May Pocket Guide Screen 2 - Maybourne Hotel Group, London, United Kingdom


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May Pocket Guide Screen 2 - Maybourne Hotel Group, London, United Kingdom

  1. 1. A guide to All -dAy dining in london
  2. 2. you ARe WHeRe you eAt london has risen to become a culinary star. Prepare to be dazzled. unimaginable ten years ago - the quality and variety of the capital's restaurants is now unparalleled. Whatever you want, you'll find it here. every taste is superbly catered for, every mood met. the only problem is that age-old one of being spoilt for choice. or how to choose when you're not quite sure what you're looking for. Which is why you need this guide. it gives you the insider's tips of all that's best when eating out in the city. the hottest chefs. the prettiest rooms. the best wine-list and the most cutting-edge menus. it tells you where to go if you want to be seen or where to linger if you're just observing the scene. As well as what to eat and when to eat it. So delve in, whet your appetite and go out to explore a truly gastronomic city. MARk BollAnd
  3. 3. BReAkFASt you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 3 BREAKFAST 7:00AM—11:o0AM BREAKFAST
  4. 4. BReAkFASt PAge 4 BREAKFAST 7:00AM —10:30AM ThE READING ROOM & FOY ER I love clarIdge’s In london. MartIn Is the best concIerge In the world, the sheets are the Most luxurIous lInen, and the breakfast Is perfect diAne von FuRStenBeRg, tiMe MAgAzine 2008 A magnificent Art deco setting for a very glamorous breakfast. Perfect for business meetings or a lazy start to the day, service is intuitive and impeccable, staff seem to sense when you want them there and when you don’t! Choose from the organic or à la carte breakfast menus which change seasonally, the scrambled eggs with toasted brioche and Sevruga caviar is not to be missed and if you plan to indulge later in the day the daily baked organic sunflower toast and apple and bilberry juice from daylesford is a lighter option and equally delicious. Claridge’s Mayfair Breakfast hours: Monday to Saturday 7.00 AM _ 10.30 AM Sunday 8.00 AM _ 11.00 AM
  5. 5. BReAkFASt PAge 6 Breakfast at espelette is discreet, relaxed hollandaise is particularly good BREAKFAST and luxurious. the conservatory looks and the pastries, all baked on site 7:00AM —10:30AM out over Carlos Place and is at the very are delicious. Perfect for a business heart of Mayfair village life. Choose breakfast, espelette is an oasis of from the seasonal à la carte breakfast calm in the centre of Mayfair. menu. the menu is small but unusually diverse with a great combination of The Connaught Mayfair traditional British favourites and lighter Breakfast hours: international options. the poached Monday to Saturday 7.00AM _ 10.30AM Finnan haddock with poached egg and Sunday 8.00AM _ 11.00AM ESPELETTE go for breakfast. Maybe the best In london, certaInly for the aMbIence. stunnIng conservatory at street level. perfect way to start a bIrthday zAgAt
  6. 6. BReAkFASt BReAkFASt PAge 9 BREAKFAST 7:00AM —11:00AM ThE CARAMEL ROOM coMbInes Modern chIc and old school charM to create a haven for local fashIonIstas and cIty hIgh-flIers tiMe out london 2009 the Caramel Room, a favourite of the liking and the room’s quota of impossibly most discerning knightsbridge locals thin and gorgeous women confirms that is both intimate and friendly and a delicious breakfast can be had without enduringly chic. A simple, delicious risk of gaining a few pounds. A good breakfast menu ticks all the boxes with job as the Caramel Room is just a short indulgent, healthy and international stroll from Harvey nichols and Harrods. options. Home-made basics make a simple breakfast really special, try the The Berkeley knightsbridge home-made granola and energy bars, Breakfast hours: home-made compotes and smoothies. Monday to Saturday 7.00AM _ 11.00AM Farm eggs can be prepared to your Sunday 7.30AM _ 11.30AM
  7. 7. BRunCH PAge 10 BREAKFAST 11:00AM —3:00PM HÉLÈNE DARROZE AT THE CONNAUGHT the saturday brunch Is defInItely In our current top ten of london experIences HARPeRS BAzAAR 2009 this is how to start the weekend in the kind of bread you would be happy to style, Hélène darroze’s Saturday brunch make a meal of. the free range scrambled is rapidly becoming a thing of legend, eggs are simple and yet inspired. A great this is a serious brunch for dedicated way to fortify yourself for a Saturday foodies. the menu is inventive and afternoon shopping Mayfair’s galleries, authentic with the most delicious fashion stores and hidden treasures. produce. the now famous antique Berkel machine is employed to slice The Connaught Mayfair mouth watering Bellota-Bellota ham, Brunch hours: the home-made bread is the real deal, Saturday 11.00AM _ 3.00PM
  8. 8. lunCH PAge 12 you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 13 12:00PM—3:00PM LUNCh LUNCH
  9. 9. lunCH PAge 14 PAge 15 12:00PM —2:30PM hÉLÈNE DARROZE AT ThE CONNAUGhT LUNCH darroze’s cookIng Is not just beautIfully poIsed, It’s ‘real food’, wIth a fIne balance between delIcacy and earthy flavours FeARguS o’SullivAn, tHe london PAPeR 2008 Hélène darroze’s Michelin-starred pleasurable experience, expect to restaurant at the Connaught is have your senses heightened. this everything you would expect from is memorable food, you can taste this great gastronomic dining room her passion, perfectionism and and some. designed by india Mahdavi generosity - she discovers something the original wood panelled dining- wonderful and wants to share it with room is light, comfortable and us - this diner is full of gratitude! refined, balanced with modern accents including damien Hirst The Connaught Mayfair originals. the huge, thick glass cheese lunch hours: domes make it clear that this is all tuesday to Friday 12:00PM _ 2:30PM about the food. Hélène darroze’s Saturday 11:00AM _ 3:00PM ‘haute rustique’ cuisine is an intensely Sunday and Monday closed
  10. 10. lunCH PAge 16 11:00PM —3:00PM GORDON RAMSAY AT CLARIDGE’S one of london’s leadIng LUNCH culInary attractIons, and wIth good reason tiMe out 2009 gordon Ramsay’s eponymous Claridge’s Mayfair Michelin-starred restaurant nestled lunch hours: in the Art deco grand dame, Monday - Friday 12.00PM _ 2.45PM a destination spot for a luxe lunch. Saturday & Sunday 12.00PM _ 3.00PM the modern european menu uses dress Code: the freshest seasonal ingredients, Smart, no trainers or sportswear this is accessible fine dining, not over complicated or conceptual. the delicate simplicity of the steamed Menai Straits bass stuffed with a scallop mousse, oscietra caviar sauce, cucumber, asparagus and apple reflects the juxtaposition of tradition and contemporary inspiration for which this restaurant has become famous.
  11. 11. Seated on a sumptuous velvet banquette Claridge’s Mayfair PAge 19 in the corner of the Reading Room, lunch hours: next to a huge cut-marble fireplace daily 12.00PM _ 2.30PM and underneath the black and white photographs of the great and the good who have frequented Claridge’s over the years, diners can observe what it is that makes Claridge’s so special. With an eclectic mix of guests from LUNCH the super famous and the super rich to the plain super, the expert staff preside over service with a serenity rarely found nowadays and extend the same respect and reverence to humble diners like yours truly. executive Chef Martyn nail’s modern British menu is fresh, seasonal, organic and has been cleverly devised to provide a little of what we all want at lunch - choice, lighter and international options as well as out of this world indulgences. the fillet of Aberdeen Angus salad with peas, broad beans, tarragon and mustard dressing and the creamed lobster bisque with samphire and a shrimp spring roll are not to be missed. lunCH 12:00PM —2:30PM ThE READING ROOM I recoMMend & FOY ER clarIdge’s, as It retaIns thIs classIc brItIsh style whIle beIng eQually luxurIous CARlA BRuni 2009
  12. 12. lunCH PAge 20 Mayfair’s favourite lunch spot, espelette is the PAge 21 bistro de luxe presided over by Hélène darroze. 12:00PM —2:30PM the restaurant in the stunning new conservatory overlooks Carlos Place and has sweeping views ESPELETTE of Mount Street. Relaxed and informal, espelette offers an all day menu featuring signature Hélène darroze dishes inspired by ingredients from the town of espelette. With a more relaxed, spacious the kInd of casual-chIc and somehow domestic atmosphere than its LUNCH Mayfair contemporaries, espelette offers a dInIng experIence that the refreshingly relaxed lunchtime experience. the menu is practical offering serious dining as well Modern luxurIst reQuIres as sandwiches and lighter dishes, however with food this good it seems a terrible shame to hurry. dARiuS SAnAi, Conde nASt The Connaught Mayfair lunch hours: daily 12.00PM _ 2.30PM
  13. 13. lunCH PAge 22 12:00PM —2:30PM MARCUS WAREING AT THE BERKELEY LUNCH we had a stunnIng Meal. cuIsIne as haute as you can get In london gileS CoRen, tHe tiMeS like some of the best things in life, lightness of touch. the staff are Marcus Wareing seems to be getting relaxed, knowledgeable and helpful better with age. At the helm of his and know when you want them eponymous two Michelin starred and when you don’t. the only thing restaurant, Wareing continues to better than lunch at Marcus Wareing? dazzle with his technically brilliant dinner at the Chef’s table. modern european cuisine and as he matures you can taste just how much The Berkeley knightsbridge he’s enjoying himself in each and lunch hours: Monday to Friday every dish. Far from being a stuffy, 12.00PM _ 2.30PM self conscious bastion of fine dining dress code: Smart, jacket Marcus Wareing delivers technical and shirt preferred. no jeans, excellence with a contemporary trainers or sportswear
  14. 14. lunCH PAge 24 11:00AM —3:00PM THE CARAMEL ROOM In fact, stayIng at the LUNCH berkeley Is a bIt lIke spendIng the weekend In a large bentley RuPeRt WRigHt, tHe tiMeS 2006 the Alexandra Champalimaud designed Caramel Room at the Berkeley feels like the most exquisite chocolate box filled with a selection of knightsbridge’s chicest inhabitants. lunch is a relaxed affair, the all day dining menu caters for every appetite and occasion. the miso soup with silky tofu and shitake mushrooms and the seared tuna with chilli seasoned daikon and ponzu sauce are as light as a feather whilst the delicious Berkeley burger with fries and all the sides is worth every calorie. An enduring favourite, it’s no surprise that the Caramel Room acts as an extension of home and office for locals in the know. The Berkeley knightsbridge All day dining: 11.00AM _ 11.00PM daily
  15. 15. lunCH PAge 26 PAge 27 11:00AM —3:00PM ThE COBURG BAR everythIng you want LUNCH It to be, sophIstIcated, atMospherIc, wIth a vIsually strIkIng yet welcoMIng rooM WoRld’S BeSt BARS 2009 the india Mahdavi designed, dark and moody Coburg Bar is difficult to resist. From the soft velvet armchairs to the attentive staff it requires discipline after lunch here to return to the business of the day. the menu is not extensive but very cleverly conceived by Hélène darroze. the Coburg Bar sets the standard for serious bar cuisine with inventive dishes including red tuna snaked with sesame seeds, wild rhubarb chutney in jelly, with a cardamon and beetroot reduction. looking around the room the impression is one of effortless, comforting luxury, at once impressive and intimate. The Connaught Mayfair All day dining: Monday to Friday 11.00AM _ 11.00 PM Saturday to Sunday 12.00PM _ 11.00 PM
  16. 16. lunCH PAge 28 12:00PM —3:00PM CLARIDGE’S BAR the bar at clarIdge’s LUNCH hotel. It Is the perfect place to go kARolinA kuRkovA, eS MAgAzine 2009 designed by david Collins, this buzzing bar is seriously stylish. the lunch menu is clever and eclectic, famous for the sharing dishes and daily changing Bento box. diners can also indulge in Royal Beluga, oscietra or Sevruga caviar or the legendary english cheese plate. Claridge’s Bar caters for the most demanding diners in Mayfair and what they want, they get. Claridge’s famous fish and chips are never off the menu and the staff are happy to make you any sandwich you would like; is this what power tastes like? Claridge’s Mayfair All day dining: 12.00PM _ 11.00PM daily
  17. 17. gordon Ramsay’s relaxed café concept in knightsbridge PAge 30 lunCH PAge 31 feels like a glamourous neighbourhood bistro. the multi-level café is always full with diners returning again and again 12:00PM—3:00PM for great quality popular dishes. it’s impossible not to love BOXWOOD the San daniele ham with caramelised beetroot and grilled native lobster with garlic butter, chips and land cress. Families are welcome at Boxwood and the knickerbocker CAFÉ glory is sure to keep even the most energetic youngster quiet while the adults can enjoy some seriously good food. a fabulous, fun LUNCH The Berkeley knightsbridge lunch hours: breath of fresh Monday to Friday 12.00PM _ 3.00PM Saturday & Sunday 12.00PM _ 4.00PM aIr froM the Photo: Paul Raeside raMsay stable, boxwood Is young, buzzIng and casual londontoWn.CoM
  18. 18. you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 33 1:00PM—6:00PM AFTERNOON TEA AFTERNOON TEA
  19. 19. AFteRnoon teA PAge 34 1:00PM —5:30PM AFTERNOON TEA AT CLARIDGE’S clarIdge’s Is one of the Most dIvIne places on the planet for tea elle deCoRAtion 2008 AFTERNOON TEA this is the english afternoon tea of your wildest imagination. everything is perfect, from the glamour of the Art deco interior to the live music and quintessentially english menu. Served on fine china in bold jade and white stripes, the sandwiches are refined, the scones indulgent and the pastries delightful. As a member of the British tea Council, they hold the tea guild’s Award of excellence. there is a serious selection of teas from regional english to rare blends and herbal infusions. Champagne teas and seasonal teas are available, all in all it’s a wonder the english ever got anything done. Claridge’s Mayfair Afternoon tea hours: daily at 3.00PM, 3.30PM, 5.00PM or 5.30PM
  20. 20. AFteRnoon teA PAge 36 1:00PM —6:00PM PRÊT-À-PORTEA a selectIon of cleverly wrought pastrIes and cakes look set to Make pret-À-portea afternoon tea soMethIng of a destInatIon event AFTERNOON TEA WAllPAPeR 2008 Such a clever concept, the Berkeley The Berkeley knightsbridge has created the first designer afternoon Prêt-à-Portea: tea. inspired by the themes and colours Served daily 1.00PM _ 6.00PM of the fashion world, the menu changes every six months and features couture inspired desserts, shaped iced biscuits and finely decorated handbag cakes. Served on striped Paul Smith china, the attention to detail is breathtaking, making this a must have experience for any self respecting fashionista. Fashion has never tasted so good.
  21. 21. AFteRnoon teA PAge 38 AFteRnoon teA PAge 39 3:00PM—5:30PM AFTERNOON TEA AT THE CONNAUGHT the connaught’s classy afternoon tea, served In the espelette restaurant, Is a Must AFTERNOON TEA tHe indePendent 2009 if you are serious about afternoon tea, espelette is a destination experience and has been awarded membership of the British tea Council. Served in a delightfully pretty setting, attentive staff are happy to help you choose from a huge selection of teas and the tea time treats just seem to keep coming. Highlights include the lemon mousse, wild strawberry and banana jelly on a sable biscuit, chocolate cake with marinated orange in balsamic vinegar and of course the freshly baked scones. if tea is not your cup of tea, ask for the hot chocolate, you will be served a glass of piping hot milk with the finest chocolate lollipops to stir to your perfect chocolate intensity. The Connaught Mayfair Afternoon tea hours: Served daily at 3.00PM, 3.30PM, 5.00PM or 5.30PM
  22. 22. PAge 40 you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 41 6:00PM —11:00PM DINNER DINNER
  23. 23. dinneR PAge 42 6:00PM —11:00PM MARCUS WAREING AT ThE BERKELEY If all thIs sounds a lIttle glowIng and uncrItIcal, there’s a reason. Marcus wareIng Is just that good RiCHARd vineS, BlooMBeRg DINNER designed by david Collins, with two Michelin stars, and recently voted Harden’s top london restaurant, Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley goes from strength to strength. Famed for his technically brilliant French cuisine, Wareing adds inspired twists making each dish distinctly his own. the tasting menu is out of this world, exciting, balanced and inventive, the pan fried foie gras, peach, fresh almonds, honey, amaretti and black olive is exquisite and the combination of granny Smith apple crème, spiced brioche crisps, popcorn and salted caramel ice-cream is unforgettable. The Berkeley knightsbridge dinner hours: Monday to Saturday 6.00PM _ 11.00PM dress code: Smart, jacket and shirt preferred, no jeans, trainers or sportswear
  24. 24. dinneR PAge 44 Premier league dining at one dishes and modern european PAge 45 of london’s most luxurious classics prepared from the finest 5:45PM —11:00PM restaurants, gordon Ramsay at seasonal ingredients. the Suffolk Claridge’s is seriously glamorous. pork belly and roasted rack GORDON RAMSAY A who’s who of diners have enjoyed Ramsay’s accomplished menu in this thierry despont of english rose veal are simply delicious and the puddings are to die for, after the cold AT CLARIDGE’S designed dining-room. Arrive early for a pre-dinner drink at the Fumoir Bar and let the valrhona chocolate fondant, mint ice-cream and raspberries, the seduction is complete. seduction begin. this restaurant clarIdge’s grand, hIgh- has a sense of occasion, and Claridge’s Mayfair ceIlInged dInIng-rooM if you don’t have anything dinner hours: to celebrate then eating here Monday to Saturday 5.45PM _ 11.00PM Sunday 6.00PM _ 11.30PM stIll evokes 1930s joIe is excuse enough. the menu is confident and refined with dress Code: de vIvre – the perfect a selection of traditional english Smart, no trainers or sportswear settIng for a ‘sublIMe dInIng experIence’ dARiuS SAnAi, Conde nASt DINNER
  25. 25. grand Art deco features, sparkling international cuisine and traditional light and a huge Chihuly light english favourites provide variety and sculpture transform this Mayfair Chef Martyn nail’s refined manipulation hotel’s restaurant into a magical of native produce is inspired. the lavender space in the evening. At dinner in infused pannacotta with fresh raspberries, the Reading Room you are perfectly raspberry compote and crystalline sugar positioned to observe the glamorous is really excellent. bustle of the hotel from a calm oasis of culinary refinement. the menu Claridge’s Mayfair is extensive and yet refreshingly dinner hours: simple, with a selection of popular Served daily 6.00PM _ 10.30PM dishes using organic seasonal produce. dress code: Smart casual DINNER dinneR 6:00PM—10:30 PM THE READING ROOM & FOYER last week I dIscovered london’s best kept dInIng secret...the dInner Menu In clarIdge’s faMous foyer kARen WHeeleR, tHe ReConnoiSeeuR 2009
  26. 26. dinneR PAge 48 the Connaught has a great gastronomic at Hélène darroze the food is the heritage but with Hélène darroze at the star and the tasting menu should be helm all focus is on the present. darroze’s on any self respecting foodie’s ‘things formidable talent is enhanced by the to do before i die’ list. there are too relaxed approach and generosity of many wonderful dishes to mention spirit she has created at the Connaught. but if i had to recommend one it Full of surprises, you are greeted in would be the line caught “chipirons” the grand dining-room by a delicatessen calamari roasted “à la minute” with meat slicer and huge cheese domes, chorizo and confit tomatoes, black the once stuffy panelled dining room and creamy Carnaroli Acquarello rice has been transformed by Parisian india and Reggiano parmesan emulsion. Mahdavi into a thoroughly modern, light, refined space with feminine The Connaught Mayfair playfulness balancing masculine period dinner hours: features. But enough of the history, tuesday to Saturday 6.30PM _ 10.30PM the design and the signature service, Sunday & Monday closed dinneR 6:30PM—10:30 PM DINNER hÉLÈNE DARROZE AT ThE CONNAUGhT oyster In a cocktaIl glass covered In cavIar, creaM and gold leaf. It Is so fresh and suMptuous that If you could eat only one dIsh for the rest of your lIfe, thIs MIght be It JASPeR geRARd, tHe telegRAPH 2008
  27. 27. dinneR PAge 50 dinneR PAge 51 6:00PM—11:00PM ESPELETTE stunnIngly good zAgAt DINNER under the direction of Hélène darroze, espelette has become a destination bistro-style restaurant. Right in the heart of Mayfair, espelette is particularly pretty at night, overlooking Carlos Place and Mount Street, the conservatory restaurant wraps around the grand facade of the Connaught. With an à la carte and menu du jour, darroze employs the best seasonal ingredients and cuisine is refined and inventive. the gazpacho of tomatoes and pimientos del piquillo, tuna tartare and mustard ice-cream is fabulous. The Connaught Mayfair dinner hours: Monday to Sunday 6.00PM _ 11.00PM
  28. 28. dinneR PAge 52 PAge 53 6:00PM —11:00PM THE CARAMEL ROOM a fIrM favourIte aMong the rIch and faMous, not least for Its IMpeccable staff devAnSHi Mody, tRAvelintelligenCe.CoM After dark, the Caramel Room is smart and subtly sexy. designed by new yorker DINNER Alexandra Champalimaud it is as dark and rich as its name implies. With a thoroughly modern menu and an international clientele its a great place for a relaxed, intimate dinner. the seared scallops with vanilla beans and star anise infused pomegranate dressing is delicious and the puddings are legendary, the tanariva chocolate mousse with banana compote, nougat ice-cream and caramel sauce is very, very naughty. The Berkeley knightsbridge dinner hours: 6.00PM _ 11.00PM daily dress code: Smart casual
  29. 29. dinneR PAge 54 6:00PM —11:00PM BOXWOOD gordon raMsay’s CAFÉ chIc and buzzy eatery has an InforMal feel, but serves up delIcIous conteMporary food StAR MAgAzine 2009 new york meets knightsbridge at gordon Ramsay’s popular upscale brasserie style restaurant. the quirky layout of the restaurant is charming and Chef Stuart gillies sources DINNER fresh seasonal produce which reflects a traditional British market. this is a place to relax and enjoy yourself, the menu is sophisticated but never pretentious. dishes like baked orkney scallops with hedgerow garlic butter and braised salt marsh lamb ensure that Boxwood’s loyal customers are never disappointed. The Berkeley knightsbridge dinner hours: Monday to Sunday 6.00PM _ 11.00PM Photo: Paul Raeside
  30. 30. CoCktAilS PAge 56 you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 57 4:00PM—LATE COCKTAILS COCKTAILS
  31. 31. CoCktAilS PAge 58 PAge 59 12:00PM —1:00AM CLARIDGE’S BAR one of the Most glaMorous places In town for a drInk, wIth a brIllIantly vIbrant atMosphere toM AikenS, eS MAgAzine 2008 After work, those in Mayfair who matter move to Claridge’s Bar. Always busy and seriously glamorous, this david Collins designed bar has one of europe’s most extensive champagne menus. With red leather seating, a silver leaf ceiling and a green glass chandelier you can pretend to be admiring the decor while enjoying the sights and sounds of Mayfair at play. the cocktails are impeccable and served cold COCKTAILS in crystal. this popular bar has a no reservation policy so don’t arrive too late. Claridge’s Mayfair opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12.00PM _ 1.00AM Sunday 12.00PM _ 12.00AM Bar menu: Served daily 12.00PM _ 12.00AM dress code: Smart casual
  32. 32. CoCktAilS PAge 60 4:00PM —1:00AM ThE BLUE BAR “I adore the blue bar” MAdonnA COCKTAILS Small and exclusive, the Blue Bar The Berkeley knightsbridge is a favourite celebrity hang out in opening hours: knightsbridge. the lutyens blue Monday to Friday 4.00PM _ 1.00AM colour scheme, low seating and deco Saturday 3.00PM _ 1.00AM details scream sophistication, any risk Sunday 4.00PM _ 12.00AM of being too grown up is balanced by dress code: the friendly staff and great music. After Smart casual a cocktail or two it’s easy to imagine you could be on an ocean liner headed for Manhattan with only a select group of celebrities for company, no wonder this bar has become the stuff of legend.
  33. 33. CoCktAilS PAge 62 PAge 63 11:00PM —1:00AM ThE COBURG BAR everythIng you could hope for In a sMart hotel bar, sans pretensIons. darkly sophIstIcated and sInfully coMfortable tiMe out 2008 designed by Parisian india Mahdavi, the Coburg Bar has a very special atmosphere. At once both dark and playful, masculine and refined, this is one sexy space. Sink into the velvet armchairs and admire the juxtaposition of original fireplaces and chandeliers, contemporary art and strong geometric motifs. Frequented by a fascinating mix of characters all of whom appear COCKTAILS to be familiar with the best things in life and how to enjoy them. An inspired cocktail menu features some fabulous forgotten favourites, sours, flips, fixes and fizzes, there really is no better way to prepare for dinner. The Connaught Mayfair opening hours: Monday to Friday 11.00 AM _ 11.00PM Saturday to Sunday 12.00 PM _ 11.00PM dress code: Smart casual
  34. 34. CoCktAilS PAge 64 4:00PM —1:00AM THE CONNAUGHT BAR the prettIest thIng on Mount street, and gIven Its new credIbIlIty as a fashIon hub, that’s sayIng soMethIng tAtleR 2009 COCKTAILS Hidden away at the back of the exclusive vintages and limited Connaught and with its own edition champagnes, spirits and private entrance, this has got to be liqueurs. this is a connoisseurs the most beautiful bar in london. cocktail menu and the staff delight Metallics, mirrors and beautiful in helping their customers enjoy it. lighting are employed in david Collins’ 21st Century interpretation The Connaught Mayfair of the original edwardian architecture. opening hours: the Cocktail menu reflects the Monday to Saturday 4.00PM _ 1.00AM bar’s history bringing it bang up Sunday closed to date with innovative new twists. dress code: Ask the barman to explain the Smart casual
  35. 35. CoCktAilS PAge 66 11:30AM —1:00AM THE FUMOIR the bar behInd a secret door at london’s storIed hotel. candlelIght and london lovelIes vogue 2008 Hidden behind a door featuring an original 1930s lalique panel, this tiny bar is sumptuous and seductive. designed by thierry despont, the decor is a rich aubergine creating a contrast with the gorgeous black and white vintage photographs which gaze down at you from the walls. With a marble horseshoe bar, leather seating and low crystal lighting you can immerse yourself in the stylish thirties. Complete the moment by sipping on COCKTAILS a cocktail inspired by the era and served in a lalique glass. Claridge’s Mayfair opening hours: daily 11.30AM _ 1.00AM dress code: Smart casual
  36. 36. you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 68 DIRECTORY CLARIDGE’S Brook Street, Mayfair Claridge’s Foyer and Reading Room london W1k 4HR tel: +44 (0)20 7409 6307 united kingdom email: Phone +44 (0)20 7629 8860 Fax +44 (0)20 7499 2210 Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s tel: +44 (0)20 7409 6307 email: Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s tel: +44 (0)20 7499 0099 email: THE CONNAUGHT Carlos Place, Mayfair Hélène Darroze at the Connaught london W1k 2Al tel: +44 (0)20 3147 7200 united kingdom email: Phone +44 (0)20 7499 7070 Fax +44 (0)20 7495 3262 Espelette tel:+44 (0)20 3147 7100 email: Afternoon Tea at the Connaught tel: +44 (0)20 3147 7100 email: THE BERKELEY Wilton Place, knightsbridge Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley london SW1X 7Rl tel: +44 (0)20 7235 1200 united kingdom email: Phone +44 (0)20 7235 6000 Fax +44 (0)20 7235 4330 Prêt-à-Portea tel: +44 (0)20 7201 1619 DIRECTORY email: Boxwood Café tel: +44 (0)20 7235 1010 email:
  37. 37. you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 70 SPECIAL OCCASIONS EVENT DAYS Special menus are created at each hotel for special dates: St valentine’s day, easter Sunday, Christmas day and Boxing day and of course, new year’s eve. in addition there are specially themed Afternoon teas coinciding with london’s social calendar such as the Chelsea Flower Show and Wimbledon tennis championships. MASTER CLASSES A series of Master Classes are held at Claridge’s during the course of the year. Subjects include how to master the art of afternoon tea, game cookery, champagne and carving; even how to create your own Christmas wreath to welcome guests in style. PRêT-à-PORTEA ON WHEELS those in london’s SW1 area can now enjoy Prêt-à-Portea at home or at work thanks to the ultimate fashionista biscuit delivery service. Perched on the back of a vespa adorned in the famous Prêt colours of pistachio green and pale pink, the fashion tea comes complete with handbag take-away boxes packed within a bespoke handbag carrier. DIRECTORY For further details please visit our website or contact the hotels directly.
  38. 38. you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 72 you ARe WHeRe you eAt PAge 73 LOCATION GUIDE