Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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A few photos compiled from my last visit to Germany

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  1. 1. Welcome to Germany! Of all of the destinations I have personally travelled to, Deutschland ranks among my favorites. I love the contrast here of Old World culture in a country renowned for its cutting-edge advancements in the fields of science & engineering. In this photo, I stand alongside the Rhine River in Frankfurt. Toggle Audio
  2. 2. Words simply cannot describe the awesome natural beauty of looking down from the hillside upon the sparkling River Rhine. As you can see from the top-left photo, there are numerous walking paths that wind along the river. Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes!
  3. 3. An impressive view of downtown Frankfurt The Radisson Hotel Red Light District Die Hauptbahnhof (central station) Die Hauptbahnhof (central station) As you can see, Frankfurt is a thriving metropolis & has long existed as the financial center of not only Germany, but continental Europe.
  4. 4. Frankfurt am Main city centre
  5. 5. Here I am walking through the various marketplaces in search of souvenirs…
  6. 6. traditional wiener schnitzel … before heading over to “Atschel”, arguably the best apfelwein (apple wine) restaurant in the Sachsenhausen region. This hard-cider is a provincial favorite here in Frankfurt and a “must-try” when visiting! Wallstrasse 7 - Frankfurt Sachsenhausen - Telephone 61 92 01 apfelwein
  7. 7. Bratwurst & weinerschnitzel not your thing? Not to worry, American standbys are here as well, with some minor twists…spare ribs at Burger King? “ I ’ m l o v i n ’ i t !
  8. 8. Grab your driving gloves… it’s time to hit the Autobahn!!!
  9. 9. Slowing things down a bit, I stopped to visit the Senckenberg Nature Museum. The Senckenberg boasts an amazing display of artifacts & specimens; some of which are even available for purchase!
  10. 11. Afterwards, I left the Senckenberg to explore a museum of a darker sort…
  11. 12. The Folter Torture Museum
  12. 14. … guess he should’ve returned those library books?
  13. 15. … it’s probably just better that you don’t know…
  14. 16. I capped this vacation with a visit to what turned out to be the highlight of my trip… … a trip to my first castle!
  15. 17. There are literally hundreds of castles dotting the German landscape, some of which are still occupied today. The Bergruining Koningstein is just one of several castles accessible to the public. As I went during the off-season, I not only got a great deal on my airfare, but I avoided the crowds of tourists. As you’ll see, I practically had the castle to myself!
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  17. 20. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check back for future updates to see where I’m travelling to next!