whether it is be- closet for interview attire. Some young year? This adds up to two quadril- cause Families find themselves unpre- job seekers may not have appropriate lion pounds of clothing being pared for the cold weather or unable to business attire to attend a career fair or dumped into landfills by Americans afford the incurred economic hardship to interview for a job. These types of every year. When you clean out winter can bring, the winter clothing programs such as Dress For Success your closet, think of the ways your drive and giveaway is by far the most (DFS) have been established around the donation matters. heavily attended of the two. Last year, nation in an effort to give job seekers a we had over two hundred Soldiers and Clothing can be donated at ACS leg up when they are unemployed and Family members sign in to receive the between 1-12 October. The cloth- unable to afford business apparel. The donated items free of charge. ing giveaway will be held October idea is to assist individuals by providing 16 from 11 am until clothes are Although there wasn’t a lot left over, professional clothing for interviews and gone. what was left was donated to the Thrift the first week on a new job. Not only Store on Fort Drum. does this charitable donation benefit “Think ACS First”
  4. 4. Page 4 ACS Green Press October 2012Make a Difference Day at ACS For the past 20 are here to help our Military Families neighbor’s lawn, or possibly a major by “developing, coordinating, and years the 4th Sat- corporation funding and supporting delivering services which promote urday in October the winterization of homes for our self-reliance, resiliency, and stability has been recog- Elderly Veterans. Whatever the pro- during war and peace.” ACS has nized as the larg- ject may be, Make a Difference Day great plans for Family Programming est national day is a combination of community ser- in 2013 and they are looking for vol-of community service. USA WEEK- vice events being planned and exe- unteers to help with program deliv-END Magazine and Hands on Net- cuted by not only individuals, but ery! This year’s project will focus onwork have partnered together to cre- communities not-for-profit agencies, the beautification of the ACS build-ate Make a Difference Day, and the small businesses, and corporations. ing, garden set-up for the Heartsgoal was simple - encourage peopleto help others. Millions of people Fort Drum Army Community Apart/International Spouses clubs,from around the world participate Service (ACS) has participated in clean-up of the community kitchen,every year with the intent to help Make A Difference Day for over 10 and various other activities. If you areimprove the lives of others. Make a years, and has completed many pro- interested in helping us in our sup-Difference Day in 2011 saw over 3 jects to include: painting a mural at a port of Military Families, please joinmillion Americans supporting the Children’s Community Center, local us on October 27th at the ACS build-National Day of Doing Good, and park clean-up and beautification, a ing, P4330 Conway Rd, at 10:00am.October 27, 2012 should be no ex- Teddy Bear Drive for children in the Join us in supporting the Nationalception! hospital, and land clean-up/clearing Day of Doing Good, and think…. for the Exceptional Family Member How can I MAKE A DIFFER- playground. Our Fort Drum Com- ENCE?Thousands of community service munity has generously donated their For more information, or to sign up,projects have been planned and regis- time and services throughout the please contact Lori Starr at 772-2933.tered on the Make a Difference Day years as neighbors helping neighbors.project site. While participating in “Think ACS First” Army Community Service is athe event you could see individual compilation of Family Programs thatvolunteers mowing an elderly ON MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND VOLUNTEERISM: RECENTLY ACS RELOCATION READINESS SAID GOODBYE TO FRED AND ANNETTE GHIZ. THE GHIZ’S VOLUNTEERED WITH RELOCATION READI- NESS TO PREPARE INPROCESS- ING PACKETS, PARTICIPATE IN THE NEWCOMERS TOUR AND TEACH SEWING CLASSES. THE GHIZ’S TOUCHED THE LIVES OF MANY YOUNG FORT DRUM SOLDIERS BY PROVID- ING THEM WITH FELLOWSHIP AND A WEEKLY GAMENIGHT AT THEIR HOME.
  5. 5. Page 5 ACS Green Press October 2012 Spouse Groups - Offering Friendships, Support and Fun Activities Before the bus pulls away from the international spouse, the Interna- ing our time at ACS but they have ACS parking lot, the foyer is buzz- tional Spouse Support Group ex- left behind a lasting impression and ing with conversation and anticipa- plores customs and courtesies of fond memories of good times tion for the days outing. Spouses each member’s culture and experi- shared. As we watch babies grow and Family Members participating ences. They share activities that into toddlers a Family develops. in Hearts Apart and International promote resilience, tolerance, expe- Spouse groups are excited for the riential activities and friendship. The benefits of being part of some- annual apple picking trip to Mexico. Hearts Apart is designed to promote thing larger must not be discounted. This familiar scene is nothing new resilience during times when partici- When our Soldiers and Families feel to ACS. However, to some spouses pants are apart from their Soldiers connected they thrive rather than newly arrived at Fort Drum, it is and New You Now is a women’s survive where they are stationed. their first impression of what being empowerment group designed to Deployments, while never easy, be- part of a spousal support group is all help you be the best possible you come much more tolerable. about. Spouses who come to Relo- that you can be. On October 19 from 1000-1200, all cation Readiness for information or Activities are beneficial on many group members are invited to attend to borrow from the lending closet levels. Participants form friendships a meeting with Dr. Laurie W. Rush, are enthusiastically encouraged to and support systems, learn new PhD, Fort Drum Archeologist to try out one of the three spousal skills, become self aware, teach oth- learn about the ancient history of groups in place. While one is set up ers and grow together. In a sense, Fort Drum. Dr. Rush will help us to help support spouses through they become a community within gain insight into the ancient cultures deployments, another is open to our larger community. They de- and ancestral places on post. If you spouses at any time and the third is velop a sense of belonging from the are interested in attending this meet- a support to our international start. Many lasting friendships are ing or any other group meeting, spousal population at Fort Drum. formed and when members leave please call 772-6902/6566 for more Spousal groups are a wonderful way due to location changes, the good- information. to network, learn and grow with byes are felt by those still here at “Think ACS First!” other people with similar circum- Fort Drum. We have said goodbye stances. For instance, if one is an to some truly wonderful people dur- Apple Picking with the International Spouse’s Group
  6. 6. Page 6 ACS Green Press October 2012 Building Community: In the SpotlightACS Introduces-Justin Powers (Caught and Released) Team and Margaret Powers , spent his Justin is an example of the youth in exploratory work experience split be- our military community. He always tween two FMWR activities. When had a great sense of humor and a will- Justin wasn’t working at Monti Physi- ingness to work. cal Fitness Center, he was working While Justin was with us we teased with the Relocation Readiness Program him about working with an office full at ACS. of women. We asked him if he felt Justin helped take inventory, file, main- like he was “caught doing something tain our community garden area and fill wrong” and punished to work hard and return lending closet requests. labor at ACS Relocation Readiness. ACS wants to say thank you to Justin It was great to get to know Justin and and let him know we will miss him! to be able to participate in the HIRED! program.This summer ACS Relocation Readiness Justin attends Carthage Central School “If you want children to keephad the pleasure of mentoring a young and plans to wrestle this fall. During their feet on the ground, putFort Drum teen who participated in the his free time, Justin studies mixed mar- some responsibility on theirCYSS Program HIRED! HIRED! is an tial arts. shoulders.”apprenticeship program that offers work- When asked what he planned to do -Abigail Van Burenforce preparation trainings, exploratory with his money, Justin replied that hework experience and cash stipend awards. Actress, columnist was saving it for a new car. He is con-Justin Powers, the 15 year old son of SFC sidering a classic car, make and modelPaul Powers of 2nd Brigade Combat yet to be decided upon. You can make a difference….. “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  7. 7. Page 7 ACS Green Press October 2012 Samaritan Medical Center -Serving the Fort Drum Community As you know, the healthcare sys- the hospital’s relationship with Fort community where you don’t know tem at Fort Drum is different than Drum is ensuring that Soldiers and where to go or what to do? When most other US Army installations. Families know what to expect from you have to go to the hospital for Because there is not a hospital on SMC and who to turn to for assis- care, what can the staff do to make Fort Drum, Soldiers and Families tance. Additionally, it is important your experience as comfortable as rely on many community-based for SMC to understand the unique possible? healthcare services and physicians challenges of military life, for both These are the types of concerns for medical care. Serving our mili- the Soldier and his/her Family. that SMC and ACS are working to tary Families is something commu- This is critical to providing you understand, address and improve. nity hospitals, like Samaritan Medi- with the best possible care. cal Center (SMC) in Watertown, The next step was to hold a second On Wednesday, August 22, repre- take very seriously. So much so planning meeting at Samaritan sentatives from Samaritan Medical that the hospital’s Board of Trus- Medical Center in which ACS rep- Center visited Army Community tees expanded the hospital’s mis- resentatives had an opportunity to Services (ACS) at Fort Drum to sion to include both the military tour the facility, meet staff and begin planning new ways to get to and civilian community. Strength- management and discuss ways to know each other. From the mo- ening its relationship with Fort improve and strengthen the rela- ment a Soldier learns that he/she is Drum is a major focus of the hos- tionship. moving to Fort Drum until the day pital’s new strategic plan. that they depart Fort Drum for Samaritan Medical Center wants to At Samaritan Medical Center, many another duty station, their knowl- provide the best care possible to initiatives are underway to ensure edge, understanding and level of Soldiers and their Families. This is that our Soldiers and Families have trust in the unique healthcare sys- the first step in bridging the gap access to the care they need, when tem here is essential. between what you as Soldiers and they need it. Not only is the quality SMC reached out to ACS to start spouses expect and what Samaritan of the care important to SMC, but Medical Center delivers. planning different ways for the your experience while you are un- Soldier and Family to get to know Stay tuned for future news about der their care is also at the top of and trust the hospital even before these efforts and how you can be their priority list. they might need medical care. Ideas involved. In the meantime, please SMC works closely with Fort being discussed are hospital tours visit Samaritan Medical Center on Drum leadership to understand for expectant moms, involvement Facebook and Twitter, or visit the and respond to the unique needs of in new Soldier orientation, fun hospital’s web-site at Soldiers and their families. Mem- events for Fort Drum Families and bers of MEDDAC Command convenient connections to the hos- Group have seats on the hospital’s pital for information and updates. Board of Trustees, participate in Just as importantly, the hospital many planning meetings and have a staff wants to learn more about the direct line of communication with military lifestyle so that they can Samaritan Medical Center hospital officials. Active duty phy- better meet the needs – physical sicians from Fort Drum practice 830 Washington Street and emotional – of the Soldier and side-by-side with the physicians Family. What is it like to pick up Watertown, NY and staff at Samaritan Medical and move every few years, leaving 315-785-4000 Center. friends and Family behind? What An important step in strengthening does it feel like to move to a new
  8. 8. ACS Green Press October 2012 Page 8 Getting the Credit You Deserve-Financial ReadinessA credit report is a record of an indi- tary judgments and even overdue child tect your rights as a credit active indi-vidual’s credit payment history along support. Whatever is a matter of pub- vidual. It was designed to help youwith indentifying information, public lic record at the courthouse shows up correct errors. Believe it or not, errorsrecord information and inquiries. It’s in this section of your credit report. due to human mistakes are not uncom-purpose is to help lenders decide if theyThe Inquiry section of your credit re- mon. When you find an error, immedi-want to extend credit to you. port lists anyone who has assessed your ately call or write the credit bureau.The personal identification information report for up to the last two years for They will check the source. If afterfound on your credit report includes the purpose of giving you credit. For checking the source they are unable tosuch things as your name, current and instance, if you are shopping around confirm the information they, are sup-previous addresses, social security num- for a car, and the dealership ran your- posed to immediately remove it fromber, date of birth, current and your file and send an amended re-previous employers, and your port to everyone you specify whospouse’s name if you have one. has received your report within theThe credit information portion last six months, as well as to anyof the report lists all of the credit prospective employers within theaccounts you have with banks, last two years. If after checking, thecredit unions, finance compa- credit bureau stands by its originalnies, retailers, credit card issuers information, you can continue toand any other lenders. This in- disagree by adding a statement de-formation is given to the credit tailing your dispute.reporting agency by the credit In summation, Americans are moregrantors. For each account the in debt than ever before. Watchcredit report lists the type of account credit application through a couple of your debt load and keep it below 20(revolving, installment, mortgage, stu- different banks to find the best interest percent. Keep track of your creditdent loans etc.) when the account was rate, each will show up on your credit score by monitoring your report. Ifopened, your credit limit or loan report in the inquiry section. you find your credit is not quite what itamount, the balance still owed and any Why is this information important to should be, dont be tempted into usingco-signer information. The most im- you as a consumer? Understanding a credit repair clinic. Such clinics areportant information found in this sec- what is on your credit report and learn- costly and you can do what they do ontion is how promptly you have made ing to read it will help you monitor it to your own or with the help of the Fi-your payments. ensure accurate information is reported nancial Readiness Program (FRP) atThe public records portion of your and to prevent identity fraud. Fair Army Community Service. Contactcredit report contains information per- Credit Reporting Act, first passed in FRP at 772-5196.taining to bankruptcy, tax liens, mone- 1970 by congress, was designed to pro- “Think ACS First” Financial Readiness Offers classes and one on one ap- pointments to help you with your finances and budget- ing concerns. You can even get advice before making major purchases such as home buying and purchasing an automobile! Call 772-5196 to find out more.
  9. 9. Page 9 ACS Green Press October 2012 Remember “Think ACS First!” Spook-tacular Events in October October 26 Haunted Hayride at Remington Park October 27 Haunted Hotel at Nash Blvd Guest House October 31 Zombie Run Sponsored by BOSS Remington Park
  10. 10. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building 772-6710, 772-9229 Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899 Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819, 772-0664 /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737, 772-1090 Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526 and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919 772-5374 Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781 Outreach Services 772-6357