Maybourne Papers - Claridge's, Maybourne Hotel Group, London, United Kingdom


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Maybourne Papers - Claridge's, Maybourne Hotel Group, London, United Kingdom

  1. 1. The maybourne papers auTumn / winTer 2009 / 2010
  2. 2. welcome To The claridge’s issue of The maybourne papers for auTumn / winTer 2009 / 2010. a summary of news, evenTs and ideas for The season. The Editor 2 3
  3. 3. enJoy a Timeless & in Festive spirit In addition to our Christmas programme, between Friday memorable chrisTmas 18th December 2009 and Sunday 10th January 2010 inclusive, Claridge’s is pleased to offer guests rooms from as little as £295 per night, room only for two people sharing a Superior King- bedded room. Minimum length of stay applies. Price excludes vat. timeless christmas programme Christmas Eve Christmas Day An assortment of mince pies, English Breakfast stollen and mulled wine on arrival – – Horse-drawn carriage ride Pre-dinner Christmas cocktails through Mayfair with hot Claridge’s is helping to protect penguins, polar bears and their in Claridge’s Bar chocolate and marshmallows habitats. Our Christmas programme therefore includes your choice – – of a wwf “Help Save Me” polar bear or penguin pack. Included is a 5 course Christmas Eve dinner 8 course Christmas Day delightful cuddly polar bear or penguin according to your choice. including Goose and a Bûche de lunch in the French Salon For reservations and further information about Claridge’s Noël in the Foyer and Reading and Drawing Room Christmas programmes, please call +44(0)20 7107 8842, Room – email or visit – Boxing Day quoting ‘Timeless Christmas’. Please state your preference for Overnight Christmas stocking English Breakfast a penguin or polar bear when booking. delivery filled with edible – Christmas delights Receive a Claridge’s Christmas Timeless Christmas Programme Terms and Conditions A deposit of 25% per person will be taken at time of booking to guarantee pudding to take home your reservation.You may cancel your reservation up to 1st December 2009, after which the deposit becomes non-refundable. Full charge payable Arrival December 24th & Departure December 26th. for cancellations on or after 11th December 2009. Offers are subject to availability. Rates include vat at 15% and exclude a 5% discretionary service Rates from £1,145 per room per night based on two charge. Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other offers or people staying in a Superior King-bedded room. Rates negotiated rates and apply to new bookings only. Calls may be monitored exclude vat and 5% discretionary service charge. for quality control and training purposes. Lunch and dinner exclusive of beverages. One cocktail per person. Minimum two night stay. 4 5
  4. 4. The glamorous ‘Dior Dressing Table at Claridge’s’ offers guests a carefully curated range of timeless accessories, including an elegant cream silk Claridge’s dressing gown personalised with guests’ initials, high heeled marabou mule slippers and a rose pink cashmere eye mask. On the dressing table itself, Christian Dior has selected a range of classic Dior fragrances including Miss Dior, Diorella, Diorissimo and Dioressence – Les Classiques created by Dior from 1947 when Christian Dior himself said perfume was an outfit’s ‘finishing touch’. Further adding to the experience, a Dressing Table Cocktail menu from Claridge’s Fumoir Bar will be available featuring cocktails from the 1930s including swizzles, daisies, sours, juleps and pick me ups all from the original recipes and served in Lalique glasses. Little touches that will enhance the ambience include a selection of classic works from Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford, novelists of this magical Deco era, and a music collection with notable songs from Josephine Baker and Fred Astaire to complete the experience. The ‘Dior Dressing Table at Claridge’s’ will be available exclusively in the Linley suites at an additional price of £300 to the quoted room rate. (The price includes all four Dior fragrances, beauty gifts – lipstick, nail varnish, powder, personalised silk dressing gown, Evelyn Waugh novel, CD and cocktails from the Fumoir) For reservations please call +44 (0)20 7107 8842 claridge’s and dior celebraTe The reTurn of The glamorous dressing Table 6 7
  5. 5. claridge’s celebraTes The launch of breaKfasT aT Tiffany weeKends Enjoy ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ at Claridge’s, a weekend of Holly Golightly glamour. Greeted by Moon River playing in the suite, a Claridge’s hat box filled with gorgeous gifts; the movie and book, the essential black sunglasses, string of pearls and beauty treats from Givenchy. Complete the experience with Holly Golightly manicures and cocktails. Rates from £485 based on two people sharing a Superior King bedded room.Valid weekends throughout 2010. For more information please contact reservations on +44 (0)20 7107 8842 Offer subject to availability. Rate excludes vat at 15% and 5% discretionary service charge. Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offers or negotiated rates and applies to new bookings only. Calls may be monitored for quality control and training purposes. 8 9
  6. 6. 10 11
  7. 7. why has claridge’s had such a hold over guesTs generaTion afTer generaTion? So what iS mood? it SoundS Claridge’s is undoubtedly a very special you’re a kid in a candy store, the people you’d place, it is absolutely beautiful and one of do anything to please, the start up that can the world’s best hotels. The service is intuitive take on the establishment or the landscape and excellent, facilities out of this world and that keeps pulling you back. What we don’t Simple, SoundS unimportant, the food and drink to die for, however these know is how and why these people and places are things guests at Claridge’s take for granted. make us feel this way, how the mood is made What seems to captivate them most is what and how far we can go in manipulating mood. they describe as the ‘mood’ of the place. To begin to understand mood you must Time and again commentators describe Claridge’s as magical and remark on how first start with human biology and behaviour. We’re built to listen to more than words, Something we don’t think or they feel on entering the hotel’s Art Deco we pay more attention to body language, lobby, they describe absorbing the timeless talk about enough. but mood physical conditions and our environment glamour of Claridge’s and experiencing an than we like to acknowledge and deep overwhelming feeling of well-being. These down we’re a complicated brew of chemicals observations prompted me to examine my constantly influenced and altered by our own feelings and try and pinpoint what it iS powerful, mood can make surroundings and experiences. is that this special place does to us all, how it is possible for a place to affect one’s mood, If we accept the Einsteinian model of Physics and why Claridge’s has had such a hold that everything is made up of vibrations over guests generation after generation? (rather than the Newtonian concept of We start with ‘mood’, mood is defined as: particles) and the whole universe is made up of the same substance, the differentiation a nation rebel, a crowd kill, ‘a state or quality of feeling at a particular between gasses, solids and liquids simply being time, a distinctive emotional quality or the rate of vibration - it is impossible to ignore character, a prevailing emotional tone or general attitude, a frame of mind disposed the relationship between ourselves and our surroundings - or ‘we are where we are’ or an artiSt create, a couple or receptive as to some activity or thing’. even who and what we’re with! fall in love and a lone man So what is mood? It sounds simple, sounds On entering Claridge’s we are therefore unimportant, something we don’t think or sub-consciously absorbing the Art Deco talk about enough. But mood is powerful, features, the calm authority of excellence, mood can make a nation rebel, a crowd kill, the generosity of space, the history, glamour make a Stand. an artist create, a couple fall in love and a and bubbling energy of the place. The point is lone man make a stand. In the Twenty First. that the body is not a finite object, it is a river Century we like to think we have control of energy and information. We are constantly over our surroundings, are we prepared to ‘changing’ our bodies, take breathing for understand how much influence our example, every breath you take contains ten surroundings have on us? to the power of 22 atoms, that’s how many We all know people, places and businesses atoms you take in with each breath and they that create the right mood, the hotel you never end up as part of you. The same thing happens want to leave, the shop that makes you feel like in reverse as we breath out so we are constantly 12 13
  8. 8. exchanging atoms, in a year we replace 98% in our sub-conscious, absorbing them and of our atoms. It really makes you think about exchanging energy with them and our cells the company you are keeping, the spaces in are discussing what we’re experiencing and which you spend your time and what effect creating chemicals in response. Understand they may be having on you. Our experiences i’m pretty Sure that if, aS an this and you begin to see how powerful an are affecting us physically, changing our mood impact people, places and experiences have and influencing our actions, this concept is on us. Mood is short hand for a myriad of immensely powerful and little understood factors which may affect us and with which or exploited. We only become aware when experiment, Somebody waS we react very quickly - we are most successful we recognise patterns in our feelings and when we ‘feel’ a situation rather than ‘think’ it. behaviour and seek out people and places This brings us back to the beginning and that make us feel fantastic. the observation that started this train of made to Stay there and given So if we understand the physical relationship between ourselves and our surroundings thought. Reading Alex James’ biography his description of Claridge’s and its effect on each what about our thoughts and our surroundings? guest, I immediately recognised what he was Back to Einstein (surely he must have been describing so eloquently, a sentiment many nothing in particular to do, a Claridge’s guest!), he said that if you squeezed guests have echoed and the root of the magical all of the empty space from your body you experience of staying at Claridge’s - it’s all could put all of the solid material on the head about how it makes you feel! of a pin. Out of the empty space left come the “I moved into Claridge’s. Claridge’s is regal. pretty Soon they’d have made vibrations we mentioned, those fluctuations of energy - on this basis we can deduce that When Buckingham Palace is full the Queen sends her spare guests to stay there. It’s the just as a quantum unit of light is a photon and Brook Street annexe of the royal household a quantum unit of electricity is an electron, and it’s quite simply the best hotel in the world. a huge SucceSS of themSelveS. a quantum unit of your body is a thought. I’d been making a careful, close and continuous A notion, a feeling, a concept, idea or instinct, study of luxury. It was a kind of hobby. For that faint impulse you experience all the time Mr Claridge it was evidently more of a mission. in your awareness, the reason you feel good, I can’t think of anything about the whole of the whole place iS brimming safe, frivolous or anxious. So the vibrations we exchange with our surroundings are also Claridge’s that could be any better. It takes thirty seconds to run a bath and an hour to making our thoughts and stranger still our have breakfast. Everything about the place, thoughts are made all over our bodies, not from its Mayfair location to its pastry chefs, with infectiouS achievement just in our brains. In other words our whole being is constantly interacting, exchanging is the stuff of special occasions. I’m pretty sure that if, as an experiment, somebody and responding to its surroundings was made to stay there and given nothing in influencing our conscious and sub-conscious particular to do, pretty soon they’d have made and to wake up there iS to thoughts and even our physical well-being. Essentially scientists have discovered that our a huge success of themselves. The whole place is brimming with infectious achievement and to wake up there is to wake up invincible.” cells are constantly thinking and communicating Alex James, A bit of a Blur. wake up invincible. with each other, stimulating the production of good and bad chemicals, our body is in Claridge’s have long understood the power constant dialogue with its surroundings. of mood and its affect on guests. In these When we describe having a ‘gut feeling’ uncertain times it’s good to know we can alex JameS, a bit of a blur about something we are describing a real still rely on Claridge’s to make us invincible process, in fact we should listen to our gut or at the very least lift our spirits. Now cells more, they are not bogged down with we have the science to prove it - staying self-conscious analysis. at Claridge’s is good for you! As we enter an environment we are processing The Editor the conditions in our conscious, feeling them 14 15
  9. 9. From Saturday 21st November 2009 until Sunday 3rd January 2010 Claridge’s will serve a Festive Champagne Afternoon Tea featuring traditional Christmas fare. – £45 per person midweek – £50 per person on Saturdays & Sundays including a performance of Christmas Carols by the Southend Boys Choir. – All prices are inclusive of vat and exclusive of 12.5% service charge. – For reservations and further details visit or telephone +44 (0)20 7409 6307 Reservation lines open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. 16 16 17
  10. 10. 0 MAKING A SCENE creaTe The perfecT chrisTmas wreaTh wiTh claridge’s december masTerclass Your front door will be the envy of your neighbourhood this Christmas and Claridge’s will show you how. Join our December Master Class on Saturday 5th December 2009 and Claridge’s very own Flowers & Gifts experts. Following the morning session you will enjoy 52 create your own beautiful Blue Pine Christmas door wreath under the expert tuition of a well deserved lunch, including wine, in the stylish Claridge’s Bar. Our Master Classes are extremely popular so please book your place in good time. For reservations simply call us on +44 (0)20 7409 6307 or email £157.50 per person all inclusive Saturday 5th December 2009 11.30am – 4.00pm 18 19
  11. 11. large or small, a gifT from claridge’s is The perfecT chrisTmas TreaT the claridge’s the claridge’s the claridge’s Black christmas pudding rocking horse and white collection This festive season Claridge’s unveils Stevenson Brothers have created an The Claridge’s Black and White the ultimate Christmas pudding, created exquisite limited edition rocking horse Collection is an indulgent selection from the same recipe used for over a for Claridge’s. The glamorous hand of bath and body products that you can century in the hotel’s famous kitchens. carved, painted and finished zebra enjoy long after you check out. Perfect There are 100 limited edition Christmas sports a removable saddle and bridle for this winter is their sensuous bath puddings on sale over the festive season and comes with a stable rug, rosette oil enhanced with essential oils including and in true Willy Wonka style, one is and nosebag all embroidered with the sweet almond and Jojoba. Or to add housed in a golden bowl offering a Claridge’s logotype, gold onto jade in an atmospheric glow choose the hand- spectacular treat. The lucky guest will blanket and suede. This limited edition poured candle scented with rosehip and be booked into a penthouse suite, to enjoy heirloom piece carries a plate with the Claridge’s exclusive ‘parfum’. Elegantly everything from butlers to attend every edition number and Claridge’s logotype. packaged they make delightful presents whim, to chilled cocktails in Claridge’s A very special collectors piece or dream for your nearest and dearest, or sublime bar and afternoon tea by the fire. toy for a very lucky little boy or girl treats for yourself. this Christmas. For more information please contact 21
  12. 12. 20Th nov – 3rd dec The Tsarina’s Slippers, The Royal Opera House One of Tchaikovsky’s least-known yet most charming works, will be staged at the famous Covent Garden venue for six nights only. Based on a Christmas tale by the Russian writer Gogol, the opera tells the story of how a blacksmith flies on the devil’s back LoNdoN’S to the city of St Petersburg in order to ask the Tsarina for her slippers. FEStIvE 1sT dec Claridge’s Christmas Lights, Claridge’s CALENdAr Our very special Christmas Tree will be illuminated on 1st December following decoration by a world famous fashion designer. 26Th sepT – 11Th dec 20Th dec – 23rd dec Anish Kapoor, The Royal Academy Carols by Candlelight, Royal Albert Hall The exhibition surveys Kapoor’s career to date Enjoy Christmas with this special festive showcasing a number of new and previously array of seasonal music and song presented unseen works, including a select group of in full 18th Century costume in an exquisite Kapoor’s early pigment sculptures, beguiling candle-lit setting. mirror-polished stainless-steel sculptures and cement sculptures on display for the first time. 24Th dec Midnight Mass, St Paul’s Cathedral 15Th ocT – 24Th Jan 2010 In candlelit, majestic surroundings in the Beatles to Bowie, middle of the city this is the perfect place National Portrait Gallery to usher in Christmas Day. Never-before-seen photographs of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and The Who will be featured in 31sT dec a new exhibition celebrating the swinging 60s. New Years Eve Fireworks Launched from the foot of the London Eye 17Th nov – 24Th Jan 2010 and barges on the Thames, this spectacular Ice Skating at Somerset House display can be seen from all over London. Skate beneath the stars in the heart of London this winter, as Somerset House ice rink 12Th Jan 2010 – 16Th mar 2010 celebrates its 10th birthday. Romeo & Juliet, The Royal Ballet Romeo and Juliet takes pride of place among full-length 20th-Century ballets. Prokofiev’s score has inspired dozens of productions but none with more distinction than the staging which Kenneth MacMillan created for The Royal Ballet. For further information please call the concierge on +44 (0)20 7629 8860 22 23
  13. 13. auTumn / winTer 2009 / 2010 claridge’s brooK sTreeT mayfair london w1K 4hr