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  1. 1. America America Boston GuitarFest 2010 June 9-13 2010 March 29, 2010 AMERICA AMERICA BOSTON GUITARFEST 2010: June 9-13 Co-Sponsored by New England Conservatory and Northeastern University. Principle Corporate Sponsor: LA BELLA STRINGS WELCOME! I am delighted to welcome music lovers, guitarists, aficionados, and all of our many friends “known and unknown” (as Andres Segovia liked to say) to the fifth edition of the cross disciplinary, multicultural event that we call Boston GuitarFest. This year’s festival will run from June 9 - 13, 2010, and is organized around the theme “AMERICA, AMERICA”. Boston GuitarFest V is dedicated to the sacred memory of our own great, late Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who was such a heroic “drum major for righteousness” and also a great friend and supporter of the arts. Among the many things he did in his long and productive life of public service the Senator was also gracious enough to give a letter of support to Boston GuitarFest, a letter which we once again proudly include on this year’s website. Boston GuitarFest is fortunate to have the use of Jordan Hall, the jewel in the crown of the New England Conservatory, for a majority of the major events of the Festival. The Festival is many things at once: a music festival with a stellar array of exciting concerts; a series of seminars and master classes taught by an incomparable faculty; and a meeting place for all those seeking a deeper message, more enduring values and a more genuine human interchange than can often be found in the world of today’s “music business”. I am thrilled at the quality and variety of this year’s offerings. A quick rundown of the featured evening events range from the stellar young German virtuoso, Franz Halasz, to Fareed Haque’s “Hindi Hoedown” project; from American legend David Starobin to cross-over talent, Michael Chapdelaine; from Jorge Caballero’s stunning Dvorak’s 9th Symphony to Benjamin Verdery’s eloquent American voice; and from my own duo recital with clarinet genius Richard Stoltzman to the festival’s concluding final concert featuring Donnell Patterson leading a Gospel Gala which will celebrate the role of that style in creating the spiritual soul and solace of our country. As usual we will sponsor two competitions for classical guitar performance, one for adults and one for young people, as well as our annual competition for composition. The adult competition format is dedicated to any duo chamber music work for guitar using an American theme. This year we are extremely fortunate to have been able to inaugurate a new student scholarship fund established in memory of the eminent architect, Thomas Hiksdal. Equally exciting, this year’s Boston GuitarFest’s Student Affairs Director, Zaira Meneses, also starts her new initiative “Guitar and Friends”, which will present a year-round series of concerts, seminars, lectures and other events aimed at raising the awareness of the guitar and its possibilities among the general public. These events which will take place all over the Boston area, will both lead up to Boston GuitarFest and perpetuate the legacy of the festival. As always we are profoundly grateful for the sponsorship of La Bella String company and for our numerous other loyal friends and sponsors who make it all possible. I hope to meet and greet both our many returning friends from past GuitarFests and to make the acquaintance of many new members of our Boston GuitarFest family. See you all again soon in Boston! Eliot Fisk Artistic Director and Founder, Boston GuitarFest Registration Details Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is recommended. Housing will be available on the campus of Northeastern University at $75 per night. For more information and to register for housing, visit www. Tuition * Active Student non-credit, Registered/Paid by April 15, 2010: $385 * Active Student non-credit, Registered/Paid after April 15, 2010: $460 * Adult Performance Competition Only: $175 * Youth Performance Competition Only: $175 (includes all Sat/Sun festival events) * 5-Day Auditor: $285 (includes all festival events) * Day Pass: $75 (includes all festival events for one day) * Active Student for 2 SCE Credits (School of Continuing Education): $1050 Special Rates * Cultural Consortium member discounted rate (subject to verification): Auditor $190 / Day Pass $65 * 2-Day Weekend Pass (Sat/Sun): $135 Concert Tickets Afternoon Concerts - $15 General/ $10 Students with ID Evening Concerts - $25 General/ $20 Students with ID Saturday Evening Concert with Eliot Fisk and Richard Stoltzman - $30 General/ $25 Students with ID 10% Discount on evening concerts for NU/NEC Alumni Purchase tickets online or at the door: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Robert Ward, Administrative Director, Boston GuitarFest (Northeastern University Music Department) Press Release More Information: Robert Ward Download this presskit at:
  2. 2. America America Boston GuitarFest 2010 June 9-13 2010 Wednesday, June 9 Arrival and registration TBAam Location TBA Seminar KinderGuitar: New Method for Teaching Children, by Leo Garcia 2:30pm Pierce Hall, NEC Concert Pedro Gonzalez (First Prize Winner of Boston GuitarFest 2009 Competition) 4pm Jordan Hall, NEC Welcome recption Event for all aritsts, course participants and contestants 6pm President’s Library, NEC Concert Franz Halasz/ Fareed Haque Trio (“Hindi Hoedown”) 8pm Fenway Center, NU Thursday, June 10 Master Classes 9am - 1pm David Starobin - Pierce Hall, NEC 9am - 1pm Ben Verdery - SB113, NEC Adult Performance Competition Preliminary Round begins 9am - 1pm Jordan Hall, NEC Seminar Sen. Edward Kennedy and Support for the Arts (speaker tbd) 2pm Pierce Hall, NEC Concert Contemporary American Works for Guitar Quartet (Quartet Miscelanea (Salzburg) 4pm Jordan Hall, NEC Concert David Starobin and Michael Chapdelaine 8pm Fenway Center, NU Friday, June 11 Master Classes 9am - 1pm Franz Halasz - Pierce Hall, NEC 9am - 1pm Jorge Caballero - SB113, NEC Adult Performance Competition Preliminary Round continues 9am - 1pm Jordan Hall, NEC Seminar Advanced Techniques in Contemporary Guitar, lecture recital by Seth Josel 2pm Pierce Hall, NEC Concert Zaira Meneses, Virginia Eskin and Friends (Claude Bolling “Picnic Suite”) 5pm Jordan Hall, NEC Concert Jorge Caballero/ Benjamin Verdery’s new work, dedicated to the memory of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), to be performed by the Miscelanea Quartet (salzburg) and 4 Boston area guitarists; dedicated to Ted Kennedy) 8pm Fenway Center, NU Saturday, June 12 Master Classes 9am - 1pm Michael Chapdelaine - Pierce Hall, NEC 9am - 1pm Franz Halasz - SB113, NEC Adult Performance Competition Semifinal Round 9am - 1pm Jordan Hall, NEC Youth Performance Competition Preliminary Round 9am - 1pm Fenway Center, NU Seminar One Man’s Journey: ‘From Segovia to ‘Sin’”, by Michael Chapedelaine 2pm Pierce Hall, NEC Youth Performance Competition Final Round 2pm Jordan Hall, NEC Seminar The Magic of a Great Guitar String: Eric Cocco of La Bella Strings 3pm Pierce Hall, NEC Concert Contemporary Chamber Music with Guitar: Boston based artists TBD 4:30pm Jordan Hall, NEC Concert Eliot Fisk and Richard Stoltzman Duo Recital 8pm Jordan Hall, NEC Sunday, June 13 Master Classes Eliot Fisk 9am - 1pm Jordan Hall, NEC Seminar “The Guitar in Mexico: New Works, New Techniques, New Strategies” Enrique Salmeron 1pm Jordan Hall, NEC Adult Performance Competition Final Round (FREE) 2:30pm Jordan Hall, NEC Final Festival Concert “The Glory of Gospel”: NEC Gospel Music Project, Director Donnell Patterson 7pm Fenway Center, NU Event SchedulePlease check for the latest information.
  3. 3. Adult Performance Competition Schedule Thursday June 10 - Preliminary round: 9am - 1pm, Jordan Hall, NEC Friday June 11 - Preliminary round: 9am - 1pm, Jordan Hall, NEC Saturday June 12 - Semifinal round: 9am - 1pm, Jordan Hall, NEC Sunday June 13 - Final round: 2:30 pm, Jordan Hall, NEC Eligibility * Contestants must be at the outset of their careers and may not have profes- sional representation. * Previous first prize winners of the Boston GuitarFest competition are not eligible. * There is no age limit. Prizes First prize: $5000, concert in 2010, CD recording (at discretion of the jury) Second prize: $2500 Third prize: $1000 Fourth prize: $500 Interpretation prize for music by an American composer and/or with an American theme: $250 Required Pieces * Preliminary round: not to exceed 10 minutes. Contestant must include one work by an American composer and/or with an American theme (see list of sugges- tions) * Semifinal round: not to exceed 15 minutes. Free choice, but not including American work. * Final round: not to exceed 25 minutes. Contestant must include one work by an American composer and/or with an American theme (see list of suggestions). This work may be the same or different as in the preliminary round. * Individual movements from major works are acceptable. * No concertos or chamber music will be permitted. * Required pieces may not be repeated in other rounds. While other works may be repeated from round to round, the judges welcome a variety of repertoire. Required Piece suggestions Rochberg - free selection from American Bouquet Carter - Shard Verdery - free selection from Prince Suite Takemitsu - Over the Rainbow or Summertime Hovhaness - Suite Kernis - free selection from Partita Riley - free selection from The Book of Abbevozzud Beaser - Canti Notturni or Notes on a Southern Sky Zappa - Waltz Domeniconi - Hommage a Jimi Hendrix Various pieces by Leisner, Johanson, Chapdelaine, Bolcom, Kolb.Babbitt, JA Lennon Youth Performance Competition Schedule Saturday, June 12, 2010 - Preliminary round: 9am - 1pm, Fenway Center, NU Saturday, June 12, 2010 - Final round: 2pm, Jordan Hall, NEC Eligibility * Contestants must be younger than 19 years of age as of June 12, 2010. * Contestants must not be enrolled in a post-secondary institution as of June 13, 2009. * Contestants cannot hold a post-secondary degree of any kind. Prizes 1st prize: $ 750 2nd prize: $ 500 3rd prize: $ 250 Required Pieces * Preliminary round: 8-12 minutes of playing time, including one piece from Fran- cisco Tárrega. * Final round: 15-20 minutes of playing time. Free choice. Preliminary round pieces may be repeated, including the required pieces. * Individual movements from major works are acceptable. * No concertos or chamber music will be permitted. Requirements that apply to both Adult and Youth Competitions * All pieces must be performed on a nylon-string, classical guitar. * All works must be performed from memory. * If possible, contestants should bring one copy of each score to present to the jury upon request. * The judges’ decisions are final.The judges reserve the right to hear all or part of the prepared works and may stop competitors at any point. Time on stage before and between pieces is generally not counted towards the total time limit except when deemed as excessive by the judges. Performances going over the time limit may be stopped at no penalty to the contestant. * All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt. * Boston GuitarFest has the right to limit the number of participants based on a first come, first serve basis. * Performance times will be determined by a random drawing. Special requests cannot be accommodated. * Failure to appear at the appointed time will result in disqualification. Adult and Youth Performance Competition Questions Please contact Dan Acsadi, Boston GuitarFest Director of Competitions Event Information continued... Composition Competition Deadline All works should be submitted by June 8, 2010 Guidelines Boston GuitarFest 2010 Composition Competition will focus on the combination of classical guitar and voice, set to the text of an American poet. * The work should not exceed 15 minutes. * No published, or publicly performed, or award-winning compositions should be submitted * Judges will look for idiosyncratic writing for the instruments, originality, form, playability and musical imagination. * Scores should be set using a program such as Finale or Sibelius or legibly handwritten. * $400.00 for the winning composition and performance at GuitarFest 2011. Also free tuition for GuitarFest 2011. * Prize winners will be announced the last day of the festival. Judges have the right to award no first prize. The judges’ decisions are final. Application and Fee There is NO FEE for submitting ONE work. A $50 fee must accompany EACH ADDITIONAL submitted work (no limit to the number of additional works). Checks should be made out to Northeastern University to the address below. Submissions Composition Competition Registration is independent of the festival registration. Form and submission instructions are at * Email submissions should be done in PDF format along with the electronic submission form. Payment (if any) can be sent by mail. If available, a recording of the submitted work may also be emailed as a mp3 audio file. * Submission by regular mail should include one bound copy of the score, sub- mission form and payment. If available, a recording a recording of the submitted work may also be included on an audio CD. * Care should be taken that the real name of the composer only appears on the first page of the submitted score. GuitarFest staff will take measures to withhold the real name of the composer, and will provide judges with a number for each submission. * The completed submission form is independent of the Boston GuitarFest registration. * No works will be returned (do not send originals). Composition Competition Questions Please contact Robert Ward, Administrative Director Northeastern University Music Department
  4. 4. America America Boston GuitarFest 2010 June 9-13 2010 Official Sponsor of Boston GuitarFest 2008 The Robert E. Davoli and Eileen L. McDonagh Charitable Foundation Sponsors Sponsors list last updated 3/15/2010 More Information: Robert Ward Download this presskit at: Consulate General of Spain in Boston
  5. 5. America America Boston GuitarFest 2010 June 9-13 2010 Inside Cover Full Page: $750 Inside Back Cover Full Page: $750 Back Cover Full Page: $750 Full Page: $500 Half Page: $300 Quarter Page: $175 Artwork and payment deadline to advertise in the festival program: May 17, 2010 Send inquiries to Program Advertising Price List 2010 Full Page: 5” x 8” Quarter Page: 2.5” x 4” Half Page: 5” x 4” More Information: Robert Ward Download this presskit at:
  6. 6. America America Boston GuitarFest 2010 June 9-13 2010 Artistic Director Eliot Fisk Founder and Director (USA) A creative innovator linked to the great romantic tradition of the past, guitarist Eliot Fisk is one of the most exciting and unique artists before the public today. Known world wide for his adventurous repertoire and willingness to take art music into unusual venues (including schools, senior centers and even prisons!) he belongs, as his great mentor Andrés Segovia once wrote, “at the top line of our artistic world.” In June of 2006, by order of King Juan Carlos of Spain, Eliot Fisk was awarded the Cruz of Isabel la Catótlica for his service to the cause of Spanish music. Earlier recipients of this rarely bestowed honor include Andrés Segovia and Yehudi Menuhin. Eliot Fisk has performed to dazzling critical and public acclaim in recital, as soloist with major orchestras and in a wide variety of chamber music combinations in most of the great concert halls of the world and in 1996 in a command performance in the Palacio de los Cordova in Granada, Spain, for then U.S. President Bill Clinton and King Juan Carlos of Spain and their families. Eliot Fisk has expanded the repertoire for the guitar enormously through countless ground breaking transcrip- tions of works by Bach, Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Paganini, and others as well as through commissions from leading composers as varied as Luciano Berio, Leonardo Balada, Robert Beaser, Wiliam Bolcom, Xavier Montsalvatge, Nicholas Maw, George Rochberg and Kurt Schwertsik. His numerous transcriptions and editions are published by Universal, Presser, Ricordi and Guitar Solo Publications. Eliot Fisk’s numerous recordings for the Musical Heritage Society, DGG, Arabesque, and EMI have elicited unqualified praise and even entered the Billboard charts as bestsellers. Most of these recordings include repertoire never before performed on the guitar such as his legendary reading of the 24 solo violin Capricci, Op. 1 of Paganini (“Has to be heard to be believed!” — Ruggiero Ricci), his recordings of contemporary works by Berio and Rochberg or his recording with Paula Robison of Robert Beaser’s Mountain Songs, which was nominated for a Grammy. Guitar Review wrote that his versions of the complete Bach unaccompanied violin Sonatas and Partitas, BWV 1001-1006 “place him alongside Casals and Gould as one of this century’s greatest inter- preters of Bach.” On a lighter note, Gramophon Magazine described his transcriptions for violin, cello and guitar of Bach’s Violin Sonatas BWV 1014 – 1019: “If exploring the instrumental potential of the continuo is Baroque music’s equivalent of exploring Star Trek’s final frontier, then guitarist Eliot Fisk may be its Captain Kirk and his transcrip- tion of Bach’s Six Violin Sonatas its Starship Enterprise”. Eliot Fisk’s forays into unconventional territory have included collaborations with chanteuse, Ute Lemper; Turkish music master, Burhan Öçal; jazz guitar legend, Joe Pass; flamenco great, Paco Pena; and master of castanets, Lucero Tena. 2006-07 season projects included four major premieres: Leonardo Balada’s “Caprichos” (seven movements after songs of Federico Garcia Lorca for guitar and string quartet), Kurt Schwertsik’s 25 minute “Ein Kleines Requiem” for solo guitar; Daniel Bernard Ro- main’s concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra (“We March”); and Eliot Fisk’s transcription of Mark O’ Connor’s violin concerto movement entitled, “Winter” for guitar and orchestra. In 2008 he began a long anticipated collaboration with legendary virtu- oso Angel Romero in a program to include a newly commissioned work for two guitars by Leonardo Balada as well as new Fisk transcriptions for two guitars of works by Scarlatti and others. Eliot Fisk is founder and director of Boston Guitar Fest, an annual event held in the month of June at the New England Conservatory. This festival is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge possibilities of the guitar in an interdisciplinary cross-cultural context. Eliot Fisk was the last direct pupil of Andrés Segovia and also studied interpretation under the legendary harpsi- chordist, Ralph Kirkpatrick, at Yale University from which he graduated summa cum laude in 1976. Called by one New York Times headline “A Fiery Missionary to the Unconverted,” Eliot Fisk devotes consider- able energy to teaching. He is Professor at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, where he teaches in 5 different languages, and in Boston at the New England Conservatory. His students have come from all corners of the earth. Many have gone on to become important performers and teachers in their own right. Eliot Fisk lives in Boston, Salzburg, and (whenever possible) in his beloved Granada, Spain, with his wife, acclaimed guitarist Zaira Men- eses, and their six year old daughter, Raquel. Festival Staff Jesse Acker-Johnson, Staff Assistant Dan Acsadi, Director of Competitions Maria Benotti, Competition Jury Alexander Dunn, Competition Jury Virginia Eskin, Competition Jury Eliot Fisk, Artistic Director Sean Hagon, Director of NEC School of Continuing Ed./ Summer Session Bruce Holzman, Competition Jury Tom Johnson, Competition Jury Zaira Meneses, Director of Outreach John Muratore, Competition Jury Jim Perona, Staff Assistant Robert Ward, Administrative Director
  7. 7. America America Boston GuitarFest 2010 June 9-13 2010 He is a founding member of Axis, a string quintet that adds to the conventional string quartet the sensual sounds of a guitar, and thus explores new options of sound. Michael Chapdelaine Guitar Michael Chapdelaine is the only guitarist ever to win First Prize in the world’s top competitions in both the Classical and Fingerstyle genres; the Guitar Foundation of America International Classical Guitar Com- petition and the National Fingerstyle Championships at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield , Kansas. From New York’s Lincoln Center to the Cactus Cafe in Austin, from Milano to Bangkok, Michael continues to enchant, dazzle and surprise audiences and critics alike as he redefines the modern acoustic guitar with his amazing technique, “soulful” expressiveness, and versatility as a performer, composer and arranger/producer. His performances, played on both steel string and classical guitars, include musical styles ranging from blues to Bach to country to rhythm n’ blues as he wins his audiences hearts with breath taking technique and the poetic magic of his original musical portraits and landscapes. In the 80’s and 90’s Michael proved himself to be one of the world’s fin- est classical guitarists; twice winning the coveted National Endowment for the Arts Solo Recitalist Grant, and taking First Prize in both the Gui- tar Foundation of America’s and the Music Teachers National Associa- tion’s Guitar Competitions. He also won the Silver Medal in Venezuela’s VIII Concurso International de Guitarra “Alirio Diaz”. He has toured four continents while giving hundreds of performances for Affiliate Artists Inc., and various arts promotion organizations. In the 90’s he recorded the Sonata Romantica CD, (now re-released as Mexico), which many critics and connoisseurs of classical guitar con- sider to be one of the definitive recordings for the instrument. Acoustic Guitar magazine wrote “... if I were marooned on a desert island with a limited selection of recordings, this one would be among my choices...I have seldom heard a more beautiful album. Other young guitarists have excellent technique, but few have such style and musicality, and Chap- delaine’s beautiful tone is the nearest to Segovia’s that I can recall.” In 1994 Michael turned his attention to pop music, in arranging, producing and recording Time-Life Music’s beautiful Guitar by Moonlight collec- tion (also released as with love), which sold 250,000 copies in it’s first two years in the stores. In 1998, he once again, expanded his musical range and gained instant notoriety and credibility in the “acoustic music” Jorge Caballero Guitar Jorge Caballero, the youngest musi- cian and the only guitarist to win the prestigious Naumburg International Competition, is known for his dazzling virtuosity, his intense musicality and his spellbinding performances. He is widely regarded as one of the finest guitarists of his generation. Allan Kozinn of the New York Times called him a “superb young guitarist” and praised his rare combination of “a deft, powerful technique and a soft- spoken interpretive persona.” Mr. Caballero’s solo recitals have included performances at New York’s Alice Tully Hall, the Library of Congress in Washington (in the Great Performers Series), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco (in the Omni series), the Da Camera Society in Los Angeles, New York’s Midtown Concert Series, BargeMusic, St. Bartholomew’s Church and other venues in the United States and inter- nationally. He has performed as a soloist with the Los Angeles Philhar- monic, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, the New York Chamber Symphony, the Naples Philharmonic, the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra and the Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Ankara, Turkey, among others. He recently recorded Dvorak’s New World symphony, transcribed for solo guitar, a piece that he is one of only two guitarists in the world to perform. His 2000 Musical Heritage recording of the Bach cello suites, which he transcribed, was highly praised by critics. He has also recorded a CD with soprano Theresa Santiago. A recording of Bach’s keyboard works is in the planning stages. His upcoming performances include recitals at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Guitar Foundation Convention in Los Angeles, the Katzin Concert Hall of Arizona State University, Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall (with violist David Aaron Carpenter) and 2008 tours in Europe, Brazil and Colombia. He began his professional training at the National Conservatory in Lima, studying with Oscar Zamora. He later came to the United States, where he attended the Manhattan School of Music. He is the recipient of top prizes at the Tokyo International Competition, the Luis Sigall Competi- tion, and the First Latin American Guitar Competition, in addition to the Naumburg, which he won in 1996 at age 19. Mr. Caballero’s repertoire is notable for its breadth and scope: When he applied to the conservatory, his teacher suggested that perhaps he should list the pieces that he could not play, since there were so few of them. It ranges from Bach to Ginastera, from Paganini to Ponce, from Scarlatti and Dowland to Giuliani and Legnani, from Renaissance pieces for the vihuela to modern composers like Carter and Berio. Guest Artists More Information: Robert Ward Download this presskit at:
  8. 8. Halász is professor at the “Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg-Augsburg“. His many CDs for BIS - always rated as reference recordings - include among others the complete guitar music by Joaquin Turina and Toru Takemitsu. For NAXOS Franz Halasz is recording recently the complete works for guitar by Hans Werner Henze.The first CD of this serie was released in April 2006. Zaira Meneses Guitar Born in the province of Vera Cruz, Mexico, Zaira Meneses began musical studies at the age of 7. Her unique tal- ents led to participation in the cham- ber choir of the IPE conducted by Ana Elgarte and Jose Antonio Perez. She soon revealed an extraordinary double talent as singer and guitarist, and dur- ing her years of guitar study, she was the recipient of numerous prizes for guitar performances both nationally and internationally. Beginning in 1998 she participated in outreach concerts for children in Vera Cruz, Puebla, Villa Hermosa, and other cities in her native Mexico. That same year she also won first prize in the Paracho Michoacán International Guitar Competition and honorable mention in the National Guitar Competition of Xalapa. One year later she won the Competition of Guanajuato, Mexico and in the same year, was awarded a scholarship to the “Paco Marin” International Guitar Competition. Zaira Meneses has participated in numerous international guitar festivals, participated in master classes led by Ivan Rijos, Roberto Aussel, Manuel Barruenco, Eliot Fisk, Kosta Kotfiolis, and Joaquin Clerch among others. She has distinguished herself not only as a soloist, but also as a founding mem- ber of the Orquesta de Guitarras of Xalapa with which she has toured throughout Mexico and abroad under the Baton of the legendary Al- fonso Moreno. She performs widely as a guitar soloist and as a member of various chamber music to public and critical acclaim in both Europe and the America’s. Zaira performs with the 2001 light series classical guitar strings. David Starobin Guitar David Starobin was recently called by “Soundboard” magazine “arguably the most influential American classical guitarist of the twentieth century.” Composers including Elliott Carter, George Crumb, Lukas Foss, Poul Ruders, Gunther Schuller and Milton Babbitt have dedicated new works to him, producing a repertoire of more than 350 new scores. Starobin has performed these works throughout the world, collaborating with ensembles including The New York Philharmonic, National Symphony, Houston Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, St. Louis Symphony, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Danish Radio Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and the Emerson and Guarneri Quartets. David Starobin began his guitar studies at age 7, with the Puerto Rican guitarist Manuel Gayol, later working with Albert Valdes Blain, and Aaron Shearer at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. While a student at Peabody, Starobin worked closely with pianist Leon Fleisher, and was a frequent participant in the Marlboro Music Festival. Among Starobin’s many honors are a Harvard University Fromm Grant, for “his commit- ment to the music of our time”; Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Grant; ASCAP’s Deems Taylor Award, and Peabody Conservatory’s “Distin- guished Alumni Award”. Between 1993 and 2004, Starobin was the chairman of the guitar department at the Manhattan School where he currently teaches. In 1981, David Starobin founded the record label, world as a “fingerstyle” guitarist and composer, by winning the National Fingerpicking Championships at Winfield. Michael is Professor of Music and head of guitar studies at the Univer- sity of New Mexico, and has previously been on the faculties of the Uni- versity of Colorado at Denver and Metropolitan State University. He has given master classes throughout the world including, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Peru, Venezuela, Taiwan, Indonesia and at institutions such as, University of Miami, Mannes School of Music, University of Texas, and California State University. His teachers included Bruce Holzman, Oscar Ghiglia, Eliot Fisk, and the great Spanish maestro Andres Segovia. Virginia Eskin Piano Virginia Eskin’s concerto appear- ances include the Annapolis, Buffalo, Louisville, New Hampshire, Rochester, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Utah Symphony Orchestras, the Bos- ton Classical, the Israel Sinfonietta, and the Boston Pops. She has also performed as a soloist with the New York City and Boston Ballet Companies, and at New York ‘s Morgan Library. Ms. Eskin recently created and hosted “First Ladies of Music,” a 13-program radio series sponsored by Northeastern University and produced by WFMT, Chicago, carried by over 100 radio stations in the United States and abroad. She holds the appointment of Visiting Artist, Northeastern University Department of Music, and received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Keene State College (NH) to recog- nize her contributions to women’s music. Pedro Mateo González Guitar Pedro Mateo González started his musical studies at age 6 years at the Conservatory “Tomás Luis de Victoria” in that city and there ended the Middle Grade Guitar specialties with Salvador Gomez. Conducts studies in Higher Grade “Real Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Madrid,” with Professor D. José Luis Rodrigo , en la “Hochschule für Musik Köln” en la clase de D. José Luis Rodrigo, at the “Hochschule für Musik Köln” in the class of D. Roberto Aussel . Roberto Aussel. Franz Halász Guitar The American born German Franz Halász stands in the forefront of outstanding artists in the guitar field. Judged by Soundboard Magazine in his New York debut as “simply elec- trifying!” and by Gramophone’s critic as “the most remarkable guitarist in many years”, Franz Halász began his career in 1993, winning first prizes at the „Andres Segovia Competition“ in Spain and the „Seto Ohashi“ Competition in Japan. The orchestral dimensions of his performance and the phenomenal clar- ity and precision of his musical vision, have rejoiced audiences between Tokyo and New York. In the course of his worldwide presentations and concert tours, he shared the stage with well known artists such as Siegfried Jerusalem, Boris Pergamenschikow and Patrick Gallois. Franz More Information: Robert Ward Download this presskit at: Guest Artists continued...
  9. 9. Benjamin has released over 15 albums, his most recent, Branches (Mushkatweek) features arrangements of works by Bach, Mozart, Strauss, Hendrix and the traditional Amazing Grace. His recording, Start Now (Mushkatweek), won the 2005 Classical Recording Foundation Award. Other recordings of note include Some Towns & Cities which won the 1992 Guitar Player Magazine Best Classical Guitar Recording and his collaboration with John Williams on John Williams Plays Vivaldi (Sony Classical). Ben is currently working on a second recording with guitarist Bill Coulter (for audio clip go to Ben’s audio section). Since 1985, Benjamin has been chair of the guitar department at the Yale University School of Music. In 2004, the Yale University Music Library commissioned Ingram Marshall to compose a work for classical and electric guitars. Dark Florescence was premiered at Carnegie Hall with the American Composers Orchestra and Steven Sloane in February 2005 and had its European premiere at the Belfast Festival (Ireland) with the Ulster Orchestra in November 2005. The electric guitarist for these occasions was Andy Summers (of The Police). Having met at the 2002 New York Guitar Festival, Benjamin and Andy have since recorded First you Build A Cloud. A prolific composer, many of Benjamin Verdery’s compositions have been performed, recorded and published over the years. Most recently, Now and Ever for David Russell (Telarc) and Peace, Love and Guitars for John Williams and John Etheridge ( SONY). Williams had also recorded and performed his work Capitola. Benjamin s Scenes from Ellis Island, for guitar orchestra, has been extensively broadcast and performed at festivals and universities in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, and the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet included it on their CD Air and Ground (Sony Classical). Benjamin’s Etudes for guitar orchestra was commissioned by the Tidewater Classical Guitar Society for the 2004 Virginia International Festival. Doberman-Yppan (Canada) is cur- rently publishing his solo and duo works for guitar and Workshop Arts (distributed by Alfred Music) has published the solo pieces from Some Towns & Cities as well as instructional books and video. In addition to his performance tours, recording and teaching Benjamin Verdery is Artistic Director of Art of the Guitar at the 92nd St Y (New York City) and of the Yale Guitar Extravaganza (New Haven, CT) and is honorary board member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc. Each summer Benjamin holds his Annual International Master Class on the Island of Maui (Hawaii). Bridge Records, Inc., which he served as President until 2005. He is currently Director of Artists and Repertoire at Bridge. Starobin’s work for Bridge as performer, producer and executive producer has earned three Grammy awards and eighteen Grammy nominations. Richard Stoltzman Clarinet Two-time Grammy Award winning clarinetist Richard Stoltzman’s virtuos- ity, technique, imagination, and com- municative power have revolutionized the world of clarinet playing, opening up possibilities for the instrument that no one could have predicted. He was responsible for bringing the clarinet to the forefront as a solo instrument, and is still the world’s foremost clarinetist. Stoltzman gave the first clarinet recitals in the histories of both the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall, and, in 1986, became the first wind player to be awarded the Avery Fisher Prize. As one of today’s most sought-after artists, Stoltzman has been a soloist with more than a hundred orchestras as well as a recitalist and chamber music performer, innovative jazz artist, and prolific recording artist. A two-time Grammy Award winner, he has amazed critics and audiences alike in repertory spanning many musical genres. Stoltzman’s talents as a jazz performer as well as a classical artist have been heard far beyond his annual tours. He has performed and re- corded with such classical, jazz, and pop greats as Emmanual Az, Yo-Yo Ma, Gary Burton, the Canadian Brass, Chick Corea, Judy Collins, Eddie Gomez, Keith Jarrett, the King’s Singers, George Shearing, Wayne Shorter, Mel Tormé, and Spyro Gyra founder Jeremy Wall. Stoltzman fre- quently performs with his son Peter John Stoltzman, a talented classical and jazz pianist and composer. Stoltzman graduated from Ohio State University with a double major in music and mathematics. He earned his Master of Music degree at Yale University while studying with Keith Wilson, and later studied with Kalmen Opperman at Columbia University. He makes his home in Massachusetts and is a passionate Boston Red Sox fan. He is also a Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef whose specialty is the Linzer Torte. Benjamin Verdery Guitar Distinguished as “one of the classical guitar world’s most foremost person- alities,” by Classical Guitar Magazine, “an American original, an American master,” by Guitar Review Magazine, and “iconoclastic” and “inventive” by The New York Times, Benjamin Verdery enjoys his innovative and eclectic musical career. Since his 1980 New York debut with his wife, flutist Rie Schmidt, Benja- min has performed worldwide, including the International Guitar Festival (Havana, Cuba); Festival International de Agosto (Caracas, Venezuela); Theatre Carré (Amsterdam); Chichester Cathedral (England); Bad Urach Schubert Festival (Germany); the 92nd Street Y, the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera (NYC), the Am- bassador Theater in Los Angeles, and concerts in France, Estonia, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Singapore. He has recorded and performed with such diverse artists as Frederic Hand, William Coulter, Leo Kottke, Anthony Newman, Jessye Norman, Paco Peña, Hermann Prey and John Williams. Several composers have composed music for him, including Daniel Asia, John Anthony Lennon, Ingram Marshall, Anthony Newman, Roberto Sierra, Van Stiefel and Jack Vees. Guest Artists continued...
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