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E portals

  1. 1. Nikit bhatia
  2. 2. OVERVIEWSr no particulars1 Intro question2 What is travel agency ? And examples3 Types of travel agency and operations4 Travel agency in the 21st century=E-portals5 How did E-portals came into existence andexamples6 Merits and demerits of E-portal7 Market share and value chain analysisconculsionNikit bhatia
  3. 3. Nikit bhatia
  4. 4. • A travel agency is a private retaileror public service thatprovides tourism related services tothe public on behalf of suppliers suchas airlines, car rentals, cruiselines, hotels, railways, and package tours.• In addition to dealing withordinary tourists most travel agencies havea separate department devoted tomaking travel arrangements for businesstravelers and some travel agenciesspecialize in commercial and businesstravel only.What are travel agency ?Nikit bhatia
  5. 5. ThomascookSOTC Cox &kingsNikit bhatia
  6. 6. • There are three different types of agencies:multiples, miniples and independent agencies.The former comprises a number of nationalchains, often owned by internationalconglomerates, like Thomson Holidays, now asubsidiary of TUI AG, the German multinational.• It is now quite common for the large mass-market tour companies to purchase acontrolling interest in a chain of travelagencies, in order to control the distribution oftheir product. (This is an example of verticalintegration.) The smaller chains are often basedin particular regions or districtsTypes Of Travel AgenciesNikit bhatia
  7. 7. • A travel agencys main function is to act as an agent,selling travel products and services on behalf of asupplier. Consequently, unlike other retail businesses,they do not keep a stock in hand. A package holidayor a ticket is not purchased from a supplier unless acustomer requests that purchase. The holiday or ticketis supplied to them at a discount. The profit is thereforethe difference between the advertised price which thecustomer pays and the discounted price at which it issupplied to the agent. This is known as the commission.• Other commercial operations are undertaken,especially by the larger chains. These can include thesale of in-house insurance, travel guidebooks and timetables, car rentals, and the services ofan on-site Bureau de change, dealing in the mostpopular holiday currenciesOperations of the TravelAgenciesNikit bhatia
  8. 8. • With general public access to the Internet,many airlines and other travel companiesbegan to sell directly to passengers. As aconsequence, airlines no longer needed topay the commissions to travel agents oneach ticket sold.• In 2009, the market size for travel agenciesexperienced a sharp decline, droppingfrom $17 billion the previous year to $14.5billionTravel Agencies in the 21stcentury = E PortalsNikit bhatia
  9. 9. • With the advancement of the ITsector in the industry and internetbecoming popular, e portals cameinto existence• Initially, when E Portals were notpopular, the travel agents adoptedthem so as to make their workeasy, effective and fast.How did E Portals came intoexistence??rajat jain
  10. 10. EXPEDIAYATRA.COMExamples of E PortalsRajat jain
  11. 11. TRIP ADVISORMAKE MY TRIPRajat jain
  12. 12. Nikit bhatia
  13. 13. • As the IT sector progressed, so the hotelsstarted to advertise themselves on the webbecause it became the largest medium tomarketing.• And then with internet becoming popularin every industry, people started browsingthrough the websites and e portals andmaking their own travel as per theirrequirements…E Portals becoming popularwith a very rapid pace…Sagar batra
  14. 14. • We can plan our own travel as per ourrequirements• The commission of the travel agent is saved• E Portals are very user friendly• E Portals includes many processes suchas dynamic packaging which provide usefulnew options for consumers.• Today the tour guide can be a GPS tour guide,and the guidebook could be an audioguide, pod guide or I-Tours, such as City audioguides. The biometric passport may also beincluded as travel technology in the broadsense.Merits of E portals…Sagar batra
  15. 15. • Travel agents remain dominant in someareas such as cruise vacations where theyrepresent 77% of bookings and 73% ofpackaged travel• The people who doesn’t use internetfrequently are still dependent on travelagencies on their travel• The people who are planning their tour forleisure still consult travel agencies ratherthan e portalsDrawbacks of E PortalsSagar batra
  16. 16. Market share of E booking inIndian railwaySagar batra
  17. 17. Market share of E booking inairlines in IndiaNikit bhatia
  18. 18. Nikit bhatia
  19. 19. Rising of E Portals againsttravel agencies…Sagar batra
  20. 20. Value Chain AnalysisSagar batra
  21. 21. • With many people switching to self-serviceinternet websites, the number of available jobsas travel agents is decreasing. Counteractingthe decrease in jobs due to internet services isthe increase in the number of people travelling.• Since 1995, many travel agents have exited theindustry, and relatively few young people haveentered the field due to less competitivesalaries. However, others have abandoned thebrick and mortar agency for a home-basedbusiness to reduce overheads and those whoremain have managed to survive by promotingother travel products such as cruise lines andtrain excursionsCareers in the industry…Nikit bhatia
  22. 22. • Initially, when e portals came, travelagencies adopted them to make theirwork easier and fast• But now as people have started using eportals on their own to plan their travel, ithas become the major threat to travelagencies as it has become very difficult forthem to survive in the market especiallyindependent travel agencies…E Portals overcoming travelagencies…Nikit bhatia
  23. 23. Nikit bhatia
  24. 24. What will be the Future???Sagar batra
  25. 25. Nikit bhatia