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  • Broadcast journalist + magazine/lifestyle
  • Jeremy Clarkson is infamous for relying on comedy (often controversial) to present shows like Top Gear, he is actually very good at what he does. He’s confident in front of a camera, and uses the common visual techniques to emphasize certain words and phrases – like unfolding his hands, or tilting his head upwards.Regarding Verbal Techniques and speech, it’s all very clean. He doesn’t have an accent as such, he just uses simple, easy to understand English/vocabulary. The perfect middle ground pretty much. More towards the formal side of language, but not so much that it could be described as ‘Queen’s English,’ or posh. Clarkson’s presenting is ideal for his target audience. (Primarily people who watch Top Gear)
  • Presenters

    1. 1. Different Types of Presenters
    2. 2. Newsreaders The purpose of a Newsreader is to formerly present the news. This means writing your own scripts, reading from an auto cue, and speaking loud and clear. They are also required to do this without letting their personal opinion come through - by keeping a straight face. The audience will expect them to be presentable & smartly dressed. They need to appear trustworthy. You need to believe them. Unlike other types of presenters, newsreaders take on a more serious role. They have the largest audience, and are under the most pressure to not mess up on live television.
    3. 3. Chat-show hosts A Chat-show Host is essentially an interviewer. They need to be interested in people, and have a large variety of tastes and interests so that they are well prepared when interviewing their guests. They need to keep informed about popular culture and the world around them so they know what questions to ask. It is not uncommon for a chat-show host to have their own show named after them. (eg, The Graham Norton Show, The Jonathan Ross Show.) They need to have a character that the audience won't get sick of. They also need to be quickwitted so that they can ask questions on the spot, and make jokes when relevant. In Comparison to other presenters, a chat-show host is probably the most personable, very social. Due to the nature of their shows, they are usually the funniest, socially able type of presenter.
    4. 4. Game Show hosts A game show host is a television presenter that entertains television audiences of all ages through a game show where contestants can win prizes. A game show hosts need to be lively, knowledgable, outgoing, presentable, awareness of media law and a good sense of humour. Audiences expert a game show host to have knowledge of the show they're presenting, have a good sense of humour, like ability and the ability to connect with the audience. A game show presenter differ from other types of presenter because their aim is to entertain audiences and contestants whilst the aim of other presenters is to interview, discuss and inform.
    5. 5. Continuity announcers A continuity announcer is a broadcaster whose voice ( in some case face) appears between radio or television programmes. The purpose of continuity announcer is to give programme information. A continuity announcer, announces upcoming programme schedule- giving clear information and providing a smooth transition between one programme and the next. To be a continuity you must have a good general knowledge with a grasp of news & current affairs. A continuity announcer must also be well spoken, sound modern and most importantly be confident and authoritative. The audience expect a continuity presenter to be verbal and clear about upcoming programmes whether this is on television or radio. Continuity announcers differ from other types of presenters such as chat show presenters as their job is to inform the audience of programme information rather than be the face, humour and sole purpose of the
    6. 6. Radio DJs
    7. 7. Documentary makers
    8. 8. Magazine/Lifestyle presenters
    9. 9. Broadcast journalists
    10. 10. Jeremy Clarkson