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Princes Lodge - The Connaught, Maybourne Hotel Group, London, United Kingdom


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Princes Lodge - The Connaught, Maybourne Hotel Group, London, United Kingdom

  1. 1. From Kabul to Mayfair: The Connaught Presents The Prince’s Lodge For more than a century , The Connaught in London has stood as an emblem of discreet and authentic elegance in the charming M ay fair village. The legendary hotel has recently comp leted st a £70 million restoration, usherin g the land mark into the 21 century while p reserving with great care its distinctive p ersonality and intuitive style of service. In July 2009, The Connaught is op ening its most recent addition to their gleamin gly -restored guest rooms and suites – The Prince’s Lodge. Renowned design er Guy Oliver, in collaboration with The Turquoise M ountain Foundation in th Afghanistan, has created The Prince’s Lod ge at The Connau ght in a sty le insp ired by the 19 century Peacock Palace in the old city of Kabul. The Turquoise Mountain Foundation was formed in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to support and restore the historic districts of Kabul which have endured more than thirty y ears of war. The Foundation now emp loy s 350 p eople and has restored forty buildings in the once-shinin g city. Students of the Foundation are trained in traditional d isciplines, includin g h and-carv in g, p ottery, adobe architecture, jewelry and glass making. The Prin ce’s Lod ge at The Connaught represents the Foundation’s first commercial endeavor. Op ening the doors of Guest Room 518 at The Connau ght unveils a sp ace unlike any other in the iconic hotel. Wh ile other roo ms and suites, also designed by Guy Oliver, offer a discreet En glish ambian ce balan ced with contemp orary design, The Prince’s Lod ge boasts a hand-crafted app roach. Up on entering the gu est room, visitors will immed iately reco gnize the unique design and atmosphere in The Prince’s Lodge. The soarin g vaulted double h eight ceiling disp lay s antique oak beams; detailed oak panelin g runs all around the perimeter of the sumptuous sp ace. Hand-carved solid walnut cabinetry and p anelin g demonstrates the remarkable skill of the artisans who train with The Turquoise Mountain Foundation. Their tremendous talents are also
  2. 2. app arent in the beautiful suite of carved furniture including the p lush four p oster bed which was the first to be carved in Kabul over one hundred y ears ago. Two vaulted window seats with carved p eacocks and b asket weave p anels create magical sp aces to relax and enjoy the view of M ayfair. A p air of faithful rep roductions of early -carved 19th century cabinets conceals a bar and dressin g table while secret doors in the intricate paneling op en to reveal an intimate study filled with art and architectural reference books, board games and other objets d’arts. Original map s, p hotograp hs and oil p aintings grace the walls of the Prince’s Lod ge, creating the atmosp here a p rivate retreat rather than a hotel guest room. A p air of French doors op en widely, boasting views of London and an intimate walnut lined study , behind secret doors, contains art books and p rovides a peaceful sp ace to read and work. The stunning bathroom has a large double bath, double van ity and a sep arate white marb le shower and steam room comp lete with marble b ench seat. The Prince’s Lod ge provides a classical env ironment, however, techno logy is p ervasive. For those who must remain in-the- know, a subtly -p laced flat screen television to the right of the vanity allows guests to stay up to date on the latest news as well as their favorite shows. Reminiscent of a room in a grand En glish country house, The Prince’s Lod ge at The Conn aught is a truly unique space in one of the world’s most beloved hotels. Guy Oliver’s stunning design in The Prince’s Lodge ideally comp lements the other unp aralleled design elements found throughout the hotel. From The Coburg Bar and Hélèn e Darroze at The Connaught, both designed by India M ahdavi, to The Connaught Bar, designed by David Collins, the restoration of The Connaught brought together a team of celebrated designers to refresh and redesign one of the world’s most distinguished addresses. For more information on The Prince’s Lodge or The Connau ght, p lease contact Paula Fitzherbert at +44 (0)20 7201 1607 or p For more information on The Turquoise Mountain Foundation, please visit