maye hair retailers and wholesalers proposal


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Maye Hair Extensions products - Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Virgin Hair, Single Donor Organic Hair, and services - Branding , Drop shipping , strategic services to SME hair business to grow hair business

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maye hair retailers and wholesalers proposal

  1. 1. SME Hair Retailers and Wholesales Strategic SuppliersWholesalers and Retailers Strategic Products and Services
  2. 2. Index• Products• Single Donor Organic Hair• Services• Maye Hair Advantages• Confidential:- This is confidential document. Proposal offeredto USA leading beauty retail store with 100 retail outletsacross America.
  3. 3. Products• Weft• Indian Hair• Brazilian Hair• Malaysian Hair• Hair Quality• 3A – Classic• 5A – Virgin• 5A+ - Single Donor• Non Weft• Clip-on• Fusion• I-Tip, U-tip, Flat Tip• Tape Hair• Wigs• Full Lace Wigs• Closures• Front Lace Wigs
  4. 4. Products ComparisonProduct 3A – Classic 5A – VirginUnprocessed Hair5A+ - Single DonorOrganic Virgin HairFeatures • Cuticles FREE• Shedding FREE• Can Color darkcolor, Curl• Cuticles Intact - SameDirection• Tangle FREE• Shedding FREE• Can Color, Dye, Curl• Hair From 1 or 2 Donor• Absolutely Tangle FREE• Quad Weft - SheddingFREE• Can color Dye, CurlGuarantee Guarantee - 6 to 12MonthsGuarantee - 1 to 2 Years Guarantee – More than 2YearsTargetCustomersMass Market Middle Income Group Salon And StylistsCelebrity StylistsTarget Users Low Income Middle Income Group High IncomePrivate Label Classic Virgin Celebrity
  5. 5. 5A+ Single Donor Organic VirginHair• Hair From 1 or 2 Donors• Most virgin hair is from 10-20 donors• Healthy cuticles, no Chemical processing thus Organic Virgin hair• Quad Weft Stitching Method• Leas Shedding• Normal Double weft has 20 knots, Quad weft has 80 knots, thusshedding free• Benefit, Weft can last more than 3 times longer• Absolute Best Hair for the Celebrity Clients
  6. 6. Single Donor Organic Hair
  7. 7. Services• Private Label and Branding• Offer Multiple Packing and Branding• Small Quantity Branding• Drop Shipping• Drop Ship Branded Products Globally• Marketing Assistance• Branded Catalog• Mini Marketing Samples• Refundable Marketing Samples
  8. 8. Maye Hair Competitiveness• Attention to Products and Service Quality• Commitment to Quality• Strategic Services that meet client’s needs• Branding and Private Labeling• Drop Shipping• Marketing Assistance• Multiple Products Lines• Classic, Virgin, Single Donor Organic
  9. 9. Hair For Everyone• Krishna Murthy U• Sales Director• Maye Hair• krishna@mayehair.comUSA + 1 607 214 0084