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project "Traditional Customs of Four Seasons"


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Final report presentations about project activities of Multilateral partnership, programme Comenius, LLP, 2011-2013;
Hristo Botev Secondary school Kubrat, Bulgaria.

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project "Traditional Customs of Four Seasons"

  1. 1. Project No 2011-1-TR1-COM06-24282 “TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS OF FOUR SEASONS” Comenius multilateral partnership 2011-2013, LLP 2013, Hristo Botev Secondary School Kubrat, Bulgaria contract No LLP-2011 –COM-MP-046
  2. 2. Project objectives • Motivate students to learn other languages; • Compare traditions, namely songs, dances and costumes; • Create a calendar of the customs that follows the changes in nature; • Increase the feeling of European citizenship; • Break down stereotypes and prejudices; • Improve teaching practices.
  3. 3. Schedule of project meetings Host country Bulgaria Poland Turkey Romania Working days in host country 21- 23 Nov 2011 7-9 May 2012 19-21 November 2012 4-6 March 2013 School Name Hristo Botev Secondary school Junior High School Kowal Arpacay lisesi Scoala cu clasele I-VIII nr 3 "Teodor Balan" Address Kubrat, Strastin str. Postcode 7300 Kowal, ul.Piwna 20 Postcode 87-800 Kars, Arpacay lisesi, Postcode 36730 Gura Humorului , Postcode 725300 str. Sfântul Mihail nr 27 e-mail web http://www.sou http://www.pgkowal http://www.arpacayli cu_clasele_i_viii_nr_3_teodor _balan_gura_humorului Coordinator’s e-mail Mayya Radeva Monika Rosiak Nazmye Ciydem Mariana Liliana Gheorghian
  4. 4. Project meeting in Bulgaria, 21- 23 Nov 2011 PP presentations about customs in every partner’s country Exhibition with students’ works and typical household objects of 19th century
  5. 5. Interactive performance and games, Bulgaria
  6. 6. All teams on the stage – “Colorful embroidery”
  7. 7. St. George’s Day traditional activities from Bulgaria presented in Kowal, Poland
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Project activities in Kars, Turkey
  10. 10. Project activities in Gura Humorului - Romania
  11. 11. Project ideas and products:
  12. 12. Project ideas and products:
  13. 13. Dictionary
  14. 14. Traditions make as stronger and better. We build the bridges to the next generation.
  15. 15. Hristo Botev Secondary School Kubrat, Bulgaria Tel +359 848 72446 e-mail: