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2012 Otter Express Renovation Project
Presentation to AS

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  • Good afternoonThank you for the opportunity to share this project with youI’m sure most of you have heard the buzz about something happening to the Otter Express and I’m here today to give you the detailsWe’ll do a quick recap of what the Otter Express looks like today, look at the renovation plans, and then talk about what will happen to food service during the renovation
  • This is what the Otter Express looks like from the outside, across the quad
  • This is the entry to the old AS office
  • The washrooms
  • A view of the entry from the inside
  • The Otter Express was last renovated in summer 2006Back then, the game room and the AS offices were also located in the building so the renovation didn’t affect the entire building, just the entryway, the serving area, and the small seating area
  • The 2006 renovation cost a little less than $500kIt covered new counters and cashier stands
  • New paint and tile
  • The addition of this beverage bar
  • And the updating of the small seating area
  • When the game room was moved to the student center, we gained a lot of seating area
  • But since we anticipated a full renovation, we didn’t buy new furniture – just new paint and new carpet
  • Not much is changing for the exterior footprint of the buildingWe’ll be demolishing the steps and the ramp on the east side of the building as there won’t be a door on that side any longer
  • On the west side, we’re adding a couple of windows to help bring in more natural light
  • The major change will be to the front of the building, facing the quadFloor to ceiling windows on the SW frontAdding window panels beside the doorsAdding frosted windows on the east side – ladies room
  • This is what the interior footprint looks like right nowThis renovation is touching everything except the mechanical room, the telecomm room, and the back of the house (freezer and cooler)StoreroomOfficesDining AreaOld AS officeWashroomsDining Services OfficeOtter Media – formerly the AS conference roomServing area
  • And this is what the interior floorplan will look like when we’re doneMove storeroom closer to the cooking area w/door access from the cooking areaMove offices to where storeroom used to beTake down wall from the former AS office to let the light from the new windows inPush the washrooms back into the corner and add a stall (and a urinal in the men’s)The old AS conference room becomes dry storage and walk-in beverage cooler accessNew beverage bar5 foot wall with 1 foot clear glass separates the dining area from the serving areaCounter seating at the low wallBooths around the wallsCircular banquet in the center, right underneath the skylightPlatform feature (4’6”) could be used to display art – we’re adding hardware on the ceiling for hanging mobiles/hanging artSkylights on both the dining side and the serving side
  • This is an architect’s rendering of what it might look like
  • Use color board to show tile colors, carpet, counter colors, banquet/booth colorsAnd what will we be serving there?
  • Subconnection is a Sodexo brandMade-to-order sub sandwiches, wraps, and salads
  • WOW ~ World of Wings café and wingeryLouisiana conceptMore than just wingsFollowing menus are samples only – pricing may change when we open, depending on what’s going on in the world at the time
  • Are you excited by these changes?
  • Adding Late Night from 8 to midnight – won’t have the full dining experience but will have options similar to what the Otter Express carried:small salad bar with healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, cut fruit, yogurt, and granola;made-to-order pasta station; grill-to-order station serving the typical hamburger, cheeseburger, grilled cheese, and vegan patties;pizza station with cheese and pepperoni plus a special;and of course, a selection of cookies and dessert barsWe’re hoping to build a temporary grab-and-go section in the dining commons, with exterior access onlyPepsi beveragesNaked JuiceSimply-to-Go offeringsIce cream
  • We bought a couple of concessions carts last year to use at soccer, softball, and baseball games.We’ve started using one of the carts this fall to provide a mobile lunch service to various office buildings on campus.In Spring 2013, we’ll put the second cart into action and either park it in the space between the Student Center and the Otter Express or have it rove around the Main QuadWe’re still exploring the possibility of have a food truck and a hot dog cart come on campus.<possibility of NOT being able to take meal plans>At our coffee shops, we’re going to increase our lunch offerings.At the Library Café, more commonly known as Peet’s, we’ll increase our Simply-to-Go stock and we’re planning to add hot sandwiches.At the Starbucks at the Student Center, we’ll have more sandwiches and lunch boxes plus we’re planning to try out a bundled breakfast/lunch promo – so when you get your breakfast, pick up your lunch, too, and save time and money.
  • Presentation to AS 120910

    1. 1. Presentation to Associated Students 10 September 2012
    2. 2. Otter Express ~ Fall 2012
    3. 3. Otter Express ~ Fall 2013
    4. 4. Dining Commons Regular Hours Plus Late Night  Regular Hours  7am to 11am ~ Breakfast and Continental Breakfast  11am to 2pm ~ Lunch  5pm to 8pm ~ Dinner  Late Night ~ 8pm to midnight Grab-and-Go Section
    5. 5. Otter Bay Restaurant Continuing  Dinner ~ Monday through Friday ~ 4pm to 8pm Spring 2013 Only  Lunch ~ Monday through Friday ~ 11:30am to 2pm
    6. 6. Carts, Trucks, and Coffee Shops Concessions Carts  Cart #1 ~ Fall 2012  Cart #2 ~ Spring 2013 Food Trucks  Currently exploring the possibilities Coffee Shops  Library Café ~ increase STG and add hot sandwiches  Starbucks @ the Student Center ~ promote lunch offerings plus bundled breakfast/lunch promo