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I develeped and entire marketing campaign for the American Red Cross for my Master's degree final project. The purpose of the assignement was to create a campaign that would help increase blood donors amoung the 18-24 year old market segment.

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WVU IMC 636 American Red Cross Proposal

  1. 1. American Red Cross IMC 636 Campaign Proposal Presented byAmerican Red Cross Campaign Proposal. Copyright © 2011 Gold Star Creative Solutions. CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. May 16, 2011 Peggy Dyer Chief Marketing Officer American Red Cross 2025 E St. NW Washington, DC 20006 Dear Ms. Dyer: On behalf of Gold Star Creative Solutions, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to submit our Integrated Marketing Campaign proposal. With the proposed marketing plan you will be able to raise awareness and increase the number of blood donors in the 18-24 year old market segment. We have experience working with this demographic and feel our proven research methods and effective marketing tactics are exactly what your organization needs to approach this generation. We have conducted a thorough analysis of your current market position, as well as gauged consumer attitudes, and feel that creative advertising will be the most effective tool we can use to overcome participation barriers. With effective creative advertisements and a well-designed loyalty card program we are confident we can connect to this misunderstood generation and call them to action. Thank you again for your consideration of our proposed marketing campaign. We are very excited at the possibility of helping your organization overcome its current challenges. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at (304) 685-3086. I will follow up with you in one week to address any questions or concerns you may have. Very sincerely, Mayghan McPherson Chief Creative Officer Gold Star Creative Solutions Phone: (304) 685-3086 E-mail: mac_3211@hotmail.com5280 Duke St. Alexandria, VA 22304 www.goldstarcreative.com
  3. 3. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 1About Gold Star Creative 2Background 3Target Market 4SWOT Analysis 6Brand Positioning, Personality, Perception 8Integrated Marketing Communications Statement 13Creative Brief 14Media Plan 15Creative Executions 16PR Executions 24Evaluation 28Conclusion 29References 31Appendixes 33
  4. 4. Executive SummaryThe American Red Cross has a diminishing supply of life saving blood. How longare you willing to wait to enact a well-researched, comprehensive marketingcampaign with an integrated focus to impact the world of blood donation? Will itbe too late?Today, the nation’s blood supply is 48 hours from running out. There is not asingle second to spare in attracting and cultivating a steady supply of blooddonors. The good news? We have identified a socially aware market segmentwith a passion for technology and they want to help!Who is this next generation of heroes? Meet the millennials; confident, educated,socially responsible and the key to providing life to the aging population withblood donation. The only reason they are yet to make an impact thus far is simplybecause they havent been receiving the message! Simply stated, this generationcommunicates differently and have missed the previous marketing messagessent in outdated media outlets. In fact, the most astonishing piece of researchinformation Gold Star has found is that 80% of 18-24 year olds would donateblood more often if they were simply made aware of more opportunities! Withnew media marketing, a mobile application and an effective loyalty donor cardprogram we can deliver awareness in style to this trendy demographic and makesaving a life with blood donation the ultimate fashion statement.Gold Star Creative Solutions is a full-service integrated marketingcommunications agency with strategy based marketing plans and media richcommunication tactics. With a slew of other large non-profit clients in ourportfolio, our experts specialize in working with limited campaign budgets tomaximize exposure and deliver results.Our clients agree that an updated Integrated Marketing Communications planfrom Gold Star Creative Solutions has been vital to remaining in full operationwith today’s unstable economic environment. Unfortunately for non-profitorganizations, donor support is often paralleled with the economic climate.Without these donations, non-profits are left struggling to promote awareness fortheir organization with limited funds. Specifically for the Red Cross, we havedeveloped a compelling strategy message with bold executions in a low costsocial media based environment that will bridge the millennial gap betweenawareness and action.The purposed marketing campaign contains marketing and communicationinformation as vital as a blood donation. By following the proposed integratedmap, the American Red Cross will be navigated through the elements of a well-researched integrated marketing communications plan to increase millennialdonors by at least 100,000 by May 2012. You will not be alone; Gold StarCreative Solutions is committed to making the journey with you!The key to life is now in your hands. Now let’s unlock a better tomorrow! 1
  5. 5. For nearly 25 years, Gold Star Creative Solutions has raised the bar forsuccess in the Integrated Marketing Communications industry. Withthe competitive environment many organizations face today, we knowthe importance of designing campaigns that can translate across allmedia. We understand that in today’s society, hiring a marketing firmis simply not enough. With the success of social media marketing andthe shift in communication standards it takes a streamlined, integratedcampaign to deliver first place results.Here at Gold Star, we pride ourselves in our client relations andspecialize in the development and launch of non-profits into newmedia marketing and communication practices. After assessing yourcurrent market position, we will assemble a specialized service teamwho will develop an integrated campaign focused your needs. Ourtalented Gold Star employees have received first class educations atmajor universities and have acquired years of real world experiencecreating successful integrated marketing campaigns that deliverresults.Here at Gold Star, we take our client’s needs and wants seriously. Weaim not only to tackle your current challenges, but also developing along-term plan that will bring you continued success. Our job is notcomplete until you have seen the change your organization desiresand you have rated our service with a Gold Star! 2
  6. 6. HistoryFounded by Clara Barton in 1881, the American Red Cross (ARC) hasbecome the nation’s premier emergency response organization. TheARC and its 700+ chapters, 35,000 employees and some ½ millionvolunteers bring relief efforts to approximately 70,000 disastersannually. (RedCross.org, 2011) Despite being headquartered inWashington, DC the Red Cross is not a government agency. Instead,the ARC relies solely on donations to fund its humanitarian efforts,nearly all of which is given back. Of the $3,064.4 million in operatingrevenues and gains in 2010, an average of $0.91 to every dollar wasinvested in humanitarian services and programs. (Red Cross AnnualReport, 2011)While the ARC is known for providing a variety of services includinginternational relief, community service, military support and health &safety educational programs, perhaps the most dynamic component ofthe Red Cross is the collection, processing and distribution of lifesavingblood. The American Red Cross collects approximately half of thenations blood supply, making it the largest supplier of blood and bloodproducts in the United States. While some four million people give thegift of life through the Red Cross annually, a large percentage ofeligible population does not contribute to the diminishing supply. Ofthe 38% of Americans eligible to donate blood, only 8% do.The Competitive LandscapeAccording to the National Blood Donation Center, of the 15.6 milliondonations collected in 2007, blood centers were responsible for 95.1%and hospitals 4.9%. Direct blood center competitors of the Red Crossinclude United Blood Services and America’s Blood Center as well as avariety of regional blood donation centers. These organizations aresimilar to the Red Cross in that they supply blood and blood servicesto local hospitals as well as work with national and internationalredistribution organizations. United Blood Services does have a slightadvantage over the Red Cross in that their barriers to donationparticipation are slightly more relaxed, however, the Red Cross is stillperceived as more trustworthy and is a universal household name.Since the American Red Cross is a non-profit organization, itscompetition for monetary donations goes beyond direct competitors toinclude all ethical organizations created to benefit mankind. “The USnonprofit institutions industry includes more than 1.4 millionorganizations with combined annual revenue of more than $1 trillion.The industry is highly concentrated: nonprofits that make more than 3
  7. 7. $100 million account for less than 1 percent of all firms but earn morethan 60 percent of industry revenue.” (Hoovers, 2011)Blood DonationsEvery two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. This equates toover 14 million units required annually. (RedCross, 2011) On a dailybasis, approximately 38,000 units of blood are distributed to save thelives of accident/trauma victims, patients with cancer and otherdiseases and organ transplant recipients. While statistics show that25% of people in the U.S will require blood at least once in theirlifetime, (MayoClinic, 2011) only 3 out of every 100 Americansparticipate in blood donation.Although blood donation restrictions deem some individuals ineligibleto participate, of the 60% of the eligible U.S. population, only 5%donate. (EHM, 2009). (Some restrictions include age, weight and ironlevels.) There is no substitution for the donation of blood by a healthyadult volunteer and blood centers rely solely on these altruisticindividuals to keep replenishing the world’s supply. Unfortunately, atany given moment, this supply is only 48 hours away from runningout. (EHM, 2009)In 2007, the AABB estimated that of the 9.5 million volunteers thatdonate blood each year, 20 percent are first time donors. Of thosewhose don’t donate, 17% of non-donors cite "never thought about it"as the main reason for not giving, while 15% say theyre too busy.”(Americasblood.org, 2008) Of the 16 million blood donations collectedannually in the U.S, nearly 50% are from regular supporters.(RedCrossBlood.org, 2011)Target MarketDemographicsThe 45+ million people that encompass the 18-29 year old segmentare referred to as Generation Y, Generation Next or simply theMillennials. 14 out of every 100 Americans belong to this group (U.S.Census) with 61% identified as White, 19% Hispanic, 14% Black, 5%Asian and the remaining 1% classified as Other. (Pew Research, 2010)Of this subset just one of five is married (21%) yet 34% have childrenat home. Median household income in 2008 was $58,620. Thisgeneration is likely to be the most educated as in 2008 39.6% of18-24 year olds were enrolled in college, the highest percentage todate. (Pew Research, 2010) 4
  8. 8. PsychographicsGeneration Y is idealistic, socially conscious, individualistic, anti-corporate and they speak their minds and dress as they please.(AccessmyLibrary, 2001) While this generation has been described asspoiled and demanding they are also are confident, ambitious and self-expressive; nearly 40% have a tattoo! Generation Y “is wild aboutwinning a contest or receiving a gift” (Ideamarketers, 2003) and theyrepresent the fastest-growing demographic for loyalty programs,increasing to 57.9% participation since 2007. (MarketingVox, 2009)Personalities aside, the biggest factor that sets this generation apartfrom all others is their comfort and reliance on technology. In regardsto electronic devices, 95% of millennials have a cell phone, 74% havean iPod/mp3 player, and 70% have a laptop. (Pew Research, 2010)Millennials are always on their cell phone, a computer or immersed insocial media forcing the way marketers approach communication toinclude new media standards.While millennials are less religious and less likely to be in the militarythan previous generations, they are more tolerant and socially aware.Millennials have “a spirit of volunteerism and a hint of interest in theworld around them. They will rise to the occasion and show courage,character, determination, innovation and vision in ways that reallymake the country a better place." (USATODAY, 2006) When accessingthis generations’ values and outlook on the world, an impressive 21%of millennials say helping others in need is a priority. (Pew Research,2010)Media HabitsNearly 96% of Millennials go online daily, with 18-24 year oldsspending an average 143 minutes online per day. (Nielson, 2009)Three-quarters of millennials have created a profile on a socialnetworking site and more than two-thirds have streamed ordownloaded digital video content from the internet. (SeekingAlpha,2009) Still, this generation has not left the world of TV behind,watching an average 210 minutes every day. (Nielson, 2009)InfluencesHurricane Katrina, 9/11, and most recently the 2011 Japan Tsunamiare all major events that have helped shaped the millennialgeneration. With a heightened sense of the world and socialresponsibility built into their mindset, these individuals know they canmake a difference and want to help. While their intentions are good, 5
  9. 9. the economy and job market (double-digit unemployment) haveaffected their monetary ability to make a financial impact. An April2010 Allstate Corp/National Journal poll, found that 32 percent ofmillennials feel like they are barely making ends meet.SWOT AnalysisThe American Red Cross is a well-established organization with a largenetwork of available supporters. Their easily identifiable logo andinternational presence increase their appeal and earn them respect.While they face budgetary constraints, strict donation guidelines andlack a centralized message, there is still an opportunity to takeadvantage of several opportunities proposed to the organization.One of these opportunities has risen as a result of an unfortunateevent; the 2011 Japan Tsunami disaster. Having just learned that themillennials are ready and willing to help, the right opportunity haspresented itself with an increase in brand awareness. The AmericanRed Cross has tipped the iceberg to begin increasing millennial supportusing new media techniques such as mobile marketing (TextREDCROSS to 90999) used in conjunction with celebrity outreach.(Below) 6
  10. 10. 7
  11. 11. Brand PerceptionGold Star conducted a 10 question online survey among individuals inthe 18-24 year old market segment to uncover attitudes andperceptions about blood donation.Key FindingsOf the 50 survey results for the 18-24 year old market, 49% weremale and 51% were female. While 58% have donated blood before(Figure 1), 32% have only donated 1-3 times. The main reasons listedfor not donating regularly include ineligibility (30%), time constraints(20%) and unaware of opportunities (16%). Figure 2 shows that 80%of respondents agreed that they would donate blood more often if theywere made aware of opportunities to donate. The preferred method ofcontact for donation reminders included email (28%) and social media(28%). Only 2 of the 50 respondents were interested in a phone callreminder.Figure 1Figure 2 8
  12. 12. Focus GroupA mini focus group with 5 individuals between the ages of 18-24 wasconducted to gain additional qualitative information about the ARC andblood donation. Participants were initially made aware that theirresponses would remain anonymous and would be used to for researchpurposes only. The focus group was conducted on a Sunday afternoonin a small office space and light refreshments were providedthroughout the hour long discussion. Of the five individuals, 3 werefemale (ages 22, 24, 24) and 2 were male (ages 19, 24). Within therandomly generated focus group, 2 of the five individuals weredeemed ineligible to donate blood on a regular basis as a result ofweight and iron restrictions. Still, the group reached a consensus inthat they lacked regular communication from the ARC in regards todonation opportunities. This resulted in a major barrier toparticipation.Red Cross Perceptions • Recognized the Red Cross mainly for its blood services • Described as “helpful, reputable, humanitarian and charitable” • Compete mainly with the Central Blood Bank • Ways to support the ARC include volunteering time, giving money and donating blood • Negative feedback included past slow response time to disastersBlood Donation • 3 had donated blood, the 2 who did not were ineligible (weight and iron restrictions) • Positive experiences regarding blood donation included “feel good,” “the food given afterwards” and one donor received comedy club tickets as an incentive for participation • Negative aspects included a long wait time and difficulty in finding a vein from a less experienced nurse • Respondents cited typical donation locations include hospitals, colleges, churches, community centers and outside of a supermarket • Of the 3 eligible donors, two had given blood to a competing blood bank (U.S. Blood Services) as a result of convenience and lower donor standards (lower iron level accepted) • When asked if anything could be changed about the blood donation process, the two ineligible respondents cited lower barriers to participation (weight and iron) • All 5 respondents agreed they would donate more frequently if they were more aware of opportunities and if incentives were given 9
  13. 13. Advertising/Social Media/Electronic Communication • Hospitals (Poster/Flyer) and TV (PSA) were the only sources the group had reported seeing Red Cross advertisements before • They would prefer to receive information regarding blood drives via Facebook or Email • 80% of the group has a cell phone that allows download of applications • There were some reservations regarding making monetary donations via text but no reservations about donations via Facebook or a the ARC websiteLoyalty Cards/Promotions • Of the 5 respondents, only 3 (all females) currently carry loyalty/rewards cards on their key ring • Between 3-6 cards were reported • These cards included grocery stores, drugstores, pet supply stores, vitamin stores, & gym/yoga centers • They chose to carry these cards because they offer convenience, discounts and rewards • Both genders liked the idea of a ARC loyalty card and were excited about design ideas (sports teams, celebrities, art, etc.) • Suggested it would be a bonus if discounts were offered as a result of blood donations. Recommendations included food/restaurants, health & wellness and coupons specialized to the locations (ex. Campus coffee shop) • All respondents agreed that they would be more willing to donate if an additional incentive (discount) was offered • All 5 respondents had signed up for a give-away/promotion in the last 12 months • Which types of information were you required to provide?SummaryOne of the key findings from the primary research included a largepercentage of respondents (80%) who cited that they would donateblood more regularly if they simply made more aware of blooddonation opportunities. In order to present this information 28% ofrespondents cited that they would prefer to receive information viaemail regarding blood donation and 28% via social media. We alsolearned that to further increase the likelihood of donation, anadditional incentive or contest would increase the appeal. The groupstated that an email address was required for entry and in the futurewould be the piece of contact information they are most willing toprovide.
  14. 14. Brand Personality 10Through a variety of formats the American Red Cross has positioneditself as a partner in caring for the world by showcasing its communityoutreach and volunteer force in action. In terms of blood donationrecruiting, the ARC website offers promotional blood drive flyers forhosts to use for event promotion. These flyers are mainly informationalbut they lack a streamlined message. There is also no emotionalconnection as the smiling faces do not propose a dire need forparticipation. The reason this information is overlooked by themillennial population could be a result of its oversimplification and lackof a consistent, engaging message.Below is an example of an ARC PSA. This video is perfect for millennialdemographic with its humor and clear consistent call to action. Theproblem, however, is that this video has only received 1,293 views. Asmall number for a video streaming website that collects over 2 billionview a day. (Mashable.com, 2010) 11
  15. 15. The ARC has two Facebook pages totaling 333,000+ fans. The largerof the two pages provides, at first glance, mainly disaster news. Thelayout/design is largely informational – not encouraging. There call toaction with the main image is generic, asking simply “Join Us” and theviewer is forced to scroll down the page before reaching the interactiveelements appealing to the millennial generation. 12
  16. 16. Integrated Communication Strategy Statement 13
  17. 17. Client: American Red Cross Date: 5/16/11Type: Advertising Pages: 1________________________________________________________Why are we advertising?To raise awareness and increase blood donorship from the 18-24 yearolds market segment and retain them as supporters of the Red Cross.Whom are we talking to?18-24 year olds who have never donated blood and those who do notdonate regularly.What do they currently think?They acknowledge that blood donation is important but since theydon’t have the time to donate they think someone else will.What would we like them to think?Donating blood is something that everyone needs to make time for.Lives are lost without a constant supply and it is up to 18-24 year oldsto make a difference.What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?Every donation counts and someone else’s life could be in your hands.Why should they believe it?Without a constant supply of all available blood types, a life can belost. This could be someone across the world, the country or possiblyeven someone they know. We can save lives with blood.Are there any creative guidelines? • Red Cross mobile application (includes blood donation locations, countdown to give blood again and total lives saved counter) • Key ring loyalty cards that have a barcode to save donor information, reducing donation times. One side carries Red Cross information + logo, the other side is creative. • Full Page, full color campus flyers and cardboard standouts with celebrity sponsor • Full Page, full color magazine ads with celebrity endorsement • : 30 second Celebrity PSA on MTV • Update social media and main website to put a main focus on collecting email addresses for blood drive reminders • Uniform message throughout all media: Key to Life! 14
  18. 18. Media Plan BudgetYouTube Advertising (Home Page Listing: 6x/year $1,100,000$175,000 + $50,000 in Google Spending)YouTube Advertising 10,000,000 Targeted $240,000Views/Month for 1 year ($2/1,000 views for TargetingSpecific YouTube Content)Hulu Video Banners $600,000Yahoo Homepage Streaming Video ($80,000/mo x 12 $960,000months)Custom Donor Cards ($0.1517 x 5,000,000 by $758,500My1stop.com)Blood Center/Blood Mobile Donor Card Scanning $1,163,500Technology ($179/wand x 6,500 by Barcodehq.com)Barcode Software ( Ultimate NET™ Client Server $29,970Management $999 x 30 US Chapters)Tri-fold Letter Explaining Donor Card Benefits $219,683 ($4,393.67/100,000 by ColorPrintingWholesale.com)Envelopes ($2,379.40/50,000 by The Paper Mill $237,940Store.com)Postage ($0.44 x 5,000,000) USPS $2,200,000Creation of Blood Donor Customization Page ($35,000 $139,000+ $100/hr x 20hrs x 52 weeks for upkeep by SocialiteMarketing12 Month Server Capacity, Bandwidth & 24hr support $6,000by Admin eSolutions.Update Facebook Page (Socialite Marketing) $12,000Daily Website Monitoring (Rhino Web Consulting, $62,40015/wk for 12 months at $80hr)Email template $500 x 6 templates (Socialite $3000Marketing) 15
  19. 19. Distribution of 500,000 emails/mo for 12 months at $150,000(0.025/each + $15 set up (Weblift.com)Cardboard Cutouts: 50 x $400 (including S&H) $20,000(Custom Quote from cardboardcutouts.com/)Creation of 6 Campus Posters (Freelance Graphic $100,000Designer, $100/hr 60 total hours)Production/Shipping of 1,000,000 flyers (60 $35,432flyers/4000 campus/every 3 months for 1 year) by Color Printing WholesaleCreation of Custom Red Cross Mobile App (Quote fromVinay Shirma from Night Kitchen Interactive)iPhone Platform $25,000Android Platform $26,000Social Media Press Release ($2,000 10x/year) Socialite $20,000MarketingProduction of (2) :30 TV spots $100,000MTV Q3 $102.43 CPM (39,051,059 impressions) $4,000,000CW PrimeTime (Mon, Tues, Thurs 8:00-10:00pm) $2,800,000$70,000/spot x 40/year30 US ARC Chapter Events to IntroduceCommunication PlanEvent Food/Beverages (10,000 Large Pizzas at $8 each $84,000+ 4,000 2L of Soda at $1/each)50,000 @ 0.80each 5.5” x 11” Folders (Tri-Fold) 20% $40,000Bulk Discount by Ultra EntertainmentPromotional Booklet Design (Freelance 50 hours at $7,000$100/hr)T-Shirt Giveaway for Volunteer Recruiting Event $349,50050,000 T-Shirts @ 6.99 each from Vista Print. 16
  20. 20. Webcast of Presentation & Video Edit/Production for $8,500YouTube Release (by ICDV Digital Media)Dodge "Challenge" Pamphlets including App Download $80,000and Donor Card website info (1,000,000 @ $0.80)Ultra EntertainmentARC Calendar Cards (1,000,000 @ $0.11/each) $110,0002012 Dodge Challenger $30,000Key Chains for Dodge Challenger Sales ($0.31/key $15,200chain x 40,000 by PromotionalKeyChains.biz)TalentRihanna $350,000Justin Bieber $400,000Eminem $400,000Black Eyed Peas $450,000Avril Lavigne $350,000Focus Group (10 locations, 2x year @ $3,000/group. $60,000By precision media)Blood Donation Email Surveys (4 million/year $100,000emailed) by WebliftARC.key and Facebook Website Monitoring Evaluation $35,880($1495/mo x 12 months)Advertising Evaluation Research (6hours/week x $31,20052weeks @$100/hour)Phone online survey. 3,000 responses @ $10/each. $30,000Logo Creation by Socialite Marketing $1,000Freelance Graphic Designer (10hr/wk @ $100/hr for 1 $52,000year)Gold Star Agency fees $2,000,000Subtotal $19,993,605Amount under budget $6,395 17
  21. 21. Media Plan & Creative ExecutionsObjective: Recruit 100,000 new millennial donors by May 2012.Tactic: Development of www.redcross.org/key website.Rationale: The donor customization page offers millennials the opportunity toreceive something in return for blood donation. These customizable donorcards are also functional as they store donor information to reduce registrationtime. The added customization appeals to this stylish demographic and itsloyalty program encourages donation beyond intrinsic desires to help others.The rewards for blood donation include the opportunity to win a 2012 DodgeChallenger. Success of this execution will be measured by website hits.Website Development Budget: $139,000. 19
  22. 22. Objective: Increasebrand awareness.Distribute 1 milliondonor cards by February2012.Tactic: CelebrityOutreachRationale: A largenumber of millennialscarry loyalty key rings.The ARC will offer styleand function to increaseARC WOM promotionand brand awareness.Budget: $3,416,123. 20
  23. 23. Objective: Add 20,000 emails addresses/month to the recruiting list.Tactic: Update www.facebook.com/redcross webpageRationale: The update will include the new logo, campaign strategystatement and the upcoming ARC promotions. The top center of thepage will focus on email recruiting. Success of this execution will bemeasured by website hits and email address collection.Facebook Update Budget: $12,000. 21
  24. 24. Objective: Increaseblood donationawareness need by5% per month.Tactic: Celebritysponsored webbannersRationale: These adswill be displayed ononline video steamingwebsites to increasebrand awareness.These banners willinclude other ARCpromotions which areemail and mobilemarketing recruitingbased. This executionwill be tracked bynumber of views andclicks.Web Banners Budget:$2,850,000 + talent 22
  25. 25. Objective: Alert millennials of blood donation locations and 56 day reminders,obtaining 25,000 downloads in the launch month, September 2012.Tactic: ARC Mobile AppRationale: 95% of millennials have a cell phone. (Pew Research) Smart phonetechnology will assist the ARC in delivering donation opportunities, whichmillennials cited as one reason their participation has stalled. This execution will betracked by number of app downloads.Mobile Application Budget: $51,000 Blood donation GSP tracking countdown technology which reminds that will user when locate the they are nearest blood eligible for donation their next location and blood other donation. American Red (Every 56 Cross events. days) Donor Card Lives saved bar code tracking tool stored to with counts expedite lifetime units blood donated and in donation turn the process when number of donor key lives saved as card is a result. unavailable. Use this Facilitates feature to send monetary plain text or donations by picture providing message “Text ##### reminders to to Donate” friends stored codes and within their “Donate Now” contact list. options. 23
  26. 26. Public RelationsPR Objective #1: Recruit 50,000 new Millennial donors by December2011.Tactic: Public Service Announcement with Celebrity OutreachRationale: Two PSA’s will be produced to be shown on MTV and theCW; two networks with a strong millennial viewer ship. Theseannouncements will make viewers aware of the national bloodshortage, promote the universal campaign message and ask formillennial action. The effectiveness of these executions will be trackedwith survey results to determine awareness of blood donation needand will be distributed before the ‘Key to Life’ campaign begins as wellas in December 2011 and May 2012.Budget (PSA Production): $100,000Script:Intro Noise: Car engine; door open, shutsRihanna Speaks: My name is Rihanna and Im an American Red Crosssupporter. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. Yetonly 3 out of every 100 eligible Americans donate regularly. Thatmeans that every day precious lives are lost from a diminishing supplythat we have the power to restore. We are the generation of changeand it’s our turn to fight for a second chance. Together we hold theKEY to life. Now let’s unlock a beautiful tomorrow.Outro: Rihanna song ‘Shut Up & Drive’ plays to fade. 24
  27. 27. PR Objective #2: Attract 50,000/mo visitors to the Red Cross DonorLoyalty Page.Tactic: Social Media Press ReleasesRationale: The next public relation execution will involve a socialmedia press release. This will be posted on the American Red Cross’smain Facebook page and will contain information about the AmericanRed Cross Dodge Challenger promotion. Effectiveness of theseexecutions will be tracked by a hyperlink listed on the online releasewhich will measure the amount of visitors to the site from the release.This following press release contains information about the Dodge“Challenge” which involves entry into a contest for a Dodge Challengerin exchange for blood donation. Supporters will receive digital “keys”for blood donations as well as cumulative recruiting efforts. Thecontest is set to end June 2012 when a randomly selected “key” will bechosen to select a winner of the Dodge Challenger.Budget: $2,000Press ReleaseJune 22, 2011FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAmerican Red Cross, Dodge Join ForcesWashington, DCThe American Red Cross teams with Dodge to introduce the “DodgeChallenge”Editorial note: Call (202) 303-5551 to speak with an American Red Crossspokesperson on the ground. Visit the Red Cross Disaster Online Newsroom forresponse information, including photos, audio and press releases.National Headquarters Contact: Public Affairs Desk2025 E Street, N.W. FOR MEDIA ONLYWashington, DC 20006 media@usa.redcross.orgwww.redcross.org Phone: (202) 303-5551WASHINGTON, Monday, May 16, 2011 — In conjunction with therecently announced Blood Donor Loyalty Program, the American RedCross has partnered with Dodge Motor Company to give away a 2012Dodge Challenger. For every blood donation made between now – May31st , 2012 donors will receive a digital “key” that offers a chance tounlock a fully loaded, 2012 Dodge Challenger. These “keys” will bestored in a variety of new media programs (Facebook, Mobile App,Donor Card page) and can be accumulated by donating blood andraising awareness of the program via social media and mobile sharing. 25
  28. 28. The American Red Cross launched the event Friday at GeorgeWashington University in Washington, DC where ARC volunteers wentto provide information to undergraduate students regarding thepartnership. Justin Kleed, a freshman Political Science major stated “Ididn’t know the Red Cross was hurting so bad for blood donations. Ithink the Challenger give-away is a sweet ride and all but I feel like Ishould help because it’s the right thing to do,” he later added “but I’mso keeping the car if I win.” Andrea Stevens, junior Biology majoradded “giving blood is something I been saying I wanted to do for awhile. Now I feel like I have an extra incentive to make it a priority!”Chief Marketing Officer Peggy Dyer attended the launch event, arrivingin style in a Dodge Challenger. She accepted questions from the pressduring an hour long Q & A session. Dyer stated “We have known allalong that college students would be willing to help with our blooddonation efforts. Unfortunately, for a while we were unaware that theyweren’t receiving our messages clearly. We now understand that aslong as we catch their attention, the altruistic need is there.”Press kits were distributed to event attendees in exchange for theiremail address. The kits included information regarding the need forblood donation and details on the upcoming ARC mobile application._______________________________________________________The American Red Cross needs blood donors. Please consider signingup for blood donation events today by visiting www.redcross.org/key,visiting us on Facebook or by texting KEY to 14143 . Monetarycontributions may also be sent to local American Red Cross chapters orto the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013.About the American Red Cross:The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims ofdisasters; supplies nearly half of the nations blood; teaches lifesaving skills; providesinternational humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The RedCross is a charitable organization — not a government agency — and depends on volunteersand the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, pleasevisit www.redcross.org/key or join our blog at http://blog.redcross.org. 26
  29. 29. PR Objective #3: Recruit 5,000 millennial “Blood Donor Ambassador”volunteers during March 2012 for American Red Cross month.Tactic: ARC Volunteer Day EventRationale: The next execution will take place during Red Cross Month,March 2012. This will involve volunteer recruiting events that will takeplace at the 50 college campus’s that have already lent their support(and official licensing) to the Red Cross and specifically the Donor Cardprogram. These events plans to attract future student volunteersdeemed “Blood Donor Ambassadors” by enticing them with food/drinksand a free t-shirt for participating in an information session. Thisinformational session will be recorded and later produced to streamonline. These students will also be presented with press kits to takehome which contain information regarding blood donation need.Budget: $470,000PR Objective #4: Educated 90% of U.S volunteers of the new ARCmarketing efforts by August 2011.Tactic: Information packets & wallet calendar card timelines.Rationale: In order to maximize the effectiveness of the proposedmarketing plans, the ARC needs to ensure that the volunteers at theforefront understand and properly execute these tactics. Promotionaldetail press kits and wallet calendar cards (featuring a timeline launchof events) will be distributed to ARC volunteers. To measure theeffectiveness of this execution, the ARC will randomly select volunteersto test their knowledge.Budget: $110,000 27
  30. 30. EvaluationTo measure the effectiveness of the American Red Cross “Key”campaign, Gold Star Creative Solutions will implement qualitative andquantitative research methods. The purpose will be to ensuremillennials are responding accurately to promotional and advertisingstrategies.Evaluation 1: QualitativeFocus groups will be conducted June 2011 and May 2012 in 10 majorcollege towns including Ithaca, N.Y., State College, Pa, Iowa City,Iowa, Ames, Iowa, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Charlottesville, Va,Corvallis, Ore, Bloomington, Indiana, Lawrence, Kansas and Logan,Utah. These in-depth meetings will include a professional moderatorand 10 randomly selected millennials. Participants will be askedquestions regarding ARC advertising, recent promotional and theDonor Loyalty Card program.Budget: $60,000Evaluation 2: QuantitativeTo measure the amount of new millennial donors, the ARC will sendemail generated donor experience surveys. These surveys will alsoinclude a few qualitative questions which will regard their blooddonation experience the advertising or promotion that lead them tothe blood drive.Budget: $172,000Evaluation 3: QuantitativeThe ARC will use website monitoring to track the number of hits, viewsand lead source information for each of their websites.Budget: $ 67,080Evaluation 4: QualitativeFor the final research method, Gold Star will conduct online telephonesurveys to ARC volunteers to uncover blood donation site perceptionsand attitudes. These surveys will also be used to uncover any flaws involunteers executed promotional strategy to determine if moreintensive volunteer training is needed.Budget: $30,000 28
  31. 31. ConclusionWhile the American Red Cross has an established supply of altruisticdonors, the need for blood continues to grow with the agingpopulation. Time is running out and an aggressive marketingcommunications plan is necessary to reverse the resulting situation.It is essential that the American Red Cross develop a long-lastingrelationship with a young demographic to begin reducing the gapbetween eligible donors and actual donors. Identifying and sendingthese individuals the right message in the appropriate medium is thekey to ensuring regular contributions for decades to come.The proposed integrated marketing communications plan focuses onspeaking not only at but communicating with a well-defined targetaudience with the passion, ability and desire to make an impact. Forevery millennial donor the American Red Cross is able to communicatewith they have the opportunity to develop and cultivate a lastingrelationship that will benefit not only the organization, but the humanrace.To begin this process it is vital for the American Red Cross to look attheir organizational position from an integrated standpoint. With atalented team of industry professionals in a variety of fields, our goalis to help you see clearly from the new world of media marketingstandards. Our process begins by strategically developingcommunication tactics and executing streamlined promotionalactivities in a variety of new media outlets.We understand the competitive environment and your need to reviewother agencies. However, we are confident that your search ends here.We have set the bar for integrated marketing communications forcompeting organizations and we now invite you to enter a world basedon integration that will change the way your organization thinksforever.Gold Star is here for you and is ready to lead the American Red Crossto a new chapter for blood donor recruiting. Together we are the keyto increasing blood donor participation. Let’s unlock a better tomorrow! 29
  32. 32. Further RecommendationsGold Star Creative Solutions recommends extending companysponsorship opportunities to expand upon the Donor Card Loyaltyprogram. These partnerships will offer discounts to blood donors andwill be provided to the Red Cross either for free, at a severelydiscounted rate or in exchange for advertising. This promotion willinclude discounts such as a % off your next purchase, free shipping atan online retail store or perhaps reduced music download prices.Gold Star also will benefit from blood drive focused buzz marketingefforts. For instance, cardboard celebrity cut-outs can be placedaround campuses to create “buzz”, asking not only for participationbut also encouraging students to alert classmates on their social medianetworks via a mobile upload and “tag” options.Finally, an email intensive direct marketing campaign can be used todeliver information the way it is requested by millennials, via email.Email lists can be purchased from companies catering to the 18-24year old demographic and created in vibrant HTML format to providedetails on blood donation need as well as updated ARC promotions.This email recruiting tool can also be used for current and past blooddonors who have provided email addresses during donor registration. 30
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