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ACS Green Press Newsletter April 2012

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, April 2012 ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletter Direct questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 this issue: Honoring the Military ChildMandatory ACS Program- 2ming Need To Know - In 1986 Defense Secretary with military children, we month of the year.from your USC Caspar Weinberger designated have an opportunity to rec- The Army CommunityRegarding Resilience : Tips, 3 April as Month of the Military ognize the sacrifices these Service Family Advocacytools and techniques for Child. Since then, every April special children make be-practicing resiliency everyday Program is partnering with our nation honors and recog- cause of the honorable ser- CYSS to hold their ChildACS Friends and 4 nizes military children as the vice of their Soldier . Mili-Neighbors Fort Drum Safety and ID day at theKids young heroes they are. tary children endure frequent Child, Youth and School This month’s newsletter fea- moves, loss of friendships Services (CYSS) YouthMilitary Kids in the 5Community tures children of Fort Drum and family separation as well Center in honor of Month who are part of the nearly 1.7 as many other stressors that of the Military Child onMilitary Kids in the 6Community million children in military stem from the service of their Saturday April 21 from 1- Families of which approxi- parent or parents. 4pm. Come on out andMonthly Feature: Family 8,9Advocacy Program (FAP) mately 900,000 have had one Army Community Service learn about safety, get freeChild Youth Behavior 10 or both parents deploy multiple (ACS) offers programs and identification kits and takeConsultants times. Every day military chil- services for the entire Family advantage of the give- dren face, with strength to en- including programming spe- aways. While you’re there,Military Kids on the Move 11 dure, challenges that are cifically designed for chil- attend the CYSS Month of specific to their lifestyles and dren. Programs such as the the Military Child Carni-On the Payroll 12 with pride for their parent or Exceptional Family Member val. There will be games,Advantage Kids AfterSchool Program parents who serve our nation Program, New Parent Sup- prizes, food and fun for in various military branches. As port and your child and the child inACS Events and Classes 13,14 Family Members, Teachers, Family Advocacy Program you.ACS Contacts 15 Civilian Employees, and Vol- are focused on the well be- ACS salutes Fort Drum’s unteers, or anyone who works ing of the Military Child not Military Children! only in April, but every EFMP DRAMA CLINIC For children ages 8-18 on the Autism Spectrum to build social skills Adult Training 10:00-12:00 Actor Workshop 12:00-2:30 March 24 and 31, May 26 and June 2 ACS Ball Room This is a free event
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press April 2012 What You Might Need To Know from your ACS Unit Service Coordinator (USC) Army Commu- that all new commanders have a Family tion Readiness Program’s (RELO) nity Service Advocacy Program overview brief within Overseas Orientation Brief (AR 608-14- utilizes a Unit 45 days of assumption of command. AR 22, 1.5 hour).Service Coordinator (USC) to reach out 608.18 also mandates that troops receive Over the next few weeks The USC willto command teams to find out the type Domestic Violence Awareness Training be contacting their assigned Commandof information and referral needed to for a minimum of 1 hour as well as Child Teams to arrange meetings and tobest support their Soldiers and Fami- Abuse Detection and Awareness Training discuss your readiness needs.lies. The USC goes directly to the unit for a minimum of 1 hour annually.and completes a desk side needs assess-ment to determine unit specific needs. The Required Financial Readiness Pro- Think ACS First! gram (FRP) trainings as per AR 608-14-The USC sits down with command 39 are the Financial Readiness for 1stteams to determine which training is Termers (8 hours), Checkbook/Money If you are part of yourappropriate to offer based on the De- Management (Command-referred 1.5 unit command teamployment Cycle Support Training Ma- hours) PCS Financial Planning (1.5 and would like a visittrix, mandatory unit trainings and indi- hours) and Army Emergency Relief Com-vidual needs the command teams iden- mand Referral Training (AR 930-4, 1 from your Unit Servicetify based on the overall needs of their hour) Coordinator,Soldiers at that specific time. Other trainings required include Mobili- please contactMany of the ACS classes and trainings zation and Deployment (Mob/Dep) Pre- Sarah Lynch atare required for commands to pass in- deployment and Reunion Briefings (ARspections. In fact, AR 608.18 mandates 600-20 5-10, 1-2 hours) and the Reloca- 772-5374 21st Annual International Festival of Food Volunteer Support Fund Friday, April 20, 2012 4:30-8:00 PM at The Commons Pick up at will call the night of the event! All proceeds benefit Fort Drum Community Volunteers by paying for childcare! Pre-Sale tickets available March 7-April 4th Through Unit Representatives, ACS, Off the Beatin Path, or American Red Cross Window at Clark Hall Tickets: $10 age 12 and older ($15 at the door) $5 for kids 3-11
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press April 2012 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848Energy ManagementHope you had a wonderful February – These are good strategies that can be then move on to the next musclefilled with hopeful, optimistic kicked into action as soon as an Activat- groupthoughts! Have you been noticing ing Event happens.  For each group tense the musclesyourself recognizing Activating for fifteen seconds, then relax themEvents? Have you identified any Principles for designing mental games for thirty secondsThinking Traps or Iceberg Beliefs that include the following: Must require your  After each muscle group, take amay need closer attention in order to full attention, should be hard and fun and minute break before continuing tomaintain productivity? Remember, must be games you can do within a few the next muscle groupresilience is a practice not an overall minutes. A few examples include: Mathbody of knowledge. Practice makes games: Count back from 1,000 by 7s.perfect! Energy Management is a crucial part of Alphabet games: Work your way through maintaining a happy, healthy self. Take the alphabet, naming someone for each the time to find ways to reduce yourToday we are going to talk about pair of initials. Categories games: Name stress in a way that works for you. IfEnergy Management. What do you all the sports figures, war heroes, etc. you you are finding it difficult to do this,do to relax and alleviate stress in your can in two minutes. Lyrics: Recite upbeat you may want to search your mind forlife? Are you a runner? Do you knit song lyrics. a Thinking Trap and/or an Icebergor play an instrument? Or are you one Belief that may be inhibiting you. Forof many that have not yet found that Controlled Breathing techniques for En- example, the Me, Me, Me Thinkingoutlet? Energy Management is a ergy Management include the following: Trap may find you feeling as if takingcritical resilience competency as it Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Medita- care of self is not a priority. Or if onehelps to build self-regulation. The goal tion and Positive Imagery. Give it a try: of your Iceberg Beliefs is, “I should beof Energy Management is to develop able to handle it all”, you may find En-strategies that lower the intensity ofemotions so that you can think and  Do controlled breathing for two min- ergy Management a sign of weakness. utes In either case, your Thinking Traprespond more clearly and with greater and/or Iceberg Belief would be harm-control. The challenge is that no one  As you breathe in, make fists and ful thinking and should be reevaluated.can tell you exactly what strategies will tense your hands and lower arms Remember the old but very true sayingwork for you. You may need to take  Keep your muscles tight for the count – you can’t fully take care of othersthe time and try a few and see which of fifteen until you take care of find to be relaxing and calming.  As you exhale, relax the musclesResearch has found that in a pinch, quickly and concentrate on the feeling Have a great month – good luck andbreathing techniques and mental of relaxation good thoughts!games may be the best place to start.  Do twice; take a minute break and Upcoming MRT Dates April 9 Module 2 9:30am-2:30 pm May 21 Module 3 9:30am-2:30 pm June 11 Module 4 9:30am-2:30 pm August 13 Module 5 9:30am-2:3 All Modules will be held at ACS Times include 1 hour lunch break refrigerators available for use
  4. 4. ACS Green Press April 2012 Page 4ACS Friends and Neighbors-Promoting Community Fort Drum Kids in the Spotlight Since April is The Month of the Mili- tary Child, Instead of Spouse in the Spotlight, ACS wanted to introduce our readers to some of the kids that are part of our community. Tiffany Allen is the middle child and only girl of the bunch. Tiffany is a 3rd Rahman White is the youngest of grader at Carthage Elementary. Tif- three children. He attends the fany doesn’t have a favorite subject at Strong Beginnings Program school, she loves everything about through CYSS. Rahman loves any school and learning. Tiffany’s favorite sport with a ball, playing with Bay- colors are pink and purple and is usu- blades, drawing and playing his Rashaun Vinson in 11 years old and ally up for anything from riding her Nintendo DS. in the 5th grade at Carthage Middle bike to reading, playing video games Another thing Rahman absolutely School. His favorite subject at school and doing arts and crafts. Tiffany loves to do is EAT! His favorites is Science. Rashaun’s favorite color is plans to become a fashion when she line up with anything his Dad likes. red; he is extremely sociable, which is grows up. She also hopes to go to In fact in the picture above, he is an important trait for any military college when she is 13. This may be wearing his Dad’s hat! child when it comes to making new attainable because when she was in When Rahman grows up, he wants friends. Someday, you might see Virginia her school skipped her from to be in the military just like his Rashaun speeding away in a red race the 1st to 3rd grade; she was part of the father. Rahman’s mother will tell car because, as a small child, Rashaun Gifted and Talented Program and was you that he is a very happy kid, dreamed of being a race car driver; student of the month during the 2009- who is always singing and saying right now he is keeping his options 10 school year. hello to the people he meets but open. Tiffany and her friend started an envi- most of all he loves his mama! Rashaun enjoys building with Legos ronmental club called, Save the Planet. Rashaun, Tiffany and Rahman are and putting together model cars. They meet once a week and decide the children of Christina and Rah- Rashaun also loves eating, in fact if what small projects they can do man White. Christina is prior mili- you asked what one of the best things around the neighborhood, like pick up tary and is now a stay at home mom about being in the military is, he cans and bottles or plant flowers. looking for a job. Rahman has would respond all the activities on Tiffany is a very positive, cheerful been in the military for 24 years. post, especially ones with FOOD! young lady but when asked what she Rashaun is frequently found on likes about the military, she states that Tuesdays at the Winners Circle for she doesn’t like all the moving and Family Night at the Commons. having to make new friends.
  5. 5. Page 5 ACS Green Press April 2012Military Kids in the Community: Making LastingImpressionsFort Drum Kids Name the Zoo’s Latest Baby! The story began contest, the children from Chapel An- and you what? Ninja was one of the five in September of nex Drive came up with a long list that names chosen to be voted on by the 2011 when the included names like Sponge bob, fluffy, public. Watertown Zoo or even the same name as the child who received infor- suggested the name. For instance, Susie Too make a long story short, the five mation about an thought the Kitten should be named- kids who suggested Ninja as a good abandoned male you guessed it- Susie! The list was nar- name for the kitten were not the only mountain lion rowed down to the ten most popular people to think that. When Northerncub being held by the Montana Fish, names submitted by the kids and the NY cast their votes Ninja was theWildlife and Parks Department. Ap- name Ninja was suggested by five dif- winner!parently, the cub was found by utility ferent kids from Chapel Drive Annex.workers after either being abandoned The five kids who suggested the name The military kids at Chaple Drive Annexor separated from his mother. were, Elias Chavez, Nicolette Austin, have enjoyed their moment of fame withFortunately for the Watertown Zoo, Alonzo Alvarez, Richard Barker and a television news piece as well as a visitas well as many young fans, the kitten Nora Bernat had no idea what would from the zoo staff who brought themcame to live in upstate NY. happen next. stuffed baby Ninja animals! The Chapel Drive Center is planning a field trip to The Staff at the zoo narrowed the list visit Ninja this Spring.In January 2012 the zoo had a compe-tition to name the kitten. After being further to five names which includedprompted by their teacher to enter the Linus, Sorky, Climby, Tsavaorite, and “They can climb to the tippy top of a tree like a Ninja.” Richard Baker “Ninja is a good name they run fast and battle and climb big rocks The whole gang with the teacher who just like a Ninja.” Elias Chavez gave them the idea, Ms. Amy Thomas. “The bab y lion lost he lives at his mama the zoo an and cute….we d he’s etty and named him “Mountain lions are pr Nicolette Austin Ninja!” e mine!” Ninja has blue eyes lik Nora Bernat “It’s cool and awesome and perfect name for a a lion.” Alonzo Alvarez
  6. 6. Page 6 ACS Green Press April 2012Military Kids in the Community: Making LastingImpressionsJiu Jitsu Nation of Watertown: Proudly Serving Military Families bany, two of the four kids that com- “As children they have a hard time peted were from military families. expression how they feel while deal- Gabriel Smith whose father is sta- ing with these issues. We at Jiu Jitsu tioned at Fort Drum, took a gold give them a positive, structured ave- medal in both gi and no gi categories nue to do so, while at the same time while JJ Comely, after only training in serving as a positive role model.” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for three months, took a bronze in both the gi and no gi Marc also noted that Jiu Jitsu Nation categories.” has a number of active duty Soldiers who are also instructors at Jiu JitsuPictured from left to right with Marc I asked Marc to tell me about the ser- Nation. “Curtis Mosely holds theStevens: Gabriel Smith, Matt Simmons, JJ vice he provides to Fort Drum. He rank of purple belt in Brazilian Jiu responded, “We work hand in hand Jitsu and teaches our fundamentalsComley, Carter Comley, Nick Rogers with military kids to help them deal classes. Our kids boxing program is with the added pressures of having taught by SFC Marques Daniels whoJiu-Jitsu Nation located on Arsenal Street in parents who are deployed and serving is one of our professional fighters asWatertown, provides beginner and ad- their country.” well as the 2010 All Army Combat-vanced martial arts classes for ages 4 and up ive Champion.”and accommodates all skill levels. Marc’s desire to reach out to the mili- tary children motivates him to offer I asked Marc to explain what theOwner, trainer and competitor, Marc significant military and family dis- kids gain from his classes and heStevens and his instructors exhibit a real counts. Jiu Jitsu currently offers both said, “Over time spent with thesepassion for mixed martial arts and for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing for kids. kids we notice a number of changes.students they teach. I recently spoke with Both classes teach kids discipline, self Most often it has to do with respectMarc about the military kids in his program confidence, self-control and provide and confidence. They must maintainand he had this to say: an outlet for energy, frustration and good grades as well as keeping a bal- aggression. Children of military fami- anced home life which is great to see“Here at Jiu Jitsu Nation our kids program lies have to deal with mom and or dad in today’s youth.” “Kids who traincurrently has about 50 “little ninjas,” as I being away from home on the front in Jiu Jitsu aren’t out getting intolike to call them, of which about half are lines during war. Marc understands trouble on the streets!” Marcmilitary kids. In fact, this past weekend at and empathizes with how difficult exclaimed.the North American Grapplers Association dealing with these feelings can be.(NAGA) NY State Championships in Al- It’s not what you think While we try to teach our children all you are that holds your about life, back, it’s what you think you are not.” Our children teach us what life is all Denis Waitley about ~Angela Schwindt
  7. 7. Page 7 ACS Green Press April 2012 Monthly Feature: Army Community Center Family Advocacy ProgramThe Family Advocacy Program is a quality of life. offered include: Baby Boot Camp,strength based military community Here at Fort Drum, we offer a number of Terrific Toddlers (Birth to four),agency that provides a variety of holistic exceptional educational programs to help Middle Years (Four-Twelve), Screamand educational programs to Soldiers support Families in all stages. The New Free Parenting, and For Fathersand their Families. The program serves Parent Support Program consists of a assist in the development of strong team of professional nurses and social Don’t Stress! Family Advocacy alsoArmy Families as well as aid in the pre- workers who provide supportive and car- offers skill enhancing classes to helpvention and treatment of Family vio- ing services to military Families with chil- build resilience and coping skills forlence. dren from birth to three years of age. Ser- everyday situations. Services of-The Family Advocacy Team is dedicated vices offered include: home visits, infant fered include: Resilience Classes,to preventing spouse and child abuse massage, and Parent’s Alone Support Stress Management, Conflict Resolu-through awareness, education, prompt Group. tions, Reintegration Classes, Angerreporting, intervention and treatment. The Family Advocacy Parent Educators Management, and Couples Commu-The overall mission is to provide ser- offer parenting classes designed to give nication.vices to support readiness of Soldiers parents the knowledge they need to estab-and their Families to promote self- lish healthy routines, positive disciplines,reliance, resilience and stability in order communication skills, and nutrition forto enhance relationships and improve healthy growth and development. ClassesProviding a Framework for Success through ParentingWorkshops Dani Reed Family AdvocacyI often hear parents say they wish chil- For Fathers Only, this 8 hour work- nursing and weaning toddlers, exploredren were born with manuals; to make shop is designed to give fathers tools on the possibility of another baby and re-raising them easier. Here at the Family positive discipline and building self es- view community resources for toddlersAdvocacy Program we don’t necessary teem in a stimulating environment. and their parents.have the manual; however we do have Through lecture, workshop exercises, Middle Years is designed for children 5workshops and classes to give parents small group activities and one-on-one -12 years old. This 6 hour workshop isthe tools to become better parents. coaching, Fathers will be challenged, designed to give parents strategies on prodded and encouraged to redesign positive discipline, sibling rivalry, com-The military community includes ap- their approach to their parenting skills. munication skills, establishing familyproximately 1.8 million children and They will become a more effective par- rules and nutrition for healthy growthyouths under the age of 18 nationwide. ent and more deeply connected to the and development.Raising a happy, healthy child is one of most important people in their lives,the most challenging jobs a parent can Baby Boot Camp, is a 7 hour work- their Family.have-- and also one of the most reward- shop designed to assist new parents thating. Good parenting helps foster empa- Terrific Toddlers is for parents with have children ages 0-3 years old and ex-thy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, children birth to 4 years old. During pecting parents with information regard-kindness, cooperation, and cheerfulness, this 6 hour workshop we’ll talk about ing basics of infant care. Topics include:while allowing the natural consequences discipline (teach and protect) and man- infant massage, baby proofing theof a childs behavior to do the teaching. aging the array of new emotions includ- home, breast feeding, good nutrition, ing temper tantrums. And well discussOur programs include: (Continued on page 8) predictable sleep challenges, talk about
  8. 8. Page 8 ACS Green Press April 2012Parenting Workshops Continued...(Continued from page 7) We also participate special events likeand much, much more. the upcoming Child Identification andScream Free Parenting is not just Safety Day at CYSS, 21 April 1:00-4:00. For most parents, nothing is more im- Whatever you vividlyabout lowering your voice. It’s about imagine, ardently desire, portant than the safety of their children.learning to calm your emotional reac- sincerely believe and Keeping kids safe is everybodys re-tions and focus on your own behavior enthusiastically act sponsibility, so whether youre a parentmore than your kids’ behavior. This 6 or not we all need to be aware and do upon…hour workshop gives parents tools for a all we can to protect children. So the Must inevitably come tolifelong parenting process. It involves first step in the educational process is to passthe acquisition of new knowledge, raise the awareness level of parents.skills, abilities and attitudes towards the Participating vendors will be there to Paul J. Meyerlearning process for parents. offer information and answers ques- Recognized as Most tions. Children will have fun at the admired Man of theOur parenting workshops are worth- Month of the Military Child Carnival Decadewhile for every parent, because they canhelp you do the best job possible in and the Special Teddy Bear Clinic for araising your children, building trust, medical checkup where kids will receiveimproving your confidence in your par- a certificate of good health. A great dayenting ability, this is the most important involving fun for parents and children,job you will ever have. Become in- no reservation is necessary, this eventvolved and contact FAP: 772-4244. will be enjoyed by the entire family. New Parent Support Program– A Helping Hand The Family Advocacy Program ers and fathers are welcome, as well-being. (FAP) New Parent Support Pro- well. The workshop is held at an AIDS GROWTH AND DEVEL- gram was developed to help mili- on-Post Community within the OPMENT: Studies have shown in- tary families with young children to housing areas. The most recent creased weight and immune function. adapt to parenthood and to thrive workshop was held during the Myelination of nerves is also in- as healthy families. The program month of March. creased. All of these components, in staff consists of Registered nurses and The benefits of infant massage in- turn, are needed for brain and muscle social workers who offer home visits, clude: development. classes, playgroups and workshops for new parents. RELAXATION: The massage PROMOTES HEALING: Massage One of the more popular classes of-releases tension, fussiness and irri- helps aid teething distress and im- fered by the New Parent Support tability. It can aid in the digestive proves lung congestion for little ones, process and help reduce colic and Program is the Infant Massage Class. with a cold. gas. Massage is a wonderful way to PROMOTES COMMUNICA- On a quarterly basis, New Parent lessen stress in both the infant and TION: Parents become more aware Support Home Visitors provides the parents. of baby’s non-verbal cues. One-on- an Infant Massage educational 4- week Workshop series. It is made ENHANCES BONDING: one communication instills a message available to parents with infants, Massage conveys nurturing and of love and security. from 8 weeks to 8 months old. love, the essential ingredients for IMPROVES BABY’S SLEEP: As Grandparents and expectant moth- emotional and physical growth and
  9. 9. Page 9 ACS Green Press April 2012New Parent Support Continued...(Continued from page 8) If you would like to learn more about the program and what theythe infant learns to relax and release have to offer, give them a call.stress, sounder and longer sleep is Contact Ms. Terry Herzog for infor- A new baby is like theoften the result. Whether you are mation at (315) 772-0748. beginning of all thing,interested in learning massage oryou would just like someone to talk hope, a dream ofto about your successes and con- possibilities.cerns as a new parent. The NewParent Support Team can fill in `anonymouswhen sometimes your sister, momor Grandma arent able to be there. Baby Bundles are a terrific program for expecting parents! If you are an E-5 or below, expecting a baby, register for your free baby bundle full of goodies for you and your new baby! There is no rank restriction if you are expecting multiple ACS Welcomes baby Chase Aidan Brown! Born births! February 22 2012. Chase and his mom, who is a Soldier with 66 MP CID, came by to pick up their for more information call baby bundle and give the ACS staff a chance to see 772-4244 his beautiful face! More good news for mom– She just found out she was promoted to Staff Sergeant!
  10. 10. Page 10 ACS Green Press April 2012 Spring Clean Your Closet Annual ACS Spring Clothing Drive Donation Drop Times and Locations: Community Centers-April 2-23, Mon-Fri 8-5 pm ACS - April 9-23, Mon-Fri 7:30-4:30 pm Giveaway: 27 April from 1:00-4:00 or until everything is gone For More information: Call Sarah Lynch 772-5374 our donations are appreciated!Child Youth Behavior Military Family Life Consultants: Hereto Support the Military ChildThe Military child is often regarded as Child & Youth Behavioral Military available to you, free of charge withbeing extremely resilient. They adapt and Family and Life Consultants (CYB- complete confidentiality. The CYB-overcome many unique challenges, such MFLC) available to help you and your MFLCs does not keep files or reportas, multiple moves, deployments and children with situational, short-term, findings with the exception of duty-to-changing schools to just name a few. problem solving support. All of thewarn situations. They are simply hereMany studies show that the Military child CYB-MFLCs are Masters and Ph.D. to help make the Military child’s pathbecomes a very well adjusted adult, but level counselors who can address the manageable and enjoyable, which willthe path is not always easy for the chil- following types of issues: serve to be a great support to parentsdren or the parents. Did you know that  School Adjustments as well. Because of their expertise,support is readily available to you? ACS Mobilization and Deployment  Deployment and Separation has also paired with the CYB MFLCsDo you have a child or young adult who  Reunion Adjustment to provide pre and post-deploymentyou feel could benefit from discussingtheir challenges with a counselor who  Sibling and Parent Communication trainings for children ages 6 through 18 years of age.specializes in child and youth behavior?  Behavioral ConcernsDid you know that you may not need to If you feel you could benefit from thelook any further than our on-post Child,  Fear, Grief and Loss CYB MFLC program, please contactYouth and School Age Services (CYSS)?  Daily Life issues them at 315-523-3141for more program information.Currently, Fort Drum CYSS as four (4) All of these services and more are
  11. 11. Page 11 ACS Green Press April 2012 Military Kids on the Move! A Relocation Guide for Parents Moving is an accepted part of being Do your homework so you can “sell” viewed as a safe, centralized virtual in the military. To adults who antici- the new community to your child. Use "file drawer" where a student (or par- pate, expect and sometimes want to to get ent) can keep track of all the details move, moving can be both an adven- more information about the new loca- tion. This web page will link you to that not only difficult to organize, but ture and a trying experience. If moving is an adventure for the adult, what does everything you need including informa- so necessary when students move or moving mean to a child? tion on schools, housing, employment apply for college, jobs or military ser- For some children, moving can also be and the local community. vice. viewed as an adventure; however some When registering your children in their Above all TALK to your kids!! Have children can experience a range of frank discussions BEFORE, DUR- new schools have copies of their tests, emotions from worry to excitement, ING, and AFTER the move. Fear of writing samples and their school re- sadness, curiosity, stress and hope. It the unknown exists before and after can also mean leaving friends, going to cords. If your children are young, in- you get to your new location. It’s im- a new school, and feelings of fear. clude samples of their artwork and portant to keep the lines of communi- Preparation and careful planning in all printing. It is also a good idea to copy cation open. Share your thoughts and areas can help make moving a positive the front, back and cover page of their let your child know that you’ll work experience for all. textbooks. This helps your new school through things together. The best thing you can do is visit your place students in the right classes. The For more information on moving con- Relocation Readiness office! They can web page is a tact the Relocation Program at 772- give you information on your next duty secure storage site for students’ educa- 6566 station and help educate and guide you tional, extra-curricular, award, volun- through the moving process. The less anxious you are the less anxious your teer and work information. Please children will be. Remain optimistic and note, though, this NOT a replacement positive about the moving experience. for a school transcript. It can be Did You Know the ACS Employment Readiness Program Serves Teens? Every year millions of teens work in ERP could benefit teens and enhance Annually, ERP hosts a career fair just part time or summer jobs. Summer their marketability both now and in for teens. In fact, the Teen Career employment provides a great opportu- the future. Fair will be held on 4 April at the nities to develop skills, enhance re- Computers for the Workforce is a ACS from 10 am -2 pm. The Teen sponsibility, and learn the value of free career development series offer- Career Fair has local business repre- money. The Employment Readiness ing classes in Internet, Word and sentatives who have summer posi- Program (ERP), in conjunction with Excel. Some basics skills in Word tions to recruit for. Often the teens the CYSS Hired program, works to and Excel can benefit a teen whose are hired directly from this Career teach skills such as resume writing, job summer job is in an office setting. Fair. searching, and interviewing to the The Build Your Own Business If you would like more information teens participating in the program. Workshop is great for a teen who is or to schedule an appointment, ERP can also meet one on one with interested in opening a landscaping please contact ERP at 772-9611 or teens to assist with their personal job business, or who might be the next 772-1090. search regardless of participation in Mark Zuckerberg with an idea like Think ACS First! the Hired! Program. Some of the Facebook. workshops and classes offered by
  12. 12. ACS Green Press April 2012 Page 12 Look Who’s on the Payroll: Employment Readiness Success Stories! Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have re- cently landed a job! Alyssa Evans stream Joanna Brown Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes Molly Manning USO Kristen Crabtree Fairfield Inn and Suites Sharon Grillett Pier 1 Crystal Smith Hilton Garden Inn If you are one of our clients who has recently become employed, we want to hear about it! Give us a call so we can highlight your accomplishment and inspire others! Local Business Shout Out:Advantage After School Program -Where Education and FunCome TogetherNearly 300 local youths are finding the Children’s Home of Jefferson the tools to help them find the raresafe, educational, and fun after school County, contracted to oversee the pro- coins that may pass through theiractivities “right in their own school- gram, have teamed up to create diverse, hands.yard” at the Indian River School Ad- fun, and exciting activities that meet thevantage After School Program. needs and interests of sixth, seventh, A healthy snack is served while stu- and eighth grade students. It helps dents enjoy positive interaction withDesigned by the Army in an effort to them achieve social, emotional, physi- their classmates. They are also givenreduce military deployment stress, the cal, and academic success while devel- time to complete homework assign-program targets schools and communi- oping healthy lifestyles and behaviors. ments. Tutoring with certified teachersties with populations of military chil- for any student needing extra help isdren. The goal is to reduce the conflict Research has shown without super- also available. Kids can register for upsoldiers encounter between mission vised, structured activities during the to four tutoring sessions per week.workforce requirements and parental after school hours, youth are at greaterresponsibilities. It allows Army Families risk of being victims of crime or be- Special interest clubs engage the chil-to feel secure knowing their children coming a participant in juvenile crime dren in specific activities and eventsare in a safe environment learning and risky behavior including alcohol targeted to individual interests. Some ofvaluable skills under the supervision of and drug use. AYPYN is designed to the programs offered include Life Skillswell-trained staff and professional edu- provide students with dynamic activi- Development Club which focuses oncators. ties which stimulate them intellectually responsibility, respect, and buildingHowever, Army dependents are not the and increase self reliance - all while healthy relationship skills. Community having a great time with their peers. Service Club identifies and organizesonly beneficiaries of the program. A wide variety of activities span the projects which allow the students toFunded jointly through the New York serve their school and community as range of nearly every child’s interests.State Office of Children and Family well as The Speakers Forum The Youth Creative Wear enables youth to design,Services, and the US Army Child and create, and sew clothing. Two culinary Council and others. Advantage AfterYouth Services Army Youth Programs arts sessions focus on preparing foods School runs Monday through Fridayin Your Neighborhood (AYPYN) ini- from different regions and working from 2:15 to 5:15 PM. Program regis-tiative, any child enrolled at Indian with chocolate. Ballroom Dancing is an tration forms are available in the IndianRiver Middle School may participate at amazing opportunity for kids to learn River Middle School office. For moreno cost. to dance to various styles and rhythms. information call Paul Passino, Program National Treasures exposes them to the Director, at (315)778-6252.The Indian River School District and lifelong hobby of coin collecting and
  13. 13. ACS Green Press April 2012 Page 13 ACS Classes and Events for the First Two Weeks in AprilDATE Class Time Location/DetailsMonday April 2: Newcomers Orientation 0900-1130 ACS Survivor Outreach Family Night 1800-2000 ACS DEADLINE FOR AER SCHOLARSHIPS FOR DEPENDENT CHILDRENTuesday April 3: Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACS Stress Management 1330-1530 ACSWednesday April 4: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for location Teen Job Fair 1000-1300 ACSThursday April 5: Mother’s To Be Breakfast 0900-0900 ACS Employment 101` 0930-1130 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-A6 An Evening at the Spa Gold Star Wives 1600-2100 The Spa Fort DrumFriday April 6: In her Shoes: 0930-1130 ACS Living with Domestic Violence Hearts Apart Support Group 0930-1200 ACSMonday April 9: Master Resilience Module 2 0930-1430 ACS Stalking Awareness 1330-1530 ACSTuesday April 10: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Drum Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 Departs ACS VMIS 101 0900-1000 Ed Center rm 104 Build Your Business Workshop 0930-1130 ACS For Fathers Only Workshop 100-1300 ACS Scream Free Parenting 1230-1300 CYSS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86 Thrift Savings Plan 1400-1530 ACSWednesday April 11: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for location Career Fair Prep Career Dev Seminar 0930-1130 ACS Key Caller 100-1130 ACS Key Caller 1400-1530 ACSThursday April 12: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS For Fathers Only Parenting Class 1100-1300 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86Friday April 13: Insurance Workshop 0900-1300 ACS
  14. 14. ACS Green Press April 2012 Page 14ACS Classes and Events for the Last Two Weeks in AprilDATE Class Time Location/DetailsMonday April 16: AFTB Spring Marathon 0900-1600 ACS Resume Writing Computer Lab 0930-1030 ACSTuesday April 17: ESOL Class 0930-1200 ACS Anger Management 1330-1530 ACS AFTB Spring Marathon 0900-1600 ACS DRUM Family Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS EFMP Support Group 1130-1300 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall, A2-86Wednesday April 18: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call for Location AFTB Spring Marathon 0900-1600 ACS Positive Discipline 1030-1130 CYSS Positive Discipline 1230-1330 CYSSThursday April 19: ESOL class 0900-1200 ACS AFTB Spring Marathon 0900-1600 ACS Overseas PCS Brief 0930-1100 ACS Volunteer of the Month 1030-1130 ACS Volunteer of the Year Ceremony 1700-2000 Commons CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86Friday April 20: AFTB Spring Marathon 0900-1600 ACS Autism Support Group 0900-1100 ACS International Spouses Group 0930-1200 ACSMonday April 23: Budget Management 0900-1200 ACS Advanced Key Caller 1300-1430 ACSTuesday April 24: ESOL Class 0900-1200 ACS Computer Basics for Job Seekers 09301130 ACS Introduction to Word In her Shoes: Living w/Dom Viol 1400-1600 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86Wednesday April 25: 1st Term Financial Readiness 0830-1600 Call For Location Car Buying Course 1400-1500 ACSThursday April 26: ESOL class 0900-1200 ACS Federal Employment Class 0930-1130 ACS Family Wellness Support Group 1000-1100 ACS For Fathers Only Parenting Class 1100-1300 ACS Computer Basics Excel 1300-1500 ACS CONUS PCS Brief 1530-1600 Clark Hall A2-86 Family Wellness Support Group 1800-1900 ACSFriday April 27: In Her Shoes: Living w/Dom Viol 0930-1130 ACSMonday April 30: Child Abuse Training 0900-1030 CYSS OPSEC For Families 1030-1200 ACS Event Planning 1300-1430 ACS
  15. 15. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building 772-6710, 772-9229 Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899 Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819 /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737!/fortdrumemploymentFamily Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526 and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919 772-5374 Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781 Outreach Services 772-6357