Magento, OXID, xt:commerce - evaluation guide for enterprises


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on the occassion of my presentation at the E-Commerce conference roadshow 2009 in Germany I prepared this set of slides comparing three popular PHP based eShop systems: Magento, OXID eShop and xt:commerce.

I created these slides with enterprises in mind - how do they have to evaluate when they decide for an OpenSource strategy.

If you have further questions:

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Magento, OXID, xt:commerce - evaluation guide for enterprises

  1. 1. Mag e nto , OXID, xt:c o mme rc e , ho me -g ro wn S ho ps – Evaluatio n Guide fo r Ente rpris e s 05.05.2009 | Björn Schotte
  2. 2. Who is MAYFLOWER GmbH ❙ Germ any‘ biggest PHP solution provider s ❙ 70 em ployees (M unich, Würzburg, Ham burg) ❙ Subsidiary com pany SektionEins Gm (Web Security) bH ❙ Custom include ers ❙ neckerm ❙ Globetrotter ❙ E.ON IS ❙ TV stations ❙ Nintendo ❙ … ❙ Experience in im plem enting OXID eShop EE, xt:com erce and self-m m ade shops, experience with M agento „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 2
  3. 3. Ag e nda ❙ Feature pyram id ❙ Short overviewabout Varien, OXID eSales, xt:com erce m Gm bH ❙ Case study self-m ade shop ❙ Google Trends –a brief view ❙ Evaluation criteria ❙ Perform ance ❙ Developer docum entation ❙ Howto develop for/integrate these shops ❙ Short sum ary m m atrix –Com unity, Enterprise area, m modernity, TCO ❙ Sum ary m „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 3
  4. 4. Fe ature Pyramide Layout/Frontend Performance Shopping Cart Play Fascination Data migration Usability eBay,, … , UTF-8 B2B E-M M ail arketing SAP ePayment PIM CRM Club SEO/SEM Logistics ERP Controlling Enterprise Search „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 4
  5. 5. Who is Varie n ❙ Com pany Varien, USA ❙ 50+ employees ❙ Editions Magento Com unity Edition and Enterprise m Edition ❙ 22 partners ❙ License EE: USD 8,900 per year per server, no single license ❙ No PCI certification yet ❙ Marketplace „ agento connect“ M „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 5
  6. 6. Who is OXID e S ale s AG ❙ Started as a pure com ercial entity, 60+ em m ployees, headquarters Freiburg/Germ any ❙ Concentrates on DACH ❙ 60+ partners ❙ OXID eShop Editions: OXID eShop PE, OXID eShop EE ❙ Innovations: OXID eFire (SaaS platform) ❙ End 2008: open sourced eShop as OXID eShop CE ❙ April 2009: introduced OXID eXchange ❙ M 2009: introduced OXID Forge ay ❙ License: ~ EUR 4,000 per server per year or EUR 12.990,00 single license per server, subscription model, hosted m odel „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 6
  7. 7. Who is xt:c o mme rc e ❙ xt:Com erce Gm m bH, Austria ❙ num of em ber ployees currently not know (20?) n ❙ Follow of OSCom erce er m ❙ No free OpenSource edition possible, only test version w about 1% of source code encrypted ith ❙ License: EUR 97,00 up to EUR 990,00 (VEYTON 4 – Version Ultimate) „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 7
  8. 8. Cas e S tuy s e lf-made S ho p ❙ Vaillant spare part store ❙ CountryAdm can create a in ❙ Developed since 2004 CD edition inside online shop (using InstallAnyw here) ❙ Distributed also offline on >100,000 CDs in europe ❙ Uses SQLite instead M ySQL on CD ❙ Em bedded OCR technology inside w application eb ❙ Order only via distributer, no direct cart checkout Make or Buy? In the E-Com erce m area only if you have very tailo re d re quire me nts „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 8
  9. 9. Go o g le Tre nds Worldwide Germany „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 9
  10. 10. Go o g le Tre nds – what do e s it me an ? ❙ Trend for xt:com erce is difficult („ m XTC“„ , xt:com erce“ m etc) ❙ Traffic on google has been increased since 2007 for M agento ❙ … has outperform traffic for OXID and xt:com erce at ed m the end of 2008 ❙ Varien uses Google Trends as a marketing tool ❙ How ever: only gives us a trend of the popularity –not real exact num bers „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 10
  11. 11. Crite ria : Pe rfo rmanc e ATTENTION: Num bers only visualise a trend! Measured in laboratory. Every system can be optimized. Varien know that it has to s optim for future ize releases. „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 11
  12. 12. Crite ria : mo dule s and 3 rd party mo dule s ❙ OXID eShop and M eganto do have a lot of out of the box modules ❙ A professional com ercial SAP connector is available for m OXID ❙ There are m any m odules for paym ent, PIM CRM ERP, , , … available ❙ See com parison table that‘ available upon request s „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 12
  13. 13. „De ve lo pe rs , De ve lo pe rs , De ve lo pe rs !“ ❙ Customizations are often neccessary Be c are ful: „ my But ❙ Please look at the TCO! s e rvic e pro vide r do e s e ve rything !“ ❙ What about service & maintenance, quality assurance? ❙ Developers need to instruct themselves in the source code ❙ Ow developers at the n customer ❙ Do e s the s ho p s o ftware s uppo rt a c o s t e ffic ie nt TCO? „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 13
  14. 14. De ve lo pe r do c ume ntatio n ❙ no consistant developer docum entation ❙ m any exam ples w short docum ith entation are available at the Wiki (only in English) ❙ com unity w m ants to have m docum ore entation ❙ API docum entation has exam ples –this is helpful! „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 14
  15. 15. De ve lo pe r do c ume ntatio n ❙ API Dokum entation has not sufficient exam ples yet ❙ theres a beginner‘ tutorial available (at the OXID blog) s ❙ m any com ercial trainings for developers, adm m ins, users available „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 15
  16. 16. De ve lo pe r do c ume ntatio n ❙ Only very short tutorial for creating plugins available – and it is too com plicated ❙ There‘ no single-source developer docum s entation available ❙ It‘ not clear w s hich function nam es/variables com from e w hich files –no coding standards „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 16
  17. 17. De ve lo pme nt ❙ w analyzed the source code random (as on all e ly system s) ❙ som etim ZF m es echanism w be overruled (like s ill autoloading, caching, … ) ❙ som etim code docum es entation is m issing ❙ som etim @ operator w be used (dangerous for es ill debugging) ❙ som etim crazy developm (ie w es ent rong usage of catch blocks), there‘ a necessity of changing the core code s ❙ adm inistrators and developers get help at the M agento forum (http://w w agentocom w .m m /boards/view thread/6 158/P15/) for creating a text file where you sim note ply your changes on the core file in order to m ake that again w hen you update. That‘ not good. s „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 17
  18. 18. De ve lo pme nt ❙ source code of EE is encrypted but after signing NDA you get the full source ❙ som etim usage of @ -operator es ❙ there are som areas like tag cloud w e here the shop outputs ISO w hile everything else is m ade for UTF-8 ❙ strong m odularity m akes the shop easily extendable ❙ partners do have acces to quality assurance protocols, code coverage m easurem ents, unit test statistics, bug stats over tim etc. e ❙ strong em phasis on quality assurance „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 18
  19. 19. De ve lo pme nt ❙ plugin source code is saved inside database ❙ w be executed via eval() („ ill eval is evil“ !) ❙ execution is up to 20 tim slow es er ❙ plugin code can be save on disk, but the w ebserver needs w acces = security issue rite ❙ w don‘knowabout em e t phasis on QA „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 19
  20. 20. S ummary matrix ~2007 ~2002 ~2003 Com unity m Enterprise experience Code Quality Modernity TCO Factor „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 20
  21. 21. S ummary ❙ hyped shop system on the market ❙ positive: OS fram ork (Zend Fram ork) on the ground, ew ew but som etim ZF w be overruled not on the „ es ill Use at w approach ill“ ❙ company from USA - no departm in Europe/Germ ent any ❙ international com unity m ❙ perform ance problem but Varien prom s ised to w on ork that in future versions „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 21
  22. 22. S ummary ❙ core code developed by a company w strong E- ith Com erce experience for ~10 years m ❙ 2 years tim for refactoring -> V4 e ❙ very innovative: OXID eFire (SaaS) ❙ very experienced w bigger custom ith ers, especially regarding performance ❙ good partner netw (60+ partners) ork ❙ not strong in U.S. ❙ com unity edition drives usage, but has to create a m strong and vibrant developer com unity m ❙ very good QA of source code „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 22
  23. 23. S ummary ❙ experienced player: many years on the market but a bit of unorganized developm ent ❙ changed from OS product to a com pany/bit of closed shop (only test version available) ❙ developers sometim com es plain the arrogant tone of the com pany –sorry guys, w CAN NOT confirm this! e ❙ has to try to bind the com unity on xtc –otherw m ise, developers change to other system (OXID, M s agento, … ) ❙ license seem to be too cheap especially in the s enterprise area ❙ w recom end it for sm e m aller shops „Commercial OS Shops“ © MAYFLOWER GmbH 2009 23
  24. 24. Que s tio ns ? Björn Schotte M ayflow Gm er bH Pleichertorstr. 2 97070 Würzburg +49 (931) 35 9 65 - 15 bjoern.schotte@ m