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Unknow Facts and top aquisitions of Google


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Its consist of some unknown facts about Google. Its also consist of some top acquisitions of Google in past years.
It also shows how Google is changing the lives of people around the world

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Unknow Facts and top aquisitions of Google

  1. 1. Its is global vacuum cleaner of digital data. Its handles 20 petabytes of data everyday ie 100 billion photographs or 5 billion songs . More than billion searches per day
  2. 2. How it started ?  In 1996 , Larry and Sergey begin collaborating on a search engine called BackRub. Larry Page Sergey Grin • In 1997, BackRub was initially operating on Stanford servers for more than a year. • In 1998, Google was Incorporated.
  3. 3. Products/Services of Google How many products ? More than 200
  4. 4.  Acquisition: 17th august 2005 for $50 million .  Open Source- allows your operating system on anything: phone , cars, fridges.  Out of 261.1 million smartphones sold in 2013 , 211million were android, ie over 80%. The Top 5 Acquisitions of Google
  5. 5.  Aquistion: 10th December 2006 for- $1.65 billion.  Over 1 billion unique users visit each month.  Bigger than Bing ,Yahoo, Ask, etc.  2nd Largest search engine on planet after Google itself.  4billion worth of videos are watched each month. How much video content actually uploaded on YouTube everyday? A decade worth of video is uploaded everyday at a rate of 72 hours/min
  6. 6.  Acquisition : 15th August 2011 for- $12.5 billion .  Google enters in the field of hardware side of smartphone.  To help Android to defend against Apple.  In 2014 Google sold Motorola Mobility to China’s Lenovo for $2.9 billion.
  7. 7. 10th December 2013 for- Unknown. Company created the Robotic Technology. Most Advance robotic technology on planet.
  8. 8. 13th January 2014 for- $3.2 billion. Smart Thermostats & smoke detectors for home Adjust from anywhere ie home powered by and android phone
  9. 9.  26 January 2014 .  Google’s 1st AI (Artificial Intelligence) acquisition  Cutting edge AI company.  Will be Used in Google Image Search
  10. 10.  It is a semi-secret facility of Google.  Aims to improve technology by factor of 10  Science Fiction sounding solutions.  In 2013 Google bought almost all the companies which are in the robotic field.
  11. 11.  Aim : to provide free internet facility to 4 billion people using air balloons.  The balloons will flow in stratosphere 2 miles above the surface  Balloons carry aerial Wi-Fi network with 3G speed.
  12. 12.  NASA & Google teamed up to build 1st Quantum Computer.  This computer will be used in future to solve complex & optimisation problems such as Global Warming.
  13. 13. Google Smart Contact Lenses  Provide Glucose monitoring system to cure Diabetics  Its uses an non intrusive method
  14. 14. Some of the Craziest Facts About Google  Google estimate that an ad on its homepage would cost about $10 million. But the space is not for sale.  Google is actually a misspelling of word Googol which means 1 followed by 100 zeros.  Google’s Doodle were started in 1998.  Google doesn’t use lawnmowers to cut its grass, in 2009 Google rented 200 goats to chow down the grass of its HQ.  Google homepage is available in over 150 languages.  Yahoo turned down the chance to buy Google for $1 million in 1997, today Google worth $200 billion and Yahoo just $20 billion.  The “I am feeling lucky” button cost $100 billion a year.  Google has more than 1 million servers i.e. 2% of world’s total.  Its receives 1 billion searches per day.