3. how to make tea in a cafe or restaurant - sunshine beach state high school - 11.10.2013


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Helping students to understand how to serve good quality tea in a café or restaurant. The slides also explain about the different types of tea, the differing temperatures and steeping times and the different types of teaware that they may see in hospitaliTEA.

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3. how to make tea in a cafe or restaurant - sunshine beach state high school - 11.10.2013

  1. 1. How to make tea in a café or restaurant
  2. 2. Course Content • How to Store Tea • How to Make Tea • Water • Temperature • steeping times • Tea ware
  3. 3. Loose tea Guideline • How to store tea – Store tea away from light, heat, strong smells and air – Shelf life of tea is approximately 6 – 12 months – Use re – sealable packaging or a canister (not glass) – Store in a dark cupboard away from strong smells.
  4. 4. Water • How to make tea - water Water Good Bad Recommendation/Explanation Freshly drawn water  Use filtration first if water is hard Mineral bottled water  Has the same effect on tea as using hard water without filtration Bottled spring water  Subject to contamination Purified bottled water  Only good if infused with oxygen but expensive Re – heated water  Loss of oxygen, which is required to make good tea
  5. 5. Temperature • How to make tea – temperature – Each different category of tea requires a different temperature to make a good tea – Put the kettle on, watch the water gauge and observe three differing temperatures or use a thermometer
  6. 6. Tea Category Temperature Steeping Time Green / White 70- 85oC (158-185oF) 2-3 minutes Oolong 90oC (194oF) 30 secs – 1 min Black, Pu’erh 100oC (212oF) 3-5 mins Herbal Infusions 100oC (212oF) 5-10 mins Steeping Time 6
  7. 7. Tea ware • Different tea ware can be found in a café or restaurant • Teapot with infuser • Infuser (without teapot) • Tea ball • Infuser Pincer • Infuser stick (various shapes) • Teapot and T-sac • French Press • Teapot and strainer
  8. 8. Tea ware • Teapot with infuser • Teapot with an infuser inside the teapot
  9. 9. Tea ware • Infuser (without teapot) • Served on a little dish
  10. 10. Tea ware • Tea ball (tea egg) • Loose tea leaves are placed inside the tea ball
  11. 11. Tea ware • Infuser Pincer • Similar to a tea ball
  12. 12. Tea ware • Infuser stick (different shapes) • Similar to an Infuser Pincer
  13. 13. Tea ware • Teapot and T-sac • T-sac (empty tea bag) is placed inside the teapot, cup or takeaway cup
  14. 14. Tea ware • French Press • Used just like a cafetière
  15. 15. Tea ware • Teapot and strainer • Customer pours tea from teapot. Strainer catches the leaves.
  16. 16. Warming Tea Ware • How to make tea – Warming tea ware
  17. 17. How to make tea - Summary • Use the right amount of tea • Best water type available • Correct temperature • Ideal steeping time • Prepare the teapot and cup by warming them first.
  18. 18. Demo: Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony Making Tea in cafe or restaurant