Professional Selling Syllubus ( course module)


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Selling is a profession like any other profession

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Professional Selling Syllubus ( course module)

  1. 1. Professional Selling Course Module Developed by Maxwell Ranasinghe - For Diploma and Undergraduate Level Students 45 Hours Class work. Text Books recommended: ABC of Selling -Frutel Sales Bible- Gitmore Supplementary reading: Unlimited Sales Success- Brain Tracy Objective of the Course - Provide participants with solid understanding of fundamentals of selling and characteristics of a professional Salesperson - Pave the way for the participants to develop such traits and skills within themselves. - Let know the participants that selling is a profession like any other profession and desire to become a top sales person needs lot of hard work and discipline - Make them ready to be on the job at the end of the session Course Description The goal of the course is to teach and let know the students the place where sales stands in the bigger picture of marketing ,fundamentals of selling in an organized and step by step process and providing a forum for the participants to practice it within the classroom. The course objective includes understand the relationship between marketing and sales, Traits of a Professional Salesperson, Psychology of Selling, Personal Sales Planning and Selling Process, Understanding Customers, Prospecting, Relationship Selling, Consultative Selling, Using Modern Technologies in Selling, Making Persuasive Sales Presentations, Overcoming Sales Objections, Closing Techniques in Selling, Getting Resales and Referrals, Self Management for Sales Professionals. Methodology: Learner centered teaching methodologies including interactive discussions, case studies, group project and role-plays to be applied. The techniques taught and skills developed could be used in both B2C and B2B sales situations. Case Analysis A case will be given to students to apply the knowledge gained from the course to analyse a real life sales situation. A Project
  2. 2. An integral part of the course based on a specific sales scenario will be give to the students to develop a strategy in developing a sales plan. Small groups of 3 to 5 students will have to write, present and defend their plan in an interactive session in the classroom. Grading Attendance and participation: 40 out of 100 Case study: 10 out of 100 Project: 20 out of 100 Final written exam: 30 out of 100