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Linkin park


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Linkin park

  1. 1. The shot is taken place in what looks like a unused church. This fits the genre and song very well as of itsvery dark cold atmosphere this also relates to the motion lyrics of “I feel some numb” The addedcandles and the shadowing also give a sinister feel. This also match the pace of the shots and editing. All members of the band are wearing dark coloured gothic clothing. This matches the gothic props of the video and also relates to there listeners as they could be of the same style There a clear power triangle angle showing the most dominate and leading band member. This shot is shown when the band member in centre is singing the main chorus.
  2. 2. The light is shining quite clearly on the main singer all the focus of on him as he reach the main chorus of the song. The rest of the band member are left in the dark. This create a god like feeling for the main singer as all eyes are on himThis is a low angle tracking shot that is slowly getting lower and lower as shown in the two picturesabove. The movement of the camera getting lower and lower express the power and strength of thesinger. This fast sweep of the camera is made to feel quick buy the rapid editing speed afterwards
  3. 3. In this performance shot the girls movement has been slowed down (this may represent herconfused feels as this relates to the lyrics) where as the other people in shot have been spedup. This singles her out as the lyrics are about her.“I am tried of being of what you wantme to be” These lyrics really fit the shotto the right as she is being told off byher mother.