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evolution of business:
1) evolution of commerce.
2) evolution of industry.

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  2. 2. EVOLUTION OF BUSINESS!• Evolution is a term used to narrate the gradual development of a particular activity, Evolution in the business refers to the development of the business activity at different stages from the day of its commencement till the day of its consideration.• This development is closely connected with the civilization of stages of economics development of man.• CONCEPT: It tells about the gradual development in the business activity which is connected with the changes in the economics development of man.• It can be studied under 2 types. EVOLUTION OF COMMERCE. EVOLUTION OF INDUSTRIES.
  3. 3. EVOLUTION OF COMMERCE.• House hold economy, in which man started hunting animals, agriculture and domestication of animals to feed his family.• Barter system, due to the increase in the wants of the family, the families they started exchanging surplus goods and hence came barter system into existence. Exchange of commodity to commodity.• Money economy stage, this stage solved all the problems of barter system as money came into existence.• Town economy stage, the introduction of money and specialization of labor made people settle down at fixed place called villages or towns. They became commercial centers.
  4. 4. • National economy, the market from town extended to the whole country and hence was introduced national economy. Middle man came into existence and commerce at this time became considerably developed.• World market stage, large scale production and distinguished services widened the market to international level.
  5. 5. EVOLUTION OF INDUSTRIES• House hold economy, it includes hunting, fishing, agriculture, etc.• Handicraft, existence of the industry begins from this stage. In this industrial development production was carried on by crafts man.• Guild system stage, under this system craftsman concentrated on their production and middle man came into existence for the distribution of good and supplying of raw material, middle man played a very important role in this stage and this stage played an important role in the scale of production.• Cottage system, these are the workshop industries, these small scale industries came into existence because of the demand for industrial and consumer good, payment of wages to the labor traced through this stage
  6. 6. • Industrial revolution stage, the 2nd half of the 18th century marked the beginning of industrial revolution there was fundamental and remarkable changes in the scale, size and place of production.For further information related to commerce,