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Burj al arab


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Burj al arab

  1. 1. Abd AlWahhab JarrahMaya Ghannoum
  2. 2. Hotel Type  Designed by Tom Wright Dubai, United Arab Emirates Location  1994 Construction started  1999 Completed  December 1999 Opening  USD $ 650 million[1] Cost  Height  321.0 m (1,053 ft)[2] Architectural  
  3. 3. Burj Al Arab is the worldsfourth tallesthotel (notincludingbuildings withmixed use).
  4. 4. Engineers created a ground/surface layer of  large rocks, which is circled with a concretehoneycomb pattern, which serves to protect the foundation from erosion. It took three years to reclaim the land from the sea, while it took fewer than three years to constructthe building itself. The building contains over 70,000 m3 (92,000 cu yd) of concrete and 9,000 tons of steel
  5. 5. It’s connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge It’s about 450m  from the outter poit on the island to the shore 
  6. 6. The building is built on sand which is unusal  as most tall building are founded on rock
  7. 7. Carbon Fiber Concrete Fabric Glass Gold Steel 
  8. 8. Atrium : 182m Floor count 60[2]202 Rooms18[2] ElevetorsRestaurants :Under waterrestaurantSwimming poolsGym …
  9. 9. We see a lot of colors inside the building : Blue , Gold , Red ..etc 
  10. 10. It was built in the shape of an Arabian vessel It needed to be a building that would becomesynonymous to the name of the country
  11. 11. Even thought Burj Al Arab has white walls from theoutside but it’s changing to multicolor asthe evening progress
  12. 12. Thanks for your  attention