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Kami newsletter 1 feb 2010


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Kami newsletter 1 feb 2010

  1. 1. Kami foundation for haiti FEBRUARY 2010 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1A Foundation Born to Aid Haiti up with the is the primary fuel used Jatropha, the Fuel following man- in the majority of date: homes. It greatly con- of the Future: Promote the pres- tributes to the defores- tation of what was once *Jatropha is a tropical, ervation of the environment by known as the “Pearl of none comestible plant reducing the felling the Antilles”. which produces nut-likeMichel Jobin pictured above with of trees. In the next five years, seeds. These particularkami manufacturers. Provide alternative KAMI hopes to intro- seeds have a very high oilIn July of 2009 Michel sources of fuel for cooking in duce three definite pro- content.Jobin was invited to the North East of Haiti, grams;speak at a Knights of and eventually beyond. Locally manufacturedColumbus social event in Create sustainable improve- kerosene/biodieselOrangeville Ontario. ments in the quality of life stoves as a replacementAfter his message, Mi- of the Haitian population, for charcoal.chel, who has over 20 especially women. Provide environmentalyears of experience in aid The initial idea Jobin education to gradeto Haiti, was acclaimed had was to introduce school students.and approached bymembers of the audi- kerosene stoves thus, Increase *Jatropha cul-ence, willing to help in hopefully replacing ture to be transformedthe founding of a chari- charcoal as cooking into biodiesel for use intable organization. fuel. Charcoal is un- oil lamps and kerosene THE KAMI STOVE healthy, slow and ir- stoves.Since that day, a board regular and increasingly Inside this issue:of directors was formed, expensive. With alla constitution was drawn these considerations, it Mission Trip 2The roots of KAMI Jocelyn Latour 3KAMI is derived from work through the women‟s groups andthe founders names, “grass roots” of the schools have actively A New Way of Life 3KAthleen and MIchel population. That is gotten involved withJobin, hence the name why the foundation our mission and are Contributions Aceepted 4chosen. started in a small town, now very motivated where ordinary people and excited partici- KAMI Welcomes 4The foundation hopes to will benefit and partici- pants.make a very positive pate actively in the pro-change in the lives of the Much more work is left posed changes.people of Haiti. To do to do, but this is onlythis, KAMI plans to Several cooperatives, the beginning.
  2. 2. KAMI FOUNDATION Page 2 “We repeated hundreds of times the “how My Last Mission Trip to Terrier-Rouge, Haiti to light the By Michel Jobin tive and give basic formation They were amazed to discover on utilizing them safely. that kerosene produces a simi- In April of 2009, determined to lar blue flame to propane,kerosene stove introduce an alternative to the The local interest in our pro- when under pressure. They safely.” use of charcoal fuel, I returned ject went far beyond my expec- were especially impressed with to Terrier-Rouge; I brought tations. After briefing five the formidable heat that the with me the kerosene stove, manufacturers, they eagerly stoves produce. A total of 169 which I imported from the went to work, anxious to show Philippines. Terrier-Rouge, a me their first models of the With one gallon of kerosenevillagers, 59 of quiet rural village in the N.E of stoves. Within a few days, they lasting for 22 hours of continu- them women, Haiti, is located between Cap- had built a total of ten different ous heat, a litre of water boils Haitian and Fort-Liberte, stove frames; all were different in only 4.5 minutes. This is by took these 30 where I lived on several occa- to each other, bul all of them far a better heat source than sions over the past 15 years. met with my proposed stan- the more detrimental charcoal. minute dards. As kerosene is available every- Knowing that the kerosene where in the country, for its workshop/ stove would be very effective, I Along with my house staff and use for lamp oil, it is also much returned to Haiti in November my long time and loyal assis- more economical than the very discussions.” 2009, after the formation of tant Jocelyn Latour, we pre- expensive charcoal. The people KAMI Foundation. The goal pared a formation session. thanked KAMI Foundation for was to explore the feasibility of Once word of our new tech- this wonderful initiative and having local manufacturers, nology circulated in the town, expressed hopes that our ef- with whom I had worked in people of all sorts and talents forts will grow soon and for the past, build steel frames for visited my improvised prem- many years to come. stoves, which would be better ises, curious to see with their suited for Haitian cooking. I own eyes, this new technology. Eight of the ten stoves built also wanted to meet with target were left with families, who are We repeated hundreds of times expected to take part in an groups and individuals. This the (How to light the kero- evaluation when I return in endeavor was to sensitize them sene stove safely demonstra- April 2010. I spoke with to the problem of deforesta- tion). A total of 169 villagers, Jocelyn Latour who says that tion and the devastating envi- 59 of them women, took these the stoves are working very ronmental effects of charcoal. 30 minute workshop/ well, people are pleased to I planned to motivate and in- discussions. All of the visitors cook indoors, as it has been terest people in the use of showed great enthusiasm to raining for the past three kerosene stoves as an alterna- this pressured kerosene stove. weeks.
  3. 3. Page 3 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1Jocelyn Latour the Right Hand AssistantPictured on the right with isfamily is Jocelyn Latour, Michel‟sassistant in Haiti. As Michel hasstated, Jocelyn‟s invaluable helpkeeps procedures in action whileMichel is away.Along with helping to supervisethe manufacturing of the KAMIstoves, Jocelyn also visits thefamilies, who now use the stoveson a regular basis. These visitshelp the people by having anyquestions answered. Training isalso provided where needed. Avery important factor to the able to cook without charcoal, Jocelyn is pictured with his beau-regular visits, is to report to Mi- along with comfortably prepar- tiful family, who are also in- “these visits helpchel how the people are adapting ing family meals indoors. volved with this the new technology of being the people by having theirPictures of a New Way of LifeThis story can fit 100-150 words. If the newsletter is distributed president, or an editorial. You questions internally, you might comment can also profile new employeesThe subject matter that appears answered. upon new procedures or im- or top customers or newsletters is virtually endless. provements to the business.You can include stories that Training is also Sales figures or earnings willfocus on current technologies or show how your business isinnovations in your field. provided where growing.You may also want to note busi- needed. Some newsletters include a col-ness or economic trends, or umn that is updated every issue,make predictions for your cus- for instance, an advice column, atomers or clients. book review, a letter from theInsid e S tory HeadlinePicture here are family homemakers enjoy-ing the comfort of being able to cook in-doors. Cooking with charcoal is done com- Caption describ-pletely outdoors, even in the rainy season. ing picture or graphic.To the right, a KAMI kerosene stove underconstruction.
  4. 4. A note to sum upKAMI’s We Welcome and are Actively SeekingBOARD OF DIRECTORS Financial Contributions.Michel Jobin ChairOrangeville KAMI is just getting started and is off to a remarkable beginning. Our application to become aSheila Flattery Vice Chair Charitable Organization will soon be submitted to Canada Revenue Agency for approval.OrangevilleSylvie GilAlfau Secretary At this time, we cannot provide official receipts for your donations, but we do have very ambi- Orangeville tious plans to move forward. Our objective for 2010 is to manufacture 100 stoves and installVictoria Meneses Treasurer them in many homes. We are providing a viable alternative to the destruction of trees, which areOrangeville now nearly non existent in Haiti. Because of the stoves, daily life is changed for the better sinceAnn Lay Director meal preparation no longer takes the whole day.CaledonJean-Paul Gauthier Director If you can help us during this initial phase of our development, your donations would be mostOrangeville gratefully received. Please see the address below where you can mail your donations. ThankDale Hahn Director you very much, your help will benefit a hurting nation.OrangevilleKathleen Jobin DirectorOrangevilleArshad Shah DirectorNewmarketJoe Plut DirectorOrangevilleStephen White DirectorOrangevillePlease makechecks payable to:Michel jobinWith kami foundation New KAMI Office Building in Terrier-Rouge.for Haiti in the memosection. KAMI Welcomes Visitors to Terrier-Rougemail to: KAMI will be in position to host The village of Terrier-Rouge is our stoves are in use; we wouldMichel jobin some guests. The two story situated 40 kms from the north- also visit the facility where theKami foundation house named „LAKAY ern border, between Haiti and stoves are manufactured, includ-834474 4th line KAMI‟ (the house of KAMI) will the Dominican Replublic. Al- ing schools and cooperatives.Town of mono provide guests with a simple, but though a fair distance from theR.R. 1 Orangeville on safe place to stay. The food will This is an experience that we capital of Port-au-Prince, it isCanada l9w2y8 be prepared by our cook Nazou, encourage you to contemplate. If easy to get to from Puerto Plata who also takes care of the house- you have special skills in the arts, D.R. keeping. With Nazou, Jocelyn sports, music or other areas, we Terrier-Rouge will be the home my assistant and Wislin helping could set up for you to lead of KAMI‟s National Office. It‟s our guests, their stay in Terrier- workshops with local groups. new premises will soon include Rouge will be pleasant. No special qualification is an office and accommodations Different visits can be arranged needed, just an ability to frater- for visitors. for the inquisitive visitor, such as nize and share with others. Starting in the Fall of 2010, visits to the households where Please contact Michel Jobin.