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Norris a seaport proposal


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Norris a seaport proposal

  1. 1. “Fit Families For Life” Seaport Healthy Families Community Initiative<br />April Norris<br />The American Health Care System for <br />Health Communicators<br />Boston University <br />MET HC 750<br />Summer 20111<br />
  2. 2. U.S. Obesity StatisticsLow- Income Communities:<br />CDC- one out of three low-income children nationwide are overweight or obese before their fifth birthday<br />The highest levels of obesity rates occur among communities that have the highest poverty rates and least education<br />United States Department of Agriculture –<br /> Minorities disproportionately affected by hypertension, heart disease, diabetes <br />CDC - prevalence of obesity for African Americans is 51% higher than for white Americans, prevalence among Hispanic Americans 21 % <br />Estimated, by 2015, 75% of U.S. adults will be overweight or obese<br />Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010 Obesity Trends,<br /> United States Department of Agriculture.<br />
  3. 3. Barriers:<br />Many low income communities have limited access to healthy food options such as fresh produce & grocery stores (The American Journal of Preventive Medicine<br />Limited awareness & knowledge benefits of maintaining healthy diet and exercise<br />Goals: <br />Spread awareness - benefits healthy diet and a regular form of physical activity<br />Increase access -healthy food options in the community<br />Enable residents ability to make informed decisions <br />Increase physical activity among Seaport’s residents focusing on Seaport’s public school system<br />
  4. 4. Intervention:<br />“It takes a Village”-<br />School based nutrition & physical activity program<br /> - (CDC- child needs at lest 60 minutes of physical activity each day)<br /> - Sponsored by MassachusettsDepartment of Public Health “Mass in Motion Initiative” & Play Works Organization<br />Community based nutrition & fitnessprogram<br />Community Health Screenings (sponsored – Mass. Department of Public Health, American Medical Association)<br />Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.<br />Play Works Organization<br />Farm to School .<br />CDC-<br />
  5. 5. Intervention, Cont.<br />Revitalization Efforts:<br />Community Gardens Project- (Farm to School & United States Department of Agriculture)<br />Grocery Store Project- Conjunction with Grocery Manufacturers Association<br />Recreational Areas- Safe Zone Networks parks, playgrounds, community gardens, and grocery stores (The United States Office of Housing and Urban Develop) <br />Conclusion:<br />Will provide Seaport residents & public school students with increased nutrition awareness & benefits of being active<br />Remove barriers to access to healthy foods & to physical activity<br />Increase access to prevention/wellness services<br />American Journal of Public Health, 2007<br />The United States Office of Housing and Urban Development<br />