Fine New Year resolution 2013 for drivers


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cell phones and accidents

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Fine New Year resolution 2013 for drivers

  1. 1. Year 2013 Cell Phones and Accidents in Sri LankaMillions of Sri Lankans willingly admit that they talk on their cell phones while operating amotor vehicle. Does this sound safe? There are more than 17 million cell phone users ( stillgrowing) in Sri Lanka and the percentage wise it is similar to a usage in a developed country.Everybody admits that cell phone use while driving is not a safe practice. But as a population ofmulti-taskers we seem incapable of stopping ourselves.Phoning and driving equals a Drunk DriverAutomobiles and cell phones don’t mix. Studies in other countries implies driving while talkingon a cell phone reduces a driver’s response time to the same levels observed in drunk drivers.Even though automakers initially built mobile phones into car systems, and they continue todesign successive generations of sophisticated telecommunications bundles, mounting evidencesuggest distractions from cell phones increase accidents.Hands-Free could be more dangerousDrivers that simply involve themselves in a conversation suffer debilitating distractions. Hands-free phones may even lead drivers to believe they are safer, argue some safety advocates.Complex business transactions and emotionally involved conversations reduce driverreaction times and steal away attention. on the part of all drivers. This has to be taken intoconsideration very seriously when driving in newly introduced highways in Sri Lanka where thespeed exceeds 100 Kms. A split second distraction would cause an accident.Next Gen AutomotiveNext generation autos are bundled with sophisticated on-board telecommunications equipmentthat seems determined to defy the growing amount of statistics on driver distractions. Theirargument: everything’s hands-free. This is a fallacy. Instead, auto makers should produce safervehicles for the world.What to do?We need consumer education. We have to make all telephone service providers to use at least20% of an advertisement to indicate the dangers of using cell phones whilst driving whether it ishands free or not. A complete ban of using cell phones whilst driving may not be possible at allin our country but a wider discussion/ debate has to be started about this problem before itbecomes a menace and go out of proportion.As an individual, make a resolution in the New Year not to phone and drive. That’s thebest you can do for yourself as well as for the society.Please circulate this among friendsMaxwell RanasingheManaging Director - M.M.Organisation