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  1. 1. Rules of third: The photographer use a veryThe photographer use vertical line from fast shot to be able to take thisrule of third . This photo is vertical line photo because the people inbecause Liverpool players are in the the photo are doing their owngolden point. on both side. Which draw action and moving quite the audience eyes into the middle The winner all in the centre in the photoThis photo is a and there are twonarrow the depth Liverpool playersof field because walking on both sideoldhen football with they heads down.players are the This draw people eyeonly thing that into the middle.been in focus inthe photo. The most striking about this photo This photo is is a group of Oldhen football player a long shot. hugging each other. They are all looked very happy.
  2. 2. The most thing that I find really striking in the This photo is a photo is an open cot broader depth hem. I found that very of field because striking because it a everything is in connation of who is focus. next? Who is the next body to be bought out and go in that open cot hem. I also find this quite emotional for who many people have die on that one night.This is aphotograph This photo is a hightaken after a angle and also anight club in The lighting in this photo is quite high. Known as high wide shot.brazil had fireand killed a lot contrast lighting. It a high contrast lighting because youof people. can see the shadow of the cot hems clearly. However the light the photographer use is a light on the that they use in that moment/time not the photographer lights that use in the studio.
  3. 3. This house is on the golden point of the rules of third. At first IThis photo is a wasn’t quite sure that the peoplebroader depth of are standing on the roof until Ifield because saw the house be hide. It showseverything in the the level of the is in focus. The sun cratingThing that I find most shadows into thestriking is the people. water this meanI found that the most that thestriking because the photographercolour, the colour didnt actuallyaround it mostly are use his own light. How people dressed shows thatthe same colour. they didnt know that the flood is coming until it actually happen and it also a connotation of power of nature.
  4. 4. Light : thephotographeris using flashfrom the Clothing: they’recamera wearing sun glasses at the night time . this May connote that they dont want public to see they face because they might be hangover or something like that This photo is Broader taken by a depth of fast shot field
  5. 5. This photo is a broader depth of I found Harry is the most field because striking because he is everything is very famous and he is on on focus. the golden point of rules of third.The photographeruse flash with avery fast shot to This photo showed thatbe able to take James and harry dontthis photo want paparazzi to takebecause it look photo of them becauselike that they both of them are lookingwere walking. down and dont look happy at all.
  6. 6. This is a paparazzi shot. This photo is taken with a veryThis photo is a fast shot becausebroader depth of they are moving.field becauseeverything in thephoto is in focus. The thing that i find most striking is the woman, she noticed the camera because This is a long look at the camera shot but she cant do nothing about it.
  7. 7. This photo is a broaderThis photo is depth ofalso a high field.contrast The mostlighting. thing that I found striking is the hair because of the colourThe boy hair is a and theconnotation of to wearclothes and a bitlook difference .This mean if youwear theirclothes you willlook differenceand standout.
  8. 8. Thing that i found most striking is the eyes because she’sThe spot making eyeslight be hide contact. Whichrelates to mean that she isthe text looking at the camera. This photo is a broader depth of field This photo is also a high contrast lighting
  9. 9. The fingers is a Thing that i find most striking isconnotation of the fingers because it usuallyevery time you have buttons with numberpress the buttons pick up thedirty and gem This photo is a broader depth of field because nearly everything in the photo is in focus.
  10. 10. this photo is a lowThis This photo is a contrast lightingphoto is a broader depth of because there arebroader field because hardly any shadows.depth of everything is infield. focused. Thing that I found most striking is where the wood started to turn in. This is a connotation of how power the The slogan go with drill is that could the picture which turn the wood away. help people to understand the This photo have picture more. been editing.