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Kami newsletter 3 feb 2011

  1. 1. KAMI FOUNDATION FOR HAITI FEBRUARY 2011 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1December 2010 Mission Trip to Terrier-Rouge with several bumps and bruises After my return to Canada, I was caused by two falls to the cement informed that two cooperatives floors. My pride is also hurt, but I are ready to contract with KAMI, will recover. based on the terms already pre- sented to S.H.A.R.E Agriculture In spite of this, there were many suc- Foundation last September. cesses resulting from this trip, which makes me happy. Some of the goals 4) I have found that we have I was aiming to achieve were as fol- three candidates wishing to com- lows: pete for the Ag. Tech position for KAMI. This will take place dur- 1) To open the “Lakay KAMI (Home ing my next trip. of KAMI) to visitors of our pro-Michel Jobin inspects KAMI stoves. gram “Awareness Trip to Haiti”. 5) Finally, we have found a local This went very well, thanks to the welder who is able to manufac-This last trip to Terrier-Rouge , presence of Idalina and Kathleen. ture kerosene tanks at a reason-Haiti was certainly the most difficult able cost. This can represent a 2) Thanks to the ladies, we were able saving of 50% in weight andone that I have lived in many years. to transport 45 burner sets which will 80% in volume of future ship-Not because of the threat of Chol- allow KAMI to continue installing ments from the Philippines toera, which remains very present in stoves in the area. Haiti. It has been a good trip,the country, not because of the dis- after all.turbance caused by elections. In the 3) To negotiate terms of referencepast 23 years, I have survived three with local vegetable grower coopera-elections, two “Coups détat”, over tives on planting Jatropha trees. Inside this issue:ten “Defacto” governments and one Several meetings were held with lead-“Embargo” etc. My biggest problem ers; they in turn consulted with theirduring this trip was my health. I am members. Enrique Laguinia 2recovering from a stroke which Isuffered in September 2010, along LIGHT FOR ALL 2 Young Boys Pray Visitor Observations 3 For a Broken Haiti Visitor Observations 4 A group of boys during Visitor Observations 5 their daily visits to “Lakay KAMI (Home of Ann’s Coffee 6 KAMI) to pray for their country. Good News 6 Newsletter Editor: Boys Visiting and Praying for Haiti Mike Labelle
  2. 2. KAMI Page 2The Gravity Fed Kerosene Stove and it’s Precision F-2 Burner The Story of Goodfire One day he got to thinking He also remembered how that the burners were getting Pump type kerosene stoves gravity made the dextrose expensive and he should have been around since the flow. “Why not apply this build an alternative. beginning of the 20th cen- to the kerosene stove?” He tury. Kerosene lamps have thought. For 10 years he Again, after many years of been a constant fixture, it worked to find a way to trying and testing, the com- was inevitable that stoves make it work. pany introduced the F-2 run by kerosene would be- By 1955 he had his working Burner. This burner was come the next most com- model, the GF-2 which was cost effective replacement to mon household item. promptly sold to one of the the four legged burnerMr. Enrique Laguinia Inventor. Enrique Laguinia has al- restaurant‟s customers. known as the Standard #2 ways been a „tinkerer‟. burner. The new burner wasPRECISION F-2 BURNER Working after hours at the He continued to refine his invention, and in the early simpler with only two legs, back of his father‟s restau- rant, he had many, many 1960‟s he got the chance to had fewer welded parts and inventions in the works. move to the big city, Ma- was easier to clean. This His mother had a store nila. There he opened a translated in better value for about 40 kms. from the city; shop in middle of China- the buyer. Goodfire Stoves there, the women did the town beside the fire station Corporation has been mak- cooking with the pump type and employed one person. ing kerosene stoves and kerosene stove. He burners since 1955. We He began building and sell- thought, „there must be an continue to refine and test easier way to cook!‟ ing his kerosene stoves. With perseverance, a lot of our products to give our cus- tomers the best and safest He remembered the dex- sweat and luck, he was ableThe Precision F-2 Burner Used trose bottles he used while to open a factory in the city products that we can. Byon All KAMI Stoves in Haiti working with the hospital by the mid 1960‟s. Elma Laguinia. company during World War GOODFIRE STOVES INC. II. PhilippinesCollaboration between LIGHT FOR ALL, South West of Haiti and KAMI Foundation for Haiti, Terrier-RougeIn January “LaKay KAMI” hosted During their two day stay, they weretwo visitors from Jeremie (South- briefed on KAMI”s method of func-West of Haiti. They are members of tioning. They spent some time with“LIGHT FOR ALL”, an NGO based our manufacturers to exchange in-in Florida. They read about KAMI formation and they visited severaland it‟s stove on our website. families who use our stoves.With great enthusiasm, they came to LIGHT FOR ALL has two planta-Terrier-Rouge to learn how to manu- tions with a total of 30,000 trees andfacture the kerosene stoves which are disposed to help with our planta-will function on biodiesel extracted tion in the near future.from Jatropha. Chavanne and Dieu Jocelyn (KAMI), Frankie (Manufacturer),-Seul were well hosted by Jocelyn, Chavanne and Dieu Seul (LIGHT FORKAMI”s agent and Nazou. ALL), and Johnson (Manufacturer)
  3. 3. Page 3 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1Awareness Trip to Terrier-Rouge, HaitiObservations Of Our First Two Visitors in November, 2010Here are some of my notes and reflections concerning my Arriving at our final desti-experience on the path of this Awareness Trip. nation, we unloaded our luggage, rested and ate,Blessed by the positive unfolding of events, we could got acquainted with theleave on November 23rd, 2010, after some uncertainties house and surroundingsregarding Michel‟s health condition and his readiness to and I slowly began to re-travel. lationship with the local Idalina Ferreira residents; we started with the four Haitians who formed ourI was fortunate to share the company of our “KAMI entourage. Mr. Louis: our night guardian and water carrier,couple”: Kathleen and Michel Jobin, both familiar with Nazou: a joyous young lady, responsible for our eveningthe places and culture that we were entering. THANKS meals, Benson: a young boy who ran errands, attendedMichel and Kathleen for being there; for your companion- school and lived with us, and finally, Jocelyn Latour: whoship, our sharing together along the road, and in LaKay every morning, came to meet with us and share our lives.Kami. I send an extended THANKS to Jocelyn Latour He also lead the program of the day. We were a family(Kami‟s Local Agent in Terrier-Rouge) who kindly came despite the language barriers, Michel was our interpreter.to meet us at the border, facilitating our entry and our stay One day we visited a few aged and sick people, with spe-in Haiti. cial needs and who are confined to their little huts. Talk about hope, one very elderly gentleman, had just adopted aEntering Haiti from the Dominican Republic, we cleared 4 year old boy for companionship. He told us that evencustoms with relative ease. We crossed the so called with all his limitations, he decided to raise this poor child.“Massacre River” which separates the two countries, by He took great care and compassion with the boy. When wewinding along their borders. I was informed that the river approached the little boy, he preciously gripped the oldgets its name, stemming from a historical event. Domini- man‟s hand, happy that he was feeling secure in his com-can Dictator Trojillo ordered the killing of 30,000 Hai- pany. Love and kindness within misery for sure!tians along this river; their bodies littered the currents ofthe river. I thought to myself, this place seems to have The elderly people were all ill and in lonely solitude; theykept traces of a suffocated atmosphere, still today. are people who have no one to care for them. Jocelyn and Sister Reine, a Canadian Sister from New Brunswick, areI watched people going back and forth, restless and trying to organise assistance for them. They distribute foodscared, pushing each other, shouting to one another, look- to them when it is available. They visit once a week, geting for some kind of rescue as if in despair; the fight being the elderly people together to socialize by speaking withwho would carry the load and be paid for their services. them, sharing a meal and simply harmonizing to uplift theHaitians compete for the traveller‟s attention, hoping to human condition. I wished that I had learned to speak Cre-make some money. ole, the native language. I could have listened and shared their stories of sorrows and joy. I truly know that the Sav-Once on the other side of the river, the hour long drive to iour was born for such people amidst their pains and suffer-Terrier-Rouge was smooth and scenic. I took in the beau- ing.tiful sights of hills and landscapes. From the back of ourtruck, this trip was breathtaking and simply gorgeous. We Looking at faces on the streets, at the market place, by thewere in the rainy season, patches of green grass cropped fountain area, or simply doing chores around their houses, Iup here and there, over mostly arid acres. Only small witnessed most commonly SMILES, tainted by sadness. Ishrubs were visible in some areas, a few ‟very‟ poor vil- attempted to read their expressions. Often, the conversa-lages lined the tarred road side. Also, some banana plants tions were centered on concerns about the Cholera epi-could be seen accenting some small run down houses as demic, which is never far away. The most common ques-we travelled. tion, “Will the outbreak spread this far north? Continued on next page.
  4. 4. KAMI Page 4Continued: Idalina Ferreira Among the blessings I saw those numerous children on the streets. They come as if to put balance on the scene. Chil-Thankfully, the population is getting specific instructions dren live in the present moment, so they play everywhere,and demonstrations on how to prevent contamination, have fun with almost anything they find. On two eve-something positive to put the people at ease. nings, we had the group of children. They came to pray with us. They chant, laugh, and run all over the place. TheI also encountered people of faith and faithful people. streets in particular are all theirs. Beautiful ALIVENESS!Each day, I attended church prayer service at 6:00 am, and They are the unfolding tomorrow.each morning a different group would lead the half hourprayer of fervent supplications for the end of Cholera and Families value education and are very proud of their chil-for the increase in well being of all. dren. They are sent to school so well dressed and neat.As elsewhere in the country, there is much scarcity in Ter- Miracles!rier-Rouge; it is a rural area. Members of the AgriculturalCooperative told us that all of their small crops had been Every Sunday morning at 8:30 am mass, the church is fulldestroyed by devastating rand and winds of hurricane Tho- of happy children, singing from the depths of their heartsmas. They were left at point zero, with nothing. People and souls. POWERFUL vibrations. GOD WITH US!were discouraged; they find themselves looking for some Light and Joy.other ways to survive. I do believe that this fact contrib-uted to why we did not see or speak with more members of I have returned from this sacred experience and I am stillthe Co-op or KAMI stove users. They are very difficult meditating on the voyage. I am thankful for the role of thetimes, even more than usual. Churches and the Non-Governed Organizations.The NEED for more stove is immense. People HOPE for It was a beautiful experience, in spite of the hardships allsignificant changes, including KAMI and all friends of around me. Re-entries are challenging, questions arise inHaiti. my heart, first about me:It was the final week of the election campaign, sleep was What changes in my life am I invited to make, so to moreshortened by the noisy political rallies held throughout the adequately collaborate toward a more just world? Is mytown and often right out front of the KAMI headquarters. solidarity a path for Transformation?Elections? Yes! Eight million people wait on the govern-ment to do something; to reverse the situation and give Am I doing something concrete and meaningful to helpback hope. Will the next government move the “heavy increase fraternity and equality in our country and instone” away? theirs? Just sharing!The words of Carolyn McDade come to m mind and would To all my friends and family, I thank you all and Godmuch translate my feelings: Bless. Idalina.“My heart was moved by all I cannot save,So much has been destroyed.I have to cast my lot with those who age after age, persevere,With no extraordinary power,To reconstitute the world.” (C.D.)I‟m aware that there IS in sight, definitely the groundingresources-humane resources, richness abundance ofGod‟s gifts. If ONLY we believe it. Two young boys sharing a chair and plate of food at LaKay KAMI
  5. 5. Page 5 KAMIKathleen’s Word Neighbour Marie Belle, who lives next door, kindly suppliesOn September 16th 2010, the residents and visitors tothe same day that Michel LaKay KAMI with fresh eggssuffered his stroke, he had and vegetables on a weeklyreceived information from basis.Jocelyn Latour that the 14year old son of Mr.Morilon Louis, our nightwatchman in Terrier-Rouge, had fallen from amango tree and brokenboth arms.Wadlyn had been taken tothe hospital in Cap Hai- Kathleen Jobin, Wadlyn and his father Morilon Louistian, but in Haiti any treat- cil to pass a motion to son to visit us at KAMI‟sment has to be paid in ad- donate the $700 required headquarters. Michel tookvance of treatment; the for surgery. a picture to mark the event.family did not have themoney. It took nearly two It is humbling and very months, because the sur- moving to see the patienceI was able to send enough geon fell ill, but finally and dignity of people who Marie Belle, Neighbourmoney so that Wadlyn Wadlyn received the have so little and sufferedLouis could receive pain needed surgery to repair so much. With tears in his Some Fine Residents Ofmedication and basic care. his arm. eyes, Mr. Louis expressed Terrier-Rouge, Who HaveMr. Louis stayed at hisson‟s bedside to bring food During the week that I his gratitude on behalf of Become Cherishedto him and to look after his spent in Haiti near the his son and his family. Friends.daily needs. end of November 2010, Thanks to the generosity of Jocelyn Latour took the Knights of Columbus,When Rick Rolfe, Chan- Wadlyn Louis will not have Idalina, our visitor fromcellor for Council 8851, to go through life with his Winnipeg and me to visitKnights of Columbus, arm deformed or even am- Mr. Louis‟ family; laterOrangeville heard about Mr. Louis brought his putated.the need, he asked CounChildren With A SmileLocal boys and girls, visit-ing LaKay KAMI. Theytake great pride in display-ing the culture of Haiti.It is very pleasing to seechildren get so much outof so little.God has blessed them. Housekeeper and Fine Cook Nazou
  6. 6. GOOD NEWS For Supporters of KAMI Receipts for Donors KAMI can now issue receipts for personal income tax purposes, thanks to our partnership with S.H.A.R.E Agricultural Foundation. The cheque, for $100 or more must be made payable to: S.H.A.R.E Agricultural Foundation with KAMI Foundation in the memo box. mail all cheques to: KAMI FOUNDATION for Haiti 834474 4TH LINE Completed KAMI Stove TOWN OF MONO R.R.1 ORANGEVILLE, ONTARIO CANADA L9W 2Y8Awareness Trips to LaKay Kami in Terrier-Rouge, HaitiWe invite friends of KAMI Foundation for Haiti to Assorted types of visits can be arranged; for the in-consider planning a trip to Haiti. We assure you that quisitive visitor, we will arrange for you to see theit will be informative and educational. KAMI stoves in households, where they are used.The village of Terrier-Rouge is situated about 40kms. You will also visit the manufacturing facilities, in-from the northern border, between Haiti and the Do- cluding schools and cooperative. For those with giftsminican Republic. Although a considerable distance in music, arts, sports, we can arrange for you to leadfrom the Capital, Port-Au-Prince, Terrier-Rouge is workshops with local groups.easily accessible from Puerto Plata, Dominican Re-public. Please contact Michel and Kathleen Jobin for more details at: kami-haiti@hotmail.ca KAMI Ann Lays Second Annual Coffee Morning BOARD OF DIRECTORSMichel Jobin Chair On February 26, 2011, atOrangeville, ON 10 am, Ann Lay will host aSheila Flattery Vice Chair Morning Coffee Event atOrangeville ON her home in the Village ofVictoria Meneses Treasurer Melville (Caledon) in orderOrangeville ON to update friends, support-Ann Lay Director ers and anyone who wouldCaledon ON like to know more, aboutJean-Paul Gauthier Director the work of the KAMI Ann Lay and RosieOrangeville ON Foundation for Haiti, andDale Hahn Director especially to provide an If you are interested,Orangeville ON update on Michel s most please confirm your at-Kathleen Jobin Director recent trip to Terrier- tendance by calling AnnOrangeville ON R o u g e , H a i t i . at 519-940-3659. Also,Arshad Shah Director please bring a friend (or two) !Newmarket ONStephen White DirectorOrangeville ONPrinting courtesy of the people at “Partnering to benefit the people of Haiti.”ORANGEVILLE HONDA Mike Labelle 519-941-6221 mlabelle@orangevillehonda.com