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AngelList 101

  1. AngelList 101 Mayel de Borniol Co-Founder of Babelverse
  2. ! solid, exhaustive profile (= executive summary)
  4. avoid those voice-over animations
  5. ! show founders + product in action, ! video is best
  6. ! A/B test your 1 line pitch
  7. ! try different 
 markets + tags + locations 
  8. link to short deck
  9. why are you different?
  10. ! how much are you raising?
  11. transparency + storytelling
  12. link to angellist from website / email signature / etc
  13. ! build a strong network 
  14. ! get recommendations / advisors / referrer
  15. list accelerators / investors + commitments 
 (incl. any outside angellist)
  16. follow people you know / admire
  17. create investor wish-list! ✓ ✓ use the filters (look out for ! search for investors in startups that share your DNA (but not competitors)
  18. use CRM or simple spreadsheet to keep track  
  19. reach out 
 (incl. outside of the platform) LinkedIn, personal site/blog, Rapportive, Crunchbase, Quora, etc
  20. use a template message, 
 but customize  Hi Mike,! Are you actively investing at the moment?! I think your experience at Airbnb would be valuable to Babelverse (the “universal translator” for spoken communication, which connects you to a real native speaker). ! Our lead investor is 500 Startups, and we’re looking to close this round by April 30th.! Please take a look: and we can set up a call to discuss. You can schedule at time directly via ! Best,
  21. meet in person ! when possible, otherwise video calls
  22. a strong 
 lead investor 
  23. have detailed deck + supporting docs (metrics/ financials) ready to send  Tip: sending Google Docs or Dropbox link will let you keep updating them
  24. Delaware corp. + standard terms sheet makes things simpler!  
  25. better a explainable no than a prolonged maybe  
  26. ..but investors in inner circle, seeing progress = 
 may invest later 
  27. Invest Online! ! makes it easier for investors to jump in! ! requires lead investor 
 for the round at $100K
  28. Syndicates! ! great for founders
  29. Public Fundraising! ! half way there: still only accredited investors
  30. Q&A please follow: 
 and sign up: