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Radio presentation 2

  1. 1. Introduction to FreedomRadio.By May Frimpong.
  2. 2. Introduction. Freedom Radio is a new urbancontemporary radio station based in thesea side city of Portsmouth, England.Urban contemporary radio also known asUrban music, is a musical genre of todayinfluenced by rhythm and blues or soulartists with a cross over appeal, rangingfrom indie rock, main stream hip- hop toexperimental electronic pop.
  3. 3. Target Listener. The name “Freedom” because they are free to makesuggestions on the type of music they want us to play withregular requests. This appeals to my target listeners who aremale and females aged 16-25 across the south of Englandbecause they are engaged with past, current and popularmusic the most. My target audience will also boost myaudience listeners by suggesting to their friends to listen tomy radio station. This could be done through social mediaor word of mouth. Whether it’s fashion, sports or music thatyou are interested in, Freedom radio will bring you the popstar you see on magazine covers, the latest shoes that youwant or the local sports team you have never heard of, wecover it all as we work closely with people are into goodmusic to bring them closer with their hobbies and interest.
  4. 4. Explanation of playlist. Freedom Radios playlist will be differs during the day aswe have DJ’s each playing a 4 hour slot to cater to eachof our target listeners. Morning: The morning breakfast show will include mellowtracks from electro-pop artists to wake you up and listenerinteractivities with the Dj and other listeners. Such asJessie Ware, Leanne la Havas and Lana Del Rey Afternoon: The afternoon show will include indie rocksongs from mainstream and local bands to ease youthrough your busy or chilled afternoon. Such as Haim andLast Lynx Evening: In the evening show our hip-hop Dj will beplaying old school and latest hip-hop and chart R&Btracks for our listeners who are enthusiastic about thesegenres. Such as Joey Badass, Action Bronson and Drake.
  5. 5. How my station will meet itslisteners needs. My station will meet the demands of its listeners byinteracting with them e.g.. Allowing them to request a song of their choice Games- creating a mash up of songs by a specificartist and having them guess who that artist is. Opinions- Letting listeners voice their opinion onhow we can improve and engage with themmore. And most importantly catering to the listenersneeds by making sure they are happy with themusic that we and the topic of discussion 
  6. 6. Overview of my competition. My competition are mainstream radio stations whohave successfully met the needs of their listenersand target audience. My main competition is BBCradio1. BBC radio 1 is the UK’s largest radio stationwith a total audience figures of 11,091,000 listenersa week with famous presenters and Dj’s such asNick Grimshaw and Annie Mac entertaining itslisteners with current popular and chart hitsthrough out the day. Radio 1 provides alternativegenres after 7:00 pm, including electronic dance,Hip Hop, rock or interviews. It is aimed primarily atthe 15-29 age group.
  7. 7. Speech Content, Example ofgood editing, example of howI’ll keep listeners tuned in.