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2020: A Design Odyssey


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(short) presentation I gave at DIBI Conference on April 28 in Newcastle, UK. It's a bunch of "How?" and "Why?"'s on how to prepare for the next 10 years as a designer.

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2020: A Design Odyssey

  1. 1. Mom told me to always start with something funny to break the ice
  2. 2. Via
  3. 3. 2020 same desk, same work, same rate, same clients
  4. 4. wish you could do something more interesting
  5. 5. What went wrong?
  6. 6. YOU
  7. 7. YOU → a sleeping primate
  8. 8. ↑ OTHERS at the top of their game, hired staff, bigger/better clients, exciting sideprojects
  9. 9. what are we gonna do to prevent this?
  10. 10. I’m going to give you an imaginary MONOLITH What’s a MONOLITH?
  11. 11. “[...] the monolith was instrumental in awakening intelligence, and enabling the transition of the ape-men to a higher order, with the ability to fashion crude tools and thereby be able to hunt and forage for food in a much more efficient fashion.” In short: A mental reminder that you gotta wake up A combination of “why?”’s and “how?”s Whenever you feel like you’re asleep, think about your MONOLITH
  12. 12. Not just for you, if you see others asleep, tell them about the monolith, don’t be a selfish monkey
  13. 13. Tools
  14. 14. This is how we design a website today
  15. 15. Our tools are very primitive No matter if you’re using PS or FW, they’re all awful tools that do a lousy job but...
  16. 16. Imagine the tools we’ll have in 10 years
  17. 17. I’m sure it won’t look anything like what we have today
  18. 18. I’m sure some team of developers will come up with the killer app
  19. 19. because right now there’s a huge gap, waiting to be filled
  20. 20. there might be apps out there that you’re more comfortable working with playing with new apps might inspire you
  21. 21. Browsers & Devices
  22. 22. Browsertesting will soon be a thing of the past
  23. 23. even the worst browsers are starting to become acceptable design for browsers released in the past 3 years, and don’t look back
  24. 24. Webkit Windows Mobile 84% 16% especially when you look at mobile devices (smartphones, iPods, iPads...) 84% uses webkit as their default browser
  25. 25. instead we’ll have device testing
  26. 26. we need to study the different kinds of interactions buttons? touch? size of the screen?
  27. 27. clients will start asking for websites that work on all devices and more and more they’ll want a native application or their website has to look native
  28. 28. as an interface designer, you are obliged to have a collection of devices study their interface, their default apps don’t try to change the world, blend in with style
  29. 29. Reinvent yourself
  30. 30. we cannot predict what’ll work in 10 years
  31. 31. for all we know, we could be drinking our food out of different boxes through a straw
  32. 32. you might have killer wicked skills now, but that doesn’t mean you can sit still for the next 10 years, you’ll look like an idiot
  33. 33. and then you’re screwed
  34. 34. you need to keep learning new tricks swim hard or drown (or fall off the ceiling) either horizontally (more variations) or vertical (be the best in one area)
  35. 35. you need to keep learning new tricks swim hard or drown (or fall off the ceiling) either horizontally (more variations) or vertical (be the best in one area)
  36. 36. Keep things fresh
  37. 37. Take a look at things from a difference perspective
  38. 38. Get inspired by everything BUT a CSS DESIGN SMASHING MAG GALLERY TOP TEN LIST SITE
  39. 39. Things don’t have to make sense, or don’t need a purpose
  40. 40. You need to experiment more Did this at 2AM. Because I wanted to prove myself I could do it
  41. 41. Think Different
  42. 42. Life without Apple imagine Apple wasn’t around pushing boundaries and kicking ass
  43. 43. we need people to push the boundaries and come up with new and better ways and that’s not gonna happen by having meetings, but by doing it
  44. 44. Don’t be a douche (this is a joke)
  45. 45. story about farting in an elevator
  46. 46. In space, no one can hear you whine (unless they have Twitter up there, which means they also know what you had for dinner and how bad you can hold your liquor)
  47. 47. Being a designer can often feel lonely
  48. 48. You might think you have company, but realize it’s all just through a screen
  49. 49. Even if you’re working for an agency, you still have to defend your work You need to be a fighter
  50. 50. the only way to survive the next 10 years is by taking means in your own hands
  51. 51. monolith is a reminder when you need it i’ve just summed up a couple of tips go out and share, add ideas
  52. 52. Text
  53. 53. don’t tell people what to do, teach them how to think, we’re not machines
  54. 54. Questions Answers All screenshots taken from “2001: A Space Odyssey” © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. don’t tell people what to do, teach them how to think, we’re not machines