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Music and technology presentation


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Music and technology presentation

  1. 1. Up to 1300s ~1334 ~1571
  2. 2. THESISThe sociology of music does not improve or degrade, it simply changes with differences in societies. OUTLINE1 – The Evolution of Music Technology2 – The Sociology of Modern Music3 – So What?
  3. 3. Radio Magnetic Tape Cassette CD Invention: Phonograph Tape MP3 PlayerYear Popularized: 1877 1919 1950s 1990s 2000s 1960s
  4. 4. The Sociology of Modern Music “[M]usic, like all other human creations, is the product of the minds already shaped by particular cultures, and in this sense music could be said to reflect the society in which it was created.” Peter J. Martin, EthnomusicologistFor us, in a technologically driven world, it logically follows that our social dealings with music are greatly affected by technology.
  5. 5. How Technology Has Influenced Modern Music We perceive perfection where, in reality, there is none.
  6. 6. So What? By understanding the sociology of music and the effects of modern technology on it we more easily accept the tastes of others and become less critical of music as a whole.In other words… Appreciating these concepts makes it a lot easier to not be a jerk.
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