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How to present your marketing plan


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How to present your marketing plan

  1. 1. How to make An Excellent Presentation For Marketing Planning
  2. 2. OUTLINE OF THIS PRESENTATION Why presentation skills are important in Marketing Planning How is your presentation evaluated Can any body make an excellent presentation Basic principals of designing a presentation
  3. 3. OUTLINE CONTINUES……. Delivering the presentation Time Management Importance of Practice Summary Questions and Answers
  4. 4. YOU GOT TO MARKET YOUR MARKETING PLAN ! Convince about your plan to the decision makers All the efforts you took will go waste if you do not present well Busy executives will read your detailed written plan only if you make a good presentation about your plan That’s is why SLIM puts lot of emphasis on your presentation and gives you 40% marks
  5. 5. HOW IS YOUR PRESENTATION EVALUATED ?  Contents and its relevance  Structure of your presentation  Creativity and the big idea  Delivery of your presentation  Time management in the presentation It should be a Summary of the Executive Summary
  6. 6. ANYBODY CAN MAKE A PRESENTATION IF…. You follow the four Ps of presentation Plan Prepare Practice Present
  7. 7. BASIC PRINCIPALS OF DESIGNING A PRESENTATION Provide an outline Slide Structure Fonts Colours Background Graphs Spelling and grammar Conclusion
  8. 8. YOUR FIRST SLIDE You must indicate your name The company that you have selected to write the marketing plan The Product that you are going to use for the marketing planning
  9. 9. YOUR SECOND SLIDE SHOULD HAVE THE OUTLINE OF YOUR PRESENTATION  It should indicate step by step approach of your presentation  You will let know the examiner what they can expect in your presentation  You will indicate only the main points in the outline  You will not deviate from the outline
  10. 10. WHAT YOU SHOULD SHOW IN YOUR OUTLINE The Company The Product The Market Share and the competition A comparative analysis of competitor strategies and company strategy – STP and 4 ps SWOT Analysis Sales Objectives
  11. 11. Marketing Objectives ( SMART) Tactical Marketing Mix Strategies ( 7 ps) Budgets( income, expenditure and profits) Conclusion ( summarise the main points and challenges) Questions and answers
  12. 12. HOW DO YOU STRUCTURE YOUR SLIDES Use one to two slides per minutes Minimum and Maximum amount of slides should be around 15 to 20 Include 4 to 6 points per slide Do not write details in the slide Use contrasting colours for back ground Do not use distractive or irrelevant animations or videos
  13. 13. FONTS Use two or three different font sizes to differentiate the main title, main points and sub pints if any Use 44 points for Title and 28 for main points and 24 for sub points You my use different colour fonts Do not capitalise or use a complicated font
  14. 14. USE GRAPHICS, DIAGRAMS AND CHARTS Do not use small graphs Use the legend and explain them Always have a title Use contrasting background Explain only the important aspects Do not go for a lengthy explanation What you show should be self explanatory
  15. 15. SPELLING AND GRAMMAR You should not make any spelling or grammar mistake Please proof read your slides before the presentation ( preferably by another person) Do not worry in using few phrases of your native language (if it is relevant to do so and the audience understands that language)
  16. 16. WHAT IS WRONG IN THIS SLIDE ? Supliers are called the “ Supply Chain” They could be the supliers of all the materials and utilities to the marketter to make its value proposition ( product) to the market – machines and plants, raw materials, components, stationery, electricity, water, gas, other services, advertising agencies, consultancies, is coming from suppliers,. Company cannot survive without supliers Marketers should study about the supliers capacity, problems to have a good flow of suplies . So supplier chain is a important element one need to study in detail.
  17. 17. SUMMARISING Summarise the main points. Emphasise the expected results Open the forum for questions Appreciate the questions and answer them logically Be prepared to show evidence Make a note to thank the audience
  18. 18. DELIVERING THE PRESENTATION Greet the audience Start with a audience grabbing statement Speak clearly with a moderate voice Use different tones to emphasis Use body language Do not be nervous or have stage fright
  19. 19. Do not use fillers ( ah, err, basically, don’t you know, well, like etc) Observe the audience – their body language, their interest Always speak to the audience – not to the visuals or to the screen or to one part of the audience Do not put hands in pocket
  20. 20. TIME MANAGEMENT The time given to you is 15 minutes You will be notified about the time may be before 3 minutes Then once your time is up you will be notified again You need not stop abruptly when the time is over – may end what you have been talking and could take about another 30 seconds or so.
  21. 21. PRACTICAL TIPS You will take the maximum out of the time and finish it in time only if you practice Copy your presentation to two medias Try and upload to the computer with fonts Be prepared to present even without a the multimedia Bring hard copies of your presentation ( 4 slides per A4 sheet)
  22. 22. SUMMARY We have discussed  Importance in marketing planning  How presentation is evaluated  Ability of your making an excellent presentations  Basic principals of designing a presentation  Delivering the presentation  Time Management  Practical Tips
  23. 23. Questions Answers